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Quote1.png Do you clowns understand what being a member means?! Quote2.png
— Levi to a group of first years

A Whiff Of Something Interesting (面白い匂いのする回 Omoshiroi Nioi no Suru Kai?) is the 7th chapter of the 1st volume and the 7th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


To their dismay, the teacher of Class 4 notices that Classes 1 - 4 have yet to sign up for any clubs and gives them until the end of the day to do so. They soon hear from Reiner and Class 3 of a secret anti-Titan club known as the Attack Jr. High Survey Club, which Eren then vows to join. They travel to the club location and learn that in order to join, all senior members must give unanimous approval.


Inside the school grounds, Levi and Hange walk with Mike. Levi chastises Hange for taking a long time getting ready and they soon spot a group of Titans emerging from the forest.

The teacher tells Class 4 to submit club applications

The teacher of Class 4 notices that none of his students have submitted their club applications, despite the deadline being one week ago and a mandatory requirement. As the teacher leaves, Eren mentions that he would join a club that focused on eliminating all Titans from the school; Jean and Sasha agree they would join it as well. Reiner and the members of Class 3 enter the classroom and, sharing they wish to join the same club, mentions one that was headed by "the strongest human alive" called the Attack Jr. High Survey Club.

Reiner takes them there and Eren decides to go in first. Before he can, an older student named Oluo stops them and asks why they are here. Eren wishes to join and asks to be let in. Oluo refuses but Eren slams the door on his face, causing Oluo to stagger backwards. One of the other students, Petra, explains that they cannot just allow first year students to join and will require all senior members to agree. At that time, Hange and Mike return, with the former surprised that so many wish to join the club. Hange pulls out a jar of Titan nail clippings, disgusting everyone else present.

Hange presents her jar of Titan nail clippings

Eren says they need to join a club by the end of the day and asks where the last senior member, Levi, is. Hange starts making faces and Levi suddenly arrives, punching Eren in the face. He asks who the first year students are and Hange responds by saying they wish to join the club. Levi mentions they will be in close proximity to the Titans and that if they are discovered, the club will be dissolved and the members expelled; if they have no problems with that, he will allow them to join.

As Eren and the others go to write their applications, Hange reminds them this is a secret club and they cannot use the name of the club. Therefore, none of the students sign up and their teacher forces them to enroll in the "Wall Beautification Club."

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