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Ackerman (アッカーマン Akkāman?)[3] was the father of Mikasa Ackerman and the husband of Mikasa's mother. He and his family lived in a forest near the Shiganshina District.


A man appearing to be in his mid 30's. He had short blond hair with gold colored eyes, as well as a little stubble on his chin. The look of his clothing suggests that he was a commoner.


He seemed to be a lighthearted, but hard-working man. When asked by Mikasa how babies were made, he jokingly claimed he did not know and suggested she ask Dr. Yeager when he arrives.[3]


It is hinted that Ackerman, or a close relative of his, was driven into poverty due to their business failing. As such, Ackerman and his family lived in the woods within the Shiganshina District to avoid persecution from the government. He hunted and, most likely, helped with the gardening as a means to support his family.[4]


Ackerman was stabbed

While waiting for Dr. Yeager to arrive, his life, as well as his wife's life, was cut short. All due to human traffickers who intended to sell both his wife and daughter on the black market, due to them being the last Asians. He was stabbed one time after opening his door, and died before having a chance to realize what happened.[5] Later his body is found by Dr. Yeager, who was accompanied by Eren, when he comes to visit, stating that he and his wife had been dead for hours.[6]


Royal Government arc

Mikasa remembers her parents

Mikasa remembers her parents' backstories

When Captain Levi Ackerman speaks about Kenny Ackerman, he asks Mikasa if she was possibly related to him. Mikasa retells that when her parents were alive they told her that her father's family, the Ackerman bloodline, was persecuted inside the cities and that her Asian mother's family lost a place to live inside the cities as well, possibly because of her race. Mikasa then states that her parents met as fellow people who had been driven into the mountains and out of the cities and got married. She claims that her father never knew why the Ackermans were discriminated against and that they were not of a different race like her mother was.[7]



  • Mikasa Ackerman - His only daughter, he did what he could to protect her from the government's persecutions.
  • Mikasa's mother - His loving wife, together they lived a simple life with their daughter in their cabin in the woods.
  • Grisha Yeager - Their trusted doctor who was willing to make the trip to their home for examinations.


  • Ackerman shares a birthday with Yelena and Lisa Blouse.
  • Due to his surname being Ackerman, it is unknown if he ever experienced that moment in his life when a "power" awakened inside him, characteristic of people with his last name; the fact that he was easily killed after being taken by surprise, and that he displayed a cheerful personality more similar to Mikasa's before awakening her power (different to the other Ackermans), suggest that he never experienced that moment.