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A Choice with No Regrets: Preview is a pre-release chapter of Attack on Titan: No Regrets.


LeviFurlan, and Isabel watch the morning sky through an opening between the surface and the Underground. After that, they go for a walk around the district. Suddenly Levi crashes with a man by mistake. He starts threatening Levi and even points a gun at him. Levi simply disarms and knocks him with his vertical maneuvering equipment. After the fight, he and his two friends escape with their equipment, all three being spotted by Erwin Smith.


LeviFurlan Church, and Isabel Magnolia gaze up at the morning sky through an opening in an underground sewer system. From the trenches of the Underground, the companions spot birds flying freely in the sky above. Isabel wonders where they are headed, and Furlan states the birds are able to go wherever they please, unlike them. Isabel muses that she will join them someday as Levi announces they should get going.

The three purposefully make their way through the slums of the Underground beneath the Royal Capital and are met with menacing stares from the city's unwashed inhabitants. Along the way, Levi accidentally collides shoulders with a man who responds angrily, though Levi ignores him and keeps walking. The man draws a gun on Levi, and Isabel suggests this situation might make for a good warm-up. With that, Levi quickly turns around, revealing his vertical maneuvering equipment, and fires a cable into a barrel behind the armed man, bringing the barrels down on him. Before the man can react, Levi fires another cable into the ceiling above, launching himself into the air before taking the man down with a drop kick. Levi prepares to take down the man's friend, only to find that Isabel and Furlan, also sporting vertical equipment, have already dispatched him. As the three make their getaway, Levi spots a soldier of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith, watching them.

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