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Quote1.png If only...If only I never had you! Quote2.png
— Alma regrets her daughter's existence[1]

Alma (アルマ Aruma?)[2] was a former servant and the mistress of Rod Reiss, as well as the mother of Historia Reiss. She later became an escort working in the city at night.


Described by Historia as a very beautiful woman, Alma was slender and of average height. She had bright eyes and shoulder-length brown hair with bangs that brushed just past her eyebrows. When staying on the farm, she usually wore a plain button up shirt with a dark-colored skirt. She wore much finer clothing when going into the city. When she was a maidservant to the Reiss family, she wore a long black dress with a white apron and a white cap with her hair pulled back.


Alma comforts Rod

She was likely to have had a more pleasant and understanding personality while in the presence of Rod Reiss, as he felt that she was the only one who could understand what he was going through.

She carried a deep hatred towards Historia. Most of the time, she avoided speaking or even being in the same room as her. Alma only spoke to her daughter twice, and each time, she expressed deep regret for Historia having been born, even in her last breath.[1]


Alma was a servant in Rod Reiss' household who eventually became his mistress. Sometime later, she had Historia, after which she was forced to move to a ranch Rod owned within his territory in Wall Sina.

Alma rejected Historia

During the day, Alma usually spent her time reading on her parents' farm, leaving her parents and Historia to deal with the farm work. During the night, she would dress in fancy clothes and a carriage would take her into the city. She did everything in her power to avoid interaction with Historia without leaving the farm permanently, eventually only speaking to her twice in her life.

One day, wanting a mother-daughter relationship like in her books, Historia decided to embrace her to see what would happen. Alma, in shock, threw Historia off of her and tearfully stated she regretted her birth. She walked off, leaving a stunned Historia behind her. However, the latter was happy because it was the first time Alma ever talked to her. After that, Alma packed up her things and left the farm.[1]


The Fall of Shiganshina arc

After the fall of Wall Maria, she returns, with Rod in company. She stands frightened as Rod formally introduces himself to Historia for the first time. As they begin to make their way to the carriage, they are quickly surrounded by the Military Police's First Interior Squad, who have been sent to suppress Alma and her daughter. With Historia being an illegitimate Reiss heir, the council thought it best to be rid of both her and Alma.

Alma moments before her death

Scared, Historia calls out to her mother after Kenny Ackermann grabs her, causing her to deny any relation to Historia. Taken aback, Kenny questions Rod if he knows either of them, to which he lies, saying that he does not. Kenny then kneels Alma down and prepares his knife. Historia began to call out to her again, causing Alma to cry out and express again her regret of having given birth to her daughter; after which Kenny promptly slit her throat causing her to bleed to death shortly after.[1]


Royal Government arc

Several years later, Historia told the Levi squad about her memories of her mother.[1]

After Historia killed Rod, she saw a past memory of him in his younger days, crying into Alma's outfit, saying that she was the only one who understood him.[2]

Later, when Kenny was talking to Levi Ackermann, he mentioned how women were Rod's weakness, pointing to the times when Rod would confide in Alma.[3]


  • Historia Reiss - She carried deep resentment towards her daughter, even more so before Kenny slit her throat, as Historia's existence is the reason she had to die.
  • Rod Reiss - Her former employer-turned-lover. She was his confidant, and he believed he could tell her anything. Sometime after Rod had gotten married and had children of his own, the two started a secret romantic relationship. Alma eventually got pregnant with Historia, causing her to be sent away to live on her parents' farm so that her child would not shame Rod and his reputation.


  • Her name is Latin in origin, and means "soul," "kind" or "dawn."[4]
    • This is ironic, considering her cruel nature towards her daughter.
    • Her name may also be a pun on the phrase "Alma Mater," which translates roughly to "Nourishing Mother" and refers to a college one attended.
  • Alma also means in ancient Hebrew "unmarried lady" or "young lady."
  • In Hungarian Alma means "apple."