DOA "Attack on Titan" Orijinal Dizi Müzikleri'nin 8 müziğidir. mpi tarafından yazılmış ve Aimee Blackschleger tarafından söylenmiştir. Diğer dizi müziklerinde olduğu gibi, bu da Hiroyuki Sawano tarafından yapılmış ve düzenlenmiştir.


Can't you see over there?

Such a horrible sight

They're devouring all like you

Here come the giant hands

Breaking through the Wall

As dawn arrives

We still survive

Nobody knows what's going on

Tearing my town, limb by limb

Where are your mom and dad?

Was it shocking for you?

Something is scaring you

Enemies will hunt you

No matter what you do

But we'll fight for you

Til we defeat them all

If not...there's no way out

Keep your weapons aimed

Here come the chilling face

Pushing down your fear

Jump on the necks of the monsters

You can't hide yourself

You can't run

We're fighting for our lives

And we just can't lose again

There's not much time

Be ready to fight

Do it

I know how you feel

But we know what we must do

I know how you feel

But we know what we must do