A Day in Mikasa's Life at the Office (OLミカサのよくある一日 Ōeru Mikasa no Yoku aru Tsuitachi?) is the 18th chapter of the 1st volume and the 18th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert pick up Eren Yeager for another grueling day at the Survey Corporation office.


Eren is not fully dressed yet when Mikasa and Armin barge into his apartment so they can go to work together. Mikasa ties his necktie, which he finds to be an amazing ability.

Eren deletes all of Mikasa's mails

Eren sends Mikasa's mails to the trash

At the office, Mikasa impresses her coworkers with her quick typing, but what she is really doing is sending e-mails to Eren about dinner and the pattern on his boxers. Eren trashes them all, but then Mikasa sends him another message telling him that the data from a meeting the other day was inside one of her earlier e-mails.

Lunch time arrives and Mikasa tries to give Eren a lunch she made, but he goes to the convenience store with Connie before she can tell him. Mikasa ends up eating lunch with Sasha, who is amazed that she packs two meals for herself.

Later, Eren gets chewed out by his boss, Levi, and goes back to his desk. Mikasa notices that he is dejected and tells him that if he receives any work he cannot handle, she will take care of it. Eren clarifies that the conversation was not about his work. It is that his desk is messy.

Petra talks about the expeditions

Petra talks about the "Beyond the Walls Expeditions"

Eren and Mikasa head out for the day and Oluo and Gunther make fun of them for doing so. The "old-timers" are going to be there all night. Petra tells them that they call consecutive all-nighters "Beyond the Walls Expeditions" and she expects they will be joining them soon. Sixty percent of all their employees quit within four years due to these expeditions.

Eren and Mikasa leave anyway and head to dinner. Mikasa is surprised Eren remembered and they join Reiner, Ymir, and others at an eatery.

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