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...of Revolution (変革の… Henkaku no...?) is the 3rd chapter of the 1st volume and the 3rd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: No Regrets manga, written by Gun Snark and illustrated by Hikaru Suruga.


Flagon Turret complains about Erwin Smith bringing LeviFurlan Church and Isabel Magnolia into the Survey Corps without training in a staff meeting.

Levi, Furlan, and Isabel introduce themselves to the rest of the soldiers and they are put into Flagon's squad. They are familiarized with their barracks and training. Flagon yells at Levi for wielding his blades the wrong way. Another soldier tries to compete with Levi as they train but fails because of Levi's speed.


The Survey Corps staff are in a meeting discussing Levi, Isabel and Furlan's entry into the military without training. Flagon complains that it is a breach of the rules but Erwin responds that this will be 'a key part of the reform'.


Shadis introduces the trio

Commander Keith Shadis presents Levi, Furlan, and Isabel as they introduce themselves and they are put under Flagon's command.

Levi and Furlan discuss

Furlan and Levi seek a plan to rob Erwin

Flagon shows Levi, Furlan, and Isabel to the barracks. Isabel gets excited at the thought of the three of them living together only to be disappointed by the fact that women lived separately. Flagon explains to Levi, Furlan, and Isabel that they are to have cleanliness and order much to the annoyance of Levi who was disgusted by the dirt on his fingers from running them along one of the beds' frames. Furlan promises that they will keep clean and Flagon leaves commanding them to report to the training grounds once they were finished unpacking. Furlan yells at Levi for picking a fight as Levi questions the barracks' cleanliness and retorts that he treated his Senior Officer the same way he treated him and that if he continued to treat him that way he would receive no salute. They then discuss a plan to steal some documents. Furlan advises that it would be best if they remain there quietly. Annoyed, Isabel asks if he thinks that she is stupid. Furlan asks her what 18 + 22 is and before she can give an answer by counting on her fingers Levi tells her that it is 40, calling her stupid and punching her on the head. Isabel says that everyone calls her stupid and Levi tells her not to talk nonsense, calling her stupid again, this time, ruffling her hair. Isabel then says that it was more important to fill your stomach than to learn how to count underground as Levi pushes her head away. The conversation reverts back to the plan to steal the documents. Levi then declares that they would clean until not a speck of dust was present.

Survey Corps Girl Talking with Isabelle

The horse trainer is amazed by Isabel's skills

Isabel is seen using her vertical maneuvering equipment with a horse much to a fellow soldiers shock. She talks about how Levi saved her underground and she became better as a person.

Furlan is then shown telling another soldier how Levi was their group's unspoken leader because they did not want to burden him. The soldier then says that they have to get back to work because Erwin was watching them through a window. Inside the room, Erwin is told by an unknown person that it is time and he thanks them and says that he is going and puts an unknown envelope with a seal in his shirt and exits the room.

Flagon criticizes Levi for the way he holds his blades. One facing upward and the other, downwards allowing him to slice in a circle. Levi replies saying that he should let him do what he thinks is comfortable.

Levi's training

Levi shows outstanding battle skills

While training on makeshift Titans, a soldier, in his thoughts refers to Levi and the others as idiots and that they know nothing about being a soldier. He and Levi slice a Titan at the same time, however, his cut not deep enough. In his thoughts, he curses at Levi, saying he will not accept defeat. He zooms ahead past Levi saying, out loud, that he would go on ahead. On another attempt to slice a Titan he breaks one of his blades. Levi switches his blade around so that he could cut in his circular motion and cuts the makeshift Titan so quickly that the soldier questions if it was from gripping the blade wrong. He then thinks to himself that Levi is inexperienced but has unquestionable strength. Flagon is then seen watching from a distance wondering if they should be accepted with open arms he then says out loud that he hopes nothing will happen, probably referring to the expedition coming up, as Furlan is seen sneaking into a room which looks similar to the one that Erwin was in earlier.

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