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Ashes on The Fire is the 1st track on the "Attack on Titan" The Final Season Original Soundtrack, as well as the 1st track on disc 1 of the "Attack on Titan" The Final Season Original Soundtrack Complete Album. It was composed and arranged by Kohta Yamamoto, and pre-delivered before its release on the soundtrack on February 1, 2021.[1] A version with lyrics titled "Arc of The Ashes" was released on January 31, 2024.

Musical motifs[]

The track has 2 remixes:

Additionally, the melody at 1:50-2:04 and 3:14-3:42 appears as a motif in a couple of tracks:

All occurrences[]

  • Episode 60:
    • Gabi speculates why the Warrior candidates are sent to the front line
    • Zeke and Reiner begin the aerial assault on Fort Slava
  • Episode 62 - Reiner remembers his struggles to become the Armored Titan's successor
  • Episode 65 - Eren struggles in his fight with the War Hammer Titan
  • Episode 66 - Reiner transforms and is ready to fight Eren
  • Episode 74 - Zeke blows up himself and Levi
  • Episode 75 - Beginning of the battle for Shiganshina
  • Episode 77 - General Magath manages to shoot down the Beast Titan
  • Episode 83 - Allies assembled
  • Episode 86 - End of the battle in the port

Video clips[]


TVアニメ「進撃の巨人」The Final Season OST "Ashes on The Fire" Short ver.-KOHTA YAMAMOTO【試聴PV】


進撃の巨人 - Attack on Titan OST - Ashes on The Fire[Official Live]