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AOTF-s1 is the 21st track on the "Attack on Titan" The Final Season Original Soundtrack. It was composed and arranged by Hiroyuki Sawano.


"AOTF-s1" is an abbreviation of "Attack on Titan Final Season 1".

Musical motifs[]

The track is split into 2 parts. The first part remixes ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn (0:42-4:16), while the latter half remixes XL-TT (4:44-7:50).

All occurrences[]

  • Episode 64 - The orchestra tune their instruments
  • Episode 65:
    • Eren analyzes the War Hammer Titan
    • Conny and Sasha join the battle
  • Episode 66 - The Colossal Titan blasts the port
  • Episode 73 - Zeke rememebers Xaver
  • Episode 78 - The newly-formed Titans throw the battlefield into chaos (2nd part)
  • Episode 84 - The Scouts and Warriors find the port occupied by Jaegerists