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Survey Corps Commanders
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11th Commander
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Keith Shadis
Quote1.png Why not stop feeding the Titans and start doing some real work? Use your life to pay back the debts you owe. Quote2.png
— A politician criticizes the 11th commander's performance[1]

The 11th Commander was a leader of the Survey Corps. He was succeeded by the 12th commander (団長 Danchō?), Keith Shadis.


The 11th Commander appeared to be a middle-aged man with short black hair, a receding hairline and a pudgy face. Though he did not appear to have worn a bolo tie, he was seen wearing the standard Survey Corps uniform.


Unlike Keith and Erwin Smith, he seemed to obediently accept the norms of the Walls without any complaints.


Some time before Keith was elected as Commander, the 11th Commander was the leader of the Survey Corps.

One time, the 11th commander was having a reunion with other important members of the military and the nobility. These men criticized the Survey Corps and the commander's strategies, as the only thing that the commander could bring was heavy casualties. He also could not pay the debts or finish the outpost outside the Wall. The 11th commander listened to all this without saying a word, with Keith at his side. This was one of the first times Keith considered himself a special person and dreamed of being commander.[1]

The 11th Commander was eaten by a Titan

Some time later, during an expedition, the 11th Commander of the Survey Corps was eaten by a Titan and Keith was appointed the Commander.[2]


Although he was never seen fighting or using the vertical maneuvering equipment, it can be assumed that, as the commander, he was a great soldier and strategist.