This article is about the 5th chapter of the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga. For the character, see Annie Leonhart (Lost Girls).

Quote1 I'm returning to my hometown, no matter what happens. That is what I must do. And that is the only thing I'm sure of. Quote2
— Annie prepares for her mission

Annie Leonhart (アニ・レオンハート Ani Reonhāto?) is the 5th chapter of the 1st volume and the 5th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga, written and illustrated by Ryōsuke Fuji.


Returning to the Stratmann family mansion, Annie informs Elliot Stratmann that Carly is gone. Annie realizes that Elliot was the one who killed Wayne Eisner and not Lou. He had visited Wayne after he left a letter at the mansion, and he killed him before Wald and Lou were involved. Elliot planned to frame Wald and Lou for the murder and have Annie arrest them. Elliot claims that Annie's theory is nonsensical, but Annie sees through his lie, saying that Elliot could have informed Annie of Wayne from the start.

Together, Annie and Elliot dispose of Wayne's corpse in the industrial area of the district. Elliot admits that the dinners he had with Carly were meant to discuss the coderoin trade. Elliot informs Annie that she is welcome at his mansion at any time for dinner, but Annie lets him know that if her future task goes well, she will be able to return to her hometown. Annie gives a false report that Carly and Wayne left town under false names three days ago. Annie heads to the showers, preparing herself to set out on her mission so that she may at last return to her hometown.


Returning to the mansion of the Stratmann family, Annie informs Elliot Stratmann that Carly has left town. She admits that she does not know if she will return, and if she does it would only be after a long time. Annie notices that Elliot is smoking a rare cigarette. Elliot reveals that the cigarette is a brand that was only produced in Wall Maria.

Annie reveals the truth

Annie reveals the truth about Elliot's actions

Changing the subject, Annie states that Elliot was the one who killed Wayne Eisner and not Lou. Elliot claims the idea is absurd, and Annie asks for him to hear her out. She theorizes that Wayne was the one who left the note at the Stratmann mansion. The note was the ransom, and Elliot visited Wayne's apartment to discuss the matter. He killed Wayne while he was there, before Wald and Lou got involved in the matter. Elliot directed Wald and Lou to Wayne's residence so that he could frame them for the murder and have Annie arrest them. Elliot claims the story is nonsensical, but Annie reveals that a cigarette butt of the same rare brand Elliot is smoking was found at Wayne's home, and she says that if Elliot was innocent he would have led Annie to Wayne from the start. With this, Elliot confesses to the murder, saying that Wayne would not have handed over Carly and would instead take Elliot's money when he was drunk.

Wayne's corpse is disposed of

Annie destroys Wayne's corpse

Annie halts the conversation, asking Elliot to stop smoking. When Elliot objects, she snatches the cigarette out of his hand, saying that she has had enough of everyone smoking or drinking during her task that day. Elliot asks her why she is so irritated, and Annie says that she is tired and anxious for tomorrow's mission. Elliot requests that he should be allowed to smoke in jail, but Annie lets him know that he is not going to jail.

Together, Elliot and Annie dispose of Wayne's corpse in the industrial waste area of Stohess District. Elliot asks why Annie involved herself in the disposal, and she says she is doing it for her own sake. After discussing Elliot's inevitable financial trouble in the future, Annie asks why he and Carly always had dinner together. Elliot admits that their dinners were for discussion of their coderoin trade. He asks her what sort of discussions she has with her own father, and Annie says it is nothing important. She thinks back to her time with her father when they would discuss fighting techniques at dinner frequently over the years.

Annie speaks of the hometown

Annie expresses her desire to return to her hometown

As Elliot and Annie part ways, Elliot lets Annie know that she is welcome for dinner at his home at any time. Annie lets him know that such a thing is unlikely since if her mission tomorrow succeeds, she will be able to return to her hometown.

At the Military Police Brigade barracks, Annie files a false report about Carly and Wayne, claiming they had left for the capital under false names three days ago. Returning to her room where Hitch is sleeping, she notices that Hitch had left her a flower with a note saying that she should put it on for her date. Leaving the flower in her room, she heads to the showers. She assures herself that fulfilling her mission is her purpose in life. Thinking back to the time her father apologized to her before she left her hometown, she reminds herself that the success of her mission is what will allow her to return home.

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