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The Anti-Personnel Control Squad (対人制圧部隊 Taijin Seiatsu Butai?), also known as the Anti-Personnel Vertical Maneuvering Equipment Squad (対人立体機動部隊 Taijin Rittai Kidō Butai?), was an elite squad of soldiers recruited from the Military Police Brigade and led by Kenny Ackerman.[1] Its members were highly competent, being capable of killing Survey Corps soldiers in an ambush before they could retaliate.[2]


The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was officially created to oppose the Survey Corps, however that was a false justification given by Kenny Ackerman so that the Assembly would give their approval. Their true purpose was the pursuit of Captain Kenny Ackerman's dream, specifically to obtain the godlike power possessed by the Reiss family.[3]

All soldiers under Kenny's command were aware of their captain's true goal and were loyal to him rather than the government.[1][3]


The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was a relatively large unit, numbering forty-eight soldiers, including Captain Kenny Ackerman.[4][5] As a subdivision of the Interior Military Police, they did not officially report to anyone,[6] but in practice they took orders from the Assembly and Rod Reiss.[7][8]


File:Kenny and Traute wearing their gear.png

Soldiers in the Anti-Personnel Control Squad were elite members of the Military Police Brigade who chose to join Kenny in the Interior Squad.[1][9] All were capable of using anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment, which was developed in secret without public's knowledge or that of the the regular Military Police Brigade.[10]

As a unit they were one of the most capable in the military, being able to catch veteran Survey Corps members unawares[2] and force Levi Ackerman to withdraw his squad from their rescue operation.[11]

Its members appeared to be cynical, feeling that their climb in the ranks has been without meaning, but by following Kenny, they might be able to discover what they were missing.[1][12]


Kenny looks over his newly formed squad

The newly formed Anti-Personnel Control Squad

The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was assembled by Kenny Ackerman two years after the Fall of Wall Maria and he was placed in charge despite having no prior military experience. Traute Carven suspected the reason for the squad's creation was that humanity had given up on fighting the Titans so now they would fight over what land was left.[13]


The Uprising arc

Kenny Ackerman, Traute Carven, and other members of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad were sent to collect Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss from the Reeves Company, which had been pressured to kidnap them.[14] Suspecting that the exchange was part of a plan by Levi Ackerman, Kenny slit the throat of Dimo Reeves and Traute reported that as predicted, Eren and Historia had been hiding a number of blades.[15]

The squad killed all other company men they could find and blamed the deaths on the Survey Corps. Eren and Historia were taken away in a carriage and Kenny had the squad prepare their anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment in preparation for a confrontation.[16]

Traute kills Keiji

Traute Carven kills Keiji

The Anti-Personnel Squad took Eren and and Historia to Stohess District, where the two were hidden inside of coffins as bait to lure out the Survey Corps. As Kenny expected, a number of soldiers in civilian clothing were watching the hearse being used for transport. The Anti-Personnel Squad attacked simultaneously, killing Nifa, Keiji, and Goggles before they could retaliate.[17] Despite a heated pursuit, Levi managed to dodge all of them, including Kenny, and took cover in a saloon.[18]

Kenny followed him in while the rest of the Anti-Personnel Squad surrounded the saloon outside. He and Levi exchanged barbs about their shared past until Levi managed to shoot Kenny with a rifle by aiming through a reflection in a bottle. Kenny managed to block the brunt of the blast with a chair he was holding, but the impact was strong enough to fling him out of the building.[19]

Levi dove out through a window and killed Duran with the grappling hook of his vertical maneuvering equipment and killed two more squad members before escaping down the street. Traute checked on her captain to find him still alive, though upset about Levi's interference since it pushed him farther from his dream.[20]

Anti-Personnel Squad chases Squad Levi

The Anti-Personnel Squad chases Squad Levi

The Special Operations Squad was trailing the hearse by the time Levi caught up to them with the Anti-Personnel Control Squad in close pursuit. He killed another soldier before landing and ordering his squad to stop chasing the hearse. Levi expected there would be more ambushes ahead. The Anti-Personnel Squad attacked while Levi and Mikasa Ackerman covered their squad's escape.[21]

Despite successfully kidnapping Eren and Historia, the Anti-Personnel Squad took a substantial loss in the operation. Twelve of their members were killed, even though they had started their attack with an ambush.[4]

The Anti-Personnel Control Squad prepared to face Levi and the Survey Corps again beneath the chapel where Rod Reiss was working to recover the power of the Titans from Eren. They hoped to lure the Survey Corps into the underground cavern and surround them, but this plan was foiled when Levi's squad rolled barrels of oil into the cavern and set fire to them, causing the chamber to fill with smoke. The combination of oil smoke and subsequent firing of signal flares made it impossible to aim.[22]

Traute aims at Hange

Traute aims at Hange

With their visibility reduced and combat happening in melee range, the Survey Corps had the advantage and managed to kill multiple squad members. Realizing that they would be wiped out, Traute searched for an opening and found one in Hange Zoë, who she impaled with the hook from her anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment. Using Hange's injury as a distraction, Traute called for the Anti-Personnel Squad to fall back and regroup away from the smoke.[23]

After Kenny's demise and the destruction of the Reiss's chapel, the Anti-Personnel Control Squad becomes officially extincted.


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