Asking Too Much! The Survey Corps Welcoming Party? (無茶振れ!! 新兵歓迎会 Mucha Fure!! Shinpei Kangei-kai?) is the 14th chapter of the 1st volume and the 14th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


The Special Operations Squad and Hange welcome Eren to the Survey Corps. As part of Survey Corps tradition, he is required to show them a party trick. Members of Levi's squad also reminiscence over their own tricks.


Eren decides to turn into a Titan

Eren decides to turn into a Titan

At Eren's welcome party, the Special Operations Squad and Hange ask him to perform a party trick, as part of the Survey Corps' tradition for new recruits. Gunther encourages him, telling him that they all did it too.

Eren agrees, and says that for his first trick, he will bite his hand and turn into a Titan, but Levi hits him and tells him "Permission denied." As an alternative, Eren suggests showcasing his regenerating scars. Gunther, Eld, and Petra unanimously tell him that they do not want to see that while they are eating.

Oluo tells Eren that the Special Operations Squad brought down the house when it was their turn and the rest of the squad agrees. They force him to do his trick again, so Oluo tells Eren that his ear is connected to his mouth. Oluo pretends to push his finger into his ear while puffing out the cheek on the other side of his face.

Completely misunderstanding the trick, Eren says that is just as creepy as his regenerating scars.

Petra mimics Levi

Petra mimics Levi

Petra then shows off her impression of Levi drinking tea that is too hot. Her pose and expression are a dead ringer for Levi, to the point that the rest of the squad and Eren stifle laughs to avoid offending him.

Hange then brings out two dresses and tells Eld and Gunther that she found the costumes they wore for their own welcome party. She suggests they change into them, but the two men grab her and haul her out of the room.

Levi turns the attention back to Eren, and tells him that he should have had plenty of time to come up with something. When Eren admits he has not, Hange reappears to ask him which dress he would like to wear.

The welcome party degenerates into a scuffle, but Levi tells Oluo he hopes they can goof off like this again sometime. He also asks Oluo if he can explain that trick to him, and Oluo asks with shock if he means the ear one.

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