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104th Training Corps arc is the third story arc of the Attack on Titan manga.


After witnessing the horror of the Titans, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert decide to undergo military training and enroll as members of the 104th Training Corps. There, they get to know the rest of the trainees and slowly begin to understand the hardships of being a soldier.


Cover Number Title Release date
15 One by One
 (個々 Koko?)
November 9, 2010
Chapter 15 CoverThree years before humanity's victory at Trost, Armin along with Eren and Mikasa are in the fields overhearing a triggering conversation between Military Police officers. Soon after, Armin goes through initiation and is fiercely intimidated by the instructor. The instructor does the same to a few other trainees. Around sunset, the group of trainees observe Sasha running laps as her punishment for eating a potato in front of her peers. Eren and Armin are thoroughly questioned by other trainees about their experience with the Colossus Titan. Jean decides to pitch in, starting a fight with Eren. As soon as the dinner bell sounds, the pair decide to call it quits. Mikasa walks past Jean, catching his eye, but after spotting her with Eren, Jean feels somewhat betrayed. Sasha finishes her running and Krista offers her some nourishment before meeting a fellow trainee.

The next day, the trainees work on their vertical maneuvering equipment skills. Unlike most, Eren finds that he is incapable of balancing.

Cover Number Title Release date
16 Necessity
 (必要 Hitsuyō?)
December 9, 2010
Chapter 16 CoverStill having trouble with his vertical maneuvering equipment training, Eren tries the test on his own with Mikasa and Armin, but quickly fails. Becoming anxious at the ridicule from his peers and Mikasa's diminishing faith in his abilities, he asks Jean and Connie for advice, only to receive more ridicule. He then turns to Reiner and Bertolt, who tell Eren and Armin the story of their town being attacked by Titans two years before. Having bonded with Eren and Armin, and impressed with Eren's intense willpower, Reiner gives him some advice and motivation.

When the time comes for Eren's official retry, he successfully balances for a while before losing his balance and falling. He begs the instructor for another chance, and the instructor orders Thomas to switch belts with Eren. After the switch, Eren can balance perfectly. The instructor explains that Eren's belt had been broken somehow, and that he has passed the test. As Eren rejoices, the instructor thinks to himself that Grisha's son has become a soldier.

Cover Number Title Release date
17 Delusions of Strength
 (武力幻想 Buryoku Gensō?)
January 9, 2011
Chapter 17 CoverEren and Reiner are practicing hand-to-hand combat when they see Annie Leonhart slacking off and Reiner volunteers Eren to challenge her. After they duel and she easily defeats both of them, Eren asks her where she learned to fight. She states that all of this is pointless, and gives him a closer look inside the military system. Later on in the mess hall, Eren hears Jean Kirstein bragging about his skills. Annoyed, this causes Eren to fight with him and flips Jean with Annie's technique when he grabs Eren's shirt, lecturing him and saying he is a coward only joining the Military Police Brigade for safety, catching Annie's attention. When the sound of the commotion attracted the instructor, Mikasa passed it off as Sasha Blouse passing gas, much to her embarrassment. The next day in the training grounds, Annie and Eren notice Jean working harder. When Eren asks Annie for her opinion on his kicks, Annie dismays them and offers to teach Eren. When he turns her down she tells him he does not need to hold back and Eren agrees to the lessons.

Cover Number Title Release date
18 What Should I Do Now?
 (今、何をすべきか Ima, Nani o Subeki ka?)
February 9, 2011
Chapter 18 CoverIn the final steps of their graduation, Armin struggles with a weighted march through rain under the instructor's supervision. Reiner takes Armin's pack to help him out, but Armin chooses to carry his own weight. The instructor notices this brief exchange, noting the strengths and weaknesses of the trainees before him. This continues into later vertical maneuvering equipment training in the forest. Afterward, the trainees begin discussing their results while they rest. Eren notes Marco's behavior during the test, stating that he would make a great leader with the skills and qualities he possesses. After the others leave, Marco turns to Jean to speak his mind.

Sometime later, two days after the sealing of the breach in Trost District, Jean finds Marco's corpse. After a moment of shock, he gives his name and listing to a medic. Elsewhere in the city, Sasha comes across Titan vomit, and Annie is apologizing to the corpses of the soldiers around her. Afterward, during the burning of the dead, Jean recalls Marco's words to him about his ability to be a truly good leader. Jean turns to the others, saying he wishes to join the Survey Corps.

Three days after the sealing of the Wall, Erwin Smith and Captain Levi explain to Eren of the events that happened during his coma. Erwin states that they could use Eren's Titan powers to seal the breach in Wall Maria as well. Eren says that he simply wants to kill Titans, which impresses Levi. Levi agrees to act as Eren's supervisor, welcoming him to the Survey Corps.


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