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Quote1.png We've gotta let the children outta this jungle, at the very least. Else the same thing's just gunna happen again and again.... As adults, it's our responsibility to shoulder...the sins and hatred of the past. Quote2.png
— Artur's belief of saving children from the kill-or-be-killed world[2]

Artur Blouse (アルトゥル・ブラウス Aruturu Burausu?)[3] is the father of Sasha Blouse, husband of Lisa Blouse, and a hunter in Dauper village. It was his words that motivated Sasha to leave and join the Military.[4]


Artur Blouse is a large but not overweight man. He has shaggy brown hair, a thin goatee, and brown eyes. He is usually seen wearing a striped hat, a white t-shirt with a fur vest, and a loose tie. He also wears white pants, tall black boots, and carries a pack of arrows on his back along with a small supplies bag on his right hip.

In 854, he looks thinner and has a lighter goatee and mustache.


Blouse appears to be a man of rules, and devoted to his clan. He is a mature father figure, storing food for the winter and attempting to pry it out of his daughter Sasha's hands when she begins to eat their supply. Though he appreciates his way of life, hunting with the clan, he realizes that many people's homes were taken by Titans and that they must share the forest. He is very wise, stating that though he would rather not, he may give up hunting and breed horses or sell crop for the good of everyone. Like his daughter, he has a native Dauper accent.[5]

Blouse is a very selfless man, and is constantly seen putting others before himself. He has no qualms about allowing refugees from Wall Maria to hunt on his land, despite the fact that it leaves less food for his family, as he recognizes the dire situation that they have been forced into by losing their homes.[5] Additionally, he and his wife decide to open their home up to orphaned children[6] going so far as to refer to them as his "family."[7] Perhaps the greatest example of this selfless attitude, though, is his decision to forgive Gabi Braun for murdering his daughter. Rather than blame her for shooting Sasha, he chooses to accept the blame himself for allowing Sasha to leave Dauper and join the military, and chooses to spare Gabi's life so that the cycle of violence that led to Sasha's death might stop in some small way.[2]


Prologue arc

Artur explains to Sasha that they may have to give up their lands

Blouse is first seen arguing with Sasha, telling her not to eat the meat from the winter from the ground.[8] After he fails, he explains to his daughter the reason why it is important to keep the food: after the fall of Wall Maria, many refugees have come to Wall Rose's lands, which has resulted in a food shortage due to the extra mouths to feed. In particular, refugees have begun hunting for food in Dauper's territory, leaving less game for the village's citizens than usual.[9]

Blouse admits to having considered giving the forest to them so that they can make fields, while the hunter's tribe starts taking care of horses, but Sasha objects, arguing that they should not stop living like they do just because of the newcomers.[10] Blouse acknowledges his daughter's point, but he disagrees with her, saying that it is more important to take care of the people, rather than live all alone. He finally states that he wants to live with his clan, even if it means to change their way of life.[11] Sasha, angered, enlists in the Military in retaliation.

Clash of the Titans arc

Artur and Sasha reunite after three years

Three years later, Sasha comes to her village, only to find it ravaged by Titans. After helping one little girl to escape from one of them, she sees her father riding a horse. He sees her too, seeming very surprised and screaming her name.[12] He gives a horse to her and the girl she had saved, Kaya. They start talking, and Blouse explains that they have been giving horses to the nearby people. He also expresses how surprised he is to see that the person that saved Kaya was Sasha.[13] He finally states that she has become a splendid person, making her smile and accept her home.[14]

War for Paradis arc

In the year 854, Artur and his family visit Sasha's grave. As they are paying their respects, a Marleyan prisoner of war introduces himself to the family. He tells them that Sasha ate his meals the most and offers to cook for them someday.[15]

After returning to their home, Kaya goes for a walk and returns with two children who she found in the woods. Artur welcomes them to the Blouse stables and allows them to say for however long they need.[16]

Artur is offered a choice

Artur takes his entire family, including Ben and Mia, to Niccolo's restaurant with him. They all enjoy the food, with Blouse and his wife being moved to tears by the taste. In the middle of eating Ben and Mia leave, claiming that Ben has a stomach ache. Blouse and his family continue eating, but are interrupted when Niccolo emerges from the wine cellar with them, holding an unconscious Ben and tossing a bloodied Mia to them. Blouse is bewildered by Niccolo's behavior, and is shocked to learn that Mia is the one who was responsible for killing Sasha. Niccolo offers him a knife to execute her, claiming that he will do it himself if Blouse refuses. Blouse takes the knife from Niccolo, but instead of killing Gabi, explains how he was responsible for sending Sasha away from their village into a bigger "forest", choosing to let go of his pain and hatred in an attempt to help the children escape from this forest.[17]

As Niccolo is restrained by members of the Survey Corps, Blouse and his wife tend to Ben's injuries with Hange Zoë. As he goes to check on Mia as well, Kaya tries to kill her with Niccolo's knife, and Blouse is forced to restrain her with his wife to keep Mia safe.[18]

Artur is present when Niccolo reveals that the restaurant's wine is likely infused with Zeke's spinal fluid.[19] Niccolo seeks solace in Artur, telling him that he is not capable of being a man like him yet. Blouse also expresses his worry for Ben, who had likely ingested the wine. Later, Blouse and his family are shocked by the Yeagerists entrance into the restaurant, and are later taken as captives by the group.[20]

The Blouses are imprisoned with the Survey Corps officers together in Shiganshina military headquarters,[21] where Blouse keeps himself busy by making tea for everyone with Niccolo.[22] The Marleyan forces arrive at Shiganshina and launch their surprise attack on Paradis. While Eren Yeager engages with the Jaw Titan and as the fight on the rooftop ensues, Artur and the other prisoners wonder what the sound overhead them was about.[23]

Onyankopon releases the prisoners from their cell and Jean orders Niccolo to keep the Blouse family safe. Niccolo escorts the Blouse family through Shiganshina, leading them to a house in a relatively safe section where they can stay until the fighting is over. Although his wife is worried about Gabi and Falco, Artur assures her that the two will be fine, saying they are both strong.[24]

The family takes refuge in an abandoned building,[25] but are forced to flee when they are found by a Pure Titan. Kaya trips and gets separated from the group, and Niccolo saves Artur from being devoured while trying to save her. Kaya is saved by the timely arrival of Gabi, who explains that she has returned to rescue Falco. The group is found by a group of soldiers who agree to escort them to the safety of the military's headquarters, but Artur encourages Gabi to leave and save Falco the first chance that she gets.

After arriving at the military headquarters, Artur meets Armin and Mikasa and brings them to Gabi so that she can ask them to return Falco to her.[26]


  • Sasha Blouse - Artur loved his daughter very much, but got angry at her when she tried to eat their winter food supply.[8] He believed his daughter was a wonderful person, stating so when he reunited with her after three years. He also seemed to think that she was a bit of a coward, however, this later left his mind when he saw Sasha as a soldier saving a child.
  • Gabi Braun - Upon meeting Gabi, he immediately accepts her into his home and sympathizes with her hardships.[27] Later, upon learning she was responsible for killing Sasha, he decided to let go of his pain and hatred and does not hold any anger against her.[28]


  • He shares a birthday with Nick.
  • According to Gabi, Artur speaks with a south Marleyan accent.[29]