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The Anti-Personnel Control Squad (対人制圧部隊 Taijin Seiatsu Butai?)[1] was an elite squad led by Kenny Ackermann and was part of the Interior Military Police, working for Rod Reiss. Its members were highly competent and were equipped with Anti-Personnel omni-directional mobility gear, designed specifically for their squad.


The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was officially created to oppose the Scout Regiment; however, that was a false justification given by Kenny Ackermann so that the Assembly would give their approval. Their true purpose was the pursuit of Captain Kenny Ackermann's dream, specifically to obtain the God-like power possessed by the Reiss family.

All soldiers under Kenny's command were aware of their captain's true goal and were loyal to his orders rather than the government's.[2]


The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was a relatively large unit, numbering forty-eight soldiers, including Captain Kenny Ackermann. As a subdivision of the Interior Military Police, they did not officially report to anyone, but in practice, they took orders from the Assembly and Rod Reiss.[citation needed]


Soldiers in the Anti-Personnel Control Squad were members of the Military Police Regiment who chose to join Kenny in the Interior Police.[1] All were capable of using Anti-Personnel omni-directional mobility gear, which was developed in secret without the public's knowledge or that of the regular Military Police.[3]

As a unit they were one of the most capable in the military, being able to catch veteran Scouts unaware[4] and force Levi Ackermann to withdraw his squad from their rescue operation.[5]

Its members appeared to be cynical, feeling that their lives have been without meaning, but by following Kenny, they might be able to discover what they were missing.[1] They also displayed absolute loyalty to Kenny, remaining holding up against the Scouts' invasion of the ritual site under the Reiss Chapel until it collapsed, leading to their demise.[6]


Kenny addresses soldiers

Kenny formed the Anti-Personnel Control Squad

The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was assembled by Kenny Ackermann two years after the Fall of Wall Maria and he was placed in charge despite having no prior military experience. Caven suspected the reason for the squad's creation was that humanity had given up on fighting the Titans so now they would fight over what land was left.

Kenny took a shine to Caven's nihilism and shared his derisive feelings for the members of the Assembly as well as how much work it took to get them to buy into the squad's creation. He then shared his true goal with his new unit, to obtain "power rivaling a god."[2]


Royal Government arc

In the week following the Wall Rose invasion, the Anti-Personnel Control Squad was dispatched to assist the Reeves Company in capturing Eren Jaeger and Historia Reiss. Kenny, Caven, and the other members of the squad trailed the Special Operations Squad to Trost District.

In Trost, the Anti-Personnel Squad saw through the ruse of their targets supposed capture, and simultaneously ambushed the Scouts overlooking Eren and Historia's carriage.[4] In the initial attack, Nifa, Abel, and Keiji were killed, the targets were tranquilized, and the carriage was hijacked. Despite a heated pursuit, Levi managed to dodge all of them, including Kenny and took cover in a saloon.

Anti-Personnel Control Squad corners Levi

The squad corners Levi

Kenny followed him in while the rest of the Anti-Personnel Squad surrounded the saloon outside. He and Levi exchanged barbs about their shared past until Levi managed to shoot Kenny with a rifle by aiming through a reflection in a bottle. Kenny managed to block the brunt of the blast with a chair he was holding, but the impact was strong enough to fling him out of the building.

Levi dived out through a window and kills Duran with the grappling hook of his Omni-directional mobility gear and killed two more squad members before escaping down the street. Caven checked on her captain to find him still alive, though upset about Levi's interference since it pushed him farther from his dream.

More soldiers were killed by Levi, and the carriage briefly retaken by the Special Operations Squad. However, the Anti-Personnel Control Squad recaptured it when an attack forced Levi and Mikasa Ackermann to save their squad-mates at the carriage's cost. The Anti-Personnel Squad escaped out of Trost with their targets, using gunfire to cover their exit.

At nighttime, Kenny slit the throat of Dimo Reeves for defecting to the Scouts, reassuring Caven that it was not necessary to ask for Levi's location.[5]

Despite successfully kidnapping Eren and Historia, the Anti-Personnel Squad took a substantial loss in the operation. Twelve of their members were killed, even though they had started their attack with an ambush.[1]

Anti-Personnel Control Squad faces the Scouts

The squad faces the Scouts

The Anti-Personnel Control Squad prepared to face Levi and the Scouts again in the Underground Chapel where Rod Reiss was working to recover the Power of the Titans from Eren. They hoped to lure the Scouts into the underground cavern and surround them, but this plan was foiled when Levi's squad rolled barrels of oil into the cavern and set fire to them, causing the chamber to fill with smoke. The combination of oil smoke and subsequent firing of signal flares made it impossible to aim.

With their visibility reduced and combat happening in melee range, the Scouts had the advantage and managed to kill multiple squad members. Kenny briefly joined the fight himself, and dueled with Levi, but retreated after suffering a blow. Realizing that they would be wiped out, Caven searched for an opening and found one in Hange Zoë, who she impaled with the hook from her anti-personnel omni-directional mobility gear. Using Hange's injury as a distraction, Caven called for the Anti-Personnel Control Squad to fall back and regroup away from the smoke.[7]

Anti-Personnel Control Squad's end

The squad moments before debris crushes them

The Anti-Personnel Squad fortified an area deeper in the cave, but before the Scouts reengage them a bright light shone in the underground cavern. Concerned for their captain's safety, the Anti-Personnel Control Squad entered the crumbling chamber where Rod Reiss had turned into a Titan. Kenny yelled at his squad to stay back,[6] but they were crushed beneath the falling ceiling. Only Kenny managed to escape alive. However, he was mortally wounded and passed away the following day.[2]