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Quote1 While we've been relying heavily on Titans and colonial expansion, other nations have been developing weapons to counter us. As a result, our strategy has come to bite us on the ass. Quote2
— Commander Theo Magath deduces the origin of Anti-Titan artillery[1]

The anti-Titan artillery (対巨人砲 Tai Kyojin-hō?) is a heavy duty weapon designed by the Mid-East Allied Forces to combat the Titans under Marley's command during the Marley Mid-East War.


Anti-Titan artillery was created for the purpose of destroying Titans of all varieties with great efficiency. It fires 150mm shells, and the armor-piercing type of which has enough firepower to kill even the Nine Titans, such as the Armored or Beast Titan, with a single shot.[2] Besides killing Titans, the gun was also used in normal bombardment missions in which it fired fragmentation shells.[2]

During the battle of Fort Slava, four anti-Titan artillery guns are mounted on an armored train surrounding the fortress, allowing for great mobility on the battlefield.[2] However, the guns were more commonly mounted in field gun carriages. At least 28 guns in the latter configuration were deployed on the fort's wall, forming the main barrage ring of the Allies' defender.[2]

Anti-Titan field guns

Anti-Titan gun in field gun configuration

Even when fitted on a field gun mount, the anti-Titan gun was very maneuverable, being able to turn about quickly by a crew of four to face threats behind it. For example, the guns managed to score a few hits against a fast-moving Armored Titan, and were able to react effectively against the mindless Titans landed inside the fort. However, it was not without its weakness. The gunners still have to land an accurate shot on the approximate area of the nape of the neck for an effective kill. The gun also has a limited degree of depression, as the field guns on the fort were unable to fire upon the Cart and Jaw Titans who were outside the wall, but the standing Titans inside the fort were within range.[2]

Although the gun was said to be a new weapon, its sizable number and different variants may suggest that the Allies mass-produced the gun in such quantity that it became the Allies' standard field artillery piece by the time of the battle.[2]

Anti-Titan rifles[]

By the time they participate in the Paradis Island Surprise Attack, the Marleyan military had developed a rifle that could defeat Titans in the same manner as anti-Titan artillery.[3]


Marley arc[]

Gabi derails the armored train

Gabi takes out the armored train

Anti-Titan artillery makes its debut in the Marley Mid-East War during the battle of Fort Slava, where it is mounted on an armored train traveling along rails surrounding the perimeter of the fortress. The presence of the weapon prevents the use of the power of the Titans possessed by Marley, drastically reducing Marley's ground-based power. However, the armored train and its anti-Titan gun turrets are both rendered unusable when Warrior cadet Gabi Braun destroys its lead car with a bundle of grenades, allowing for Galliard to make use of his Jaw Titan power and directly attack the Mid-East Allied Forces' defenses.[2]

After Titans are airdropped into the fort, the field guns remaining on the fort attempt to put them down, but are stopped by the Armored Titan. Although the Armored Titan succeeds in destroying all the guns by sweeping them apart with an armored train which it uses as a club, the damage it sustains alert him of the unprecedented lethality of the new weapon.[2]

After the war ended, the Marleyan military was able to acquire the guns for their own usage. While inexperienced, they were able to use them to hinder the Attack Titan's movements against the War Hammer Titan before the guns became targets for the Scout Regiment and their re-purposed Thunder Spears.[4]

War for Paradis arc[]

Pieck and Magath prepare to take on the Founding Titan

Anti-Titan artillery mounted on the Cart Titan

An anti-Titan artillery gun was airdropped alongside with Marleyen forces during the Paradis Island Surprise Attack, this time being mounted upon the back of the Cart Titan and being operated by Theo Magath and Koslow. The three were able to destroy the Attack Titan's motor skills, allowing time for the Armored Titan and the Jaw Titan to break free from the Attack Titan. Improved upon from Mid-East technology, the Marleyan anti-Titan gun was designed to destroy the Founding Titan and penetrate even through hardening.[5]

During the Paradis Island Surprise Attack, as Zeke and Eren try to make their way to the other, Eren notices out of the corner of his eye that a tearful Gabi has picked up the deceased Colt's anti-Titan rifle. Before anyone can react, she shoots a round into Eren's neck, decapitating him.[3]

Gabi runs to save Kaya

Gabi with an anti-Titan rifle

Later on in the battle, the Braus family and Nicolo flee from one of the newly created Titans and Kaya accidentally falls down a set of stairs. As the Titan lunges for her, it is shot through the mouth by Gabi, causing it to fall. She jumps in front of Kaya and jams her rifle down the Titan's throat so she can blow out the nape. An Eldian soldier sees them and demands to know if Gabi was the one who killed that Titan and if she is the kid from Marley. Kaya covers for her, saying that Gabi is a part of her family and Nicolo claims that he used the gun since he was trained as a former Marleyan soldier.[6]

It is last seen used by the Global Alliance to form the blockade off the coast of Marley as a last-ditch effort to put a stop to the Rumbling. However, the naval cannons killed few (if any) of the millions of Wall Titans, and the fleet was easily overwhelmed and wiped out. The land artillery, despite having clear and easier to hit targets, weren't much more effective, and what remained of the blockade's forces were left no choice but to retreat.