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Quote1.png When one actor leaves...another jumps in to take his place. The world will always have people like us.... Break a leg...Hange.... Quote2.png
— Djel Sannes explains the Survey Corps' dark turn

Actors (役者 Yakusha?) is the 2nd chapter of 14th volume and the 56th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Eren continues recalling more and more about him confronting Reiner and Bertolt, so he rushes to write everything down. Meanwhile, Hange talks to Djel Sannes and Ralph in their cell, revealing that Sannes has been tricked into revealing the information. An angered Hange then meets Eren who hands them the notes about his experience. At the same time, it is revealed to the members of Squad Levi and Reeves Company that Historia is to be the next queen. Even though the girl is initially against it, after Levi's pressure, she agrees with the plan and according to Erwin's orders, the Reeves Company is to hand Eren and Historia to the Military Police Interior Squad in order to find Rod Reiss. However, the man who had previously slaughtered Historia's mother appears, killing Dimo Reeves and taking the two hostages.


Eren recalls about Reiner and Bertolt

Early in the morning, Eren suddenly wakes up, having remembered more about his encounter with Reiner and Bertolt. While he rushes somewhere, before he forgets the information, Jean and Armin question his behavior. Meanwhile, Djel Sannes enters the cell where Ralph is being held, much to the latter's surprise. Sannes begins choking his comrade for betraying the king, but Hange reveals that Ralph has not been interrogated at all, the only thing he has been forced to do was to read from a script. Sannes realizes that he was tricked into revealing the information and dubs his imprisoners as demons, but Hange returns the favor and states that Minister Nick must have thought the same of his murderers. After another exchange of words, a crying Sannes wishes Hange good luck, claiming that even if they succeed, there will be another one to take on their role later.

A visibly angered Hange then goes upstairs, kicking into a table which is seen by Eren. Hange masks it by saying that it was a cockroach but then is surprised to see Eren giving them papers containing his conversations with Reiner, Bertolt and Ymir.

Levi pressures Historia

At the same time, Nifa is thanked by Levi for her hard work. He then tells her to reveal Erwin's words to everyone present. She hesitates, seeing that Dimo Reeves and his son Flegel are present, but Levi insists that they stay to listen as well and Nifa reveals that Historia is to be the queen, shocking the members of Levi's squad. Levi notes that they have not been told about this until now and states that the Reiss family is the true royal bloodline. A visibly surprised Historia says that it is not something she is capable of doing and even though Levi understands that such position is not something one can just agree to perform on spot, but continues claiming that it does not matter. He grabs Historia by her shirt, telling her to run away if she wants, but also stating that such an act would be futile. Historia falls down and Levi continues his speech, asking everyone if they know what they are going to do tomorrow, explaining that their fate is uncertain so they have to fight against those standing in their way. He turns to Historia one more time, telling her to decide as there is no time, after which the girl says that she will do it. Levi takes her hand to have her stand up, stating that he is counting on her.

Nifa is then allowed to continue, revealing the plan that is to commence today - having the Reeves Company hand Eren and Historia to the First Interior Squad. The true purpose is to locate the man with the actual highest authority within the Walls - Rod Reiss. It is revealed that these are the words that Erwin relayed to Dot Pixis. Erwin also states that they want to question Rod Reiss' motives for abandoning his people and continues by revealing the true purpose of the operation - to change the system by having the current king acknowledge Historia as the true queen.

Dimo is killed by Captain Ackerman

The operation starts with Dimo "capturing" Eren and Historia. His son questions why they continue following Levi's orders and Dimo states that while Levi may be scary, he is a good person. After listening to his father's words, Flegel goes out while Dimo equips Eren and Historia with small blades, meant to trigger Eren's transformation. Sooner than they expected, Captain Ackerman from the First Interior Squad arrives, revealing himself to Historia to be the one from five years ago who killed her mother. He takes Dimo outside for a talk, asking about "Levi Ackerman." Not knowing about Levi's surname, Dimo continues to play by saying that the Survey Corps' captain is sure to be after him for kidnapping Eren and Historia. Captain Ackerman reveals that he was the one to teach Levi and proceeds to slit Dimo's throat. With Flegel hiding behind a tree, trying to keep himself silent, he is approached by his subordinates who reveal Eren and Historia's equipment. Taking the two hostages, he states that it is time for the Anti-Personnel Control Squad to show what they can do.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Bertolt Hoover (dream)
  2. Ymir (dream)
  3. Eren Yeager
  4. Reiner Braun (dream)
  5. Armin Arlert (flashback)
  6. Jean Kirstein (flashback)
  7. Ralph (flashback)
  8. Hange Zoë (flashback)
  9. Moblit Berner (flashback)
  10. Djel Sannes (flashback)
  11. Keiji (flashback)
  12. Mikasa Ackerman (flashback)
  13. Levi Ackerman (flashback)
  14. Dimo Reeves (killed)
  15. Nifa (flashback)
  16. Sasha Blouse (flashback)
  17. Historia Reiss
  18. Flegel Reeves
  19. Connie Springer (flashback)
  20. Abel (flashback)
  21. Rod Reiss (picture)
  22. Erwin Smith
  23. Dot Pixis
  24. Fritz (plan)
  25. Dan (killed)
  26. Jim (killed)
  27. Kenny Ackerman
  28. Alma (flashback)
  29. Traute Caven