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Abel[1] is a student at Attack Junior High School.


Abel is a student of average height, with light skin, short, blond hair, and light stubble on his chin and cheekbones. He wears thick-rimmed glasses with bands around his head.


At Attack Junior High School's culture fair, Abel is the announcer for the battle of the bands.[2] During a Titan performance at the finals, chaos ensues when Eren Yeager interrupts the competition by making a Titan pass out. However, before the judges can assess the Titans' performance, they are picked up by the Titans and sucked on. Abel attempts to stop one but is quickly grabbed and sucked on as well.[3]


  1. As this character is not given any name or alias by any official manga source, this wiki uses the English translation of the name given to his manga counterpart for purposes of identification.
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