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(Let's Date) ((デートしよ) (Dēto Shiyo)?) is the 26th chapter of the 1st volume and the 26th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Reiner takes Krista out for lunch, unbeknownst to Ymir.


Ymir checks Krista's schedule

Ymir checks Krista's schedule as her manager

Ymir and Krista carry two boxes each for the Instructor, as Reiner approaches Krista and offers to carry one of her boxes. All of a sudden, Ymir starts complaining about the boxes she was carrying being heavy, and when Reiner offers to help her as well, she dumps all the boxes onto him. After carrying the boxes, Reiner asks Krista out for lunch the following day but is interrupted by Ymir, who claims to be her manager. After checking the schedule, Ymir concludes that Krista was going on lunch with her the next day and hence was unavailable.

Reiner finds Krista alone and asks her if she was interested in going to a new restaurant he found, with him. Krista happily agrees.

At the restaurant, Bertolt and Krista have a conversation, while Reiner fetches them their drinks. Bertolt shares how much he depends on Reiner and Krista says she could relate to him and cheerfully remarks how much they have in common. Reiner watches them and is jealous.

Reiner wipes Bertolt's face

Reiner wipes the sauce off Bertolt's face

Outside the restaurant, Krista is elated and says she would love to come back there. She spots some sauce on Bertolt's face and reaches to wipe it, but Reiner gets to it before she can. Out of nowhere, Ymir arrives at the restaurant and yells at Krista for leaving without notice. When Krista explains that she went out for lunch with Reiner and Bertolt, Ymir pulls out a bunch of bananas and hands them to Reiner, as a way to thank him for helping her with the boxes earlier. Reiner makes an offer for all of them to go out together next time. Ymir pretends to misunderstand him and says she was left with no choice but to go with him, considering he was paying for the meal.

Next time at the restaurant, Ymir is seen gobbling down food as Reiner was paying for their lunch.

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