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This article is about Rod Reiss's daughter. For the Scout Regiment soldier, see Abel (Anime).

Abel Reiss (エーベル・レイス Ēberu Reisu?) was the first of one of the younger daughters of Rod Reiss and his wife, the younger sister of Dirk, Ulklin, and Frieda Reiss, the older sister of Florian Reiss, and the half-sister of Historia Reiss.


Abel was a 12-year-old girl with medium-length light brown hair and light blue eyes. She was only ever seen wearing a plain white robe and a white v-neck dress with a black waistband and white sandals, as was common for girls during any Reiss family gatherings.


In the year 842, at the age of 9, Abel saw with her parents and siblings her older sister Frieda eat their paternal uncle Uri to inherit of his Titan, strangely, she was not shocked as her older brother Dirk and her younger sister Florian, even though she was only a little girl at the time.[2]


The Fall of Shiganshina arc

Abel and her brother Dirk's death

In the year 845, when Wall Maria was breached, Grisha Jaeger invaded the Reiss Chapel. He then turned into a Titan and killed most of Reiss family members, including Abel Reiss herself. According to Rod, she was crushed beneath Grisha's hand along with her older brother Dirk.[1]