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Quote1.png We never imagined that we humans would go against Titans before. Given that, the fact that human students took a chee-burg back from Titans is a big step forward. Right, now is the time to reconsider the school rules. Let's take a close look at them anew in order for the students trapped inside the walls to have a fun school life. This time, it's our turn to attack! Quote2.png
— Erwin to his fellow teachers

Attack! Titan Junior High School (進撃!巨人中学校 Shingeki! Kyojin Chūgakkō?) is the 12th episode of the 1st season and the final episode of the Attack on Titan: Junior High anime, produced by Production I.G.


Following the events of the 104th school festival, Eren vows to get their cheeseburgers back from the Titans, defying the teachers and heading to the Titans' building. Finally making their way to the principal's office, where they believe the cheeseburgers to be located, they find a gigantic key in the center of a small city. As the rest of the class fights to hold off the attacking Titans, Eren carries the key to the keyhole and unlocks it. Inside, they find themselves in what is revealed to be the principal's lunch box, as the Colossal Titan lifts the lid and takes the cheeseburger stand. Enraged, Eren attacks, but is swallowed along with the stand. As his classmates look on in horror, however, the Titan spits him back out, and Eren reveals that he managed to rescue one of the burgers. As the students celebrate their first victory against the Titans, Erwin tells the other faculty that with this victory, human students now have a chance for a happy school life.


Shortly after the Titans have stolen all of the food stands, Eren tells Armin that he is going to the Titans' school building to retrieve their chee-burgs. Marco doubts that can be done, and as Armin says he is coming with Eren, they are interrupted by Nile who yells at them saying to return to their classroom. Jean speaks in disbelief, asking if the school is not going to do anything. Dhalis then reminds Eren that he had pledged his life to upholding the school rules. Eren replies that he cannot accept what just happened, then Kitz yells at him, saying anyone who rebels against the school's rules will be kicked out.

Reiner and his classmates stand up for Eren

Ymir trips Nile as he walks towards Eren, and Christa headbutts Kitz in the back. Everyone then stands up for Eren, coming in between him and the teachers, with Nile telling them what they are doing is a clear act of treason against the school. Reiner tells Eren to go, and he thanks them all, before running towards the school. Jean, Armin, Mikasa, Sasha, and Conny join Eren. Mikasa asks for a plan and he tells her they first need to head to the Scout Regiment club room, believing their upperclassmen would be of help. Keith looks on and mentally remarks to Eren's father, Grisha, that today his son has become a soldier.

Eren enters the Scouts' club room shouting for his upperclassmen about the Titans, until he is interrupted by Levi who tells him to stop whining about the obvious. Eren asks if they are gonna take action since they already know, but Levi tells him they are on standby, reminding them that their job is not to surrender to their emotions. Eren argues that if they act fast, they may be able to get back their chee-burgs. Petra tells him to stop arguing, but he continues saying if she is asking him to turn a blind eye to the fight, and she says she is, telling him to do as Levi says. Armin then adds that the club may be disbanded if they act publicly now and could even lead to their expulsion.

Eren thinks to himself that he can fight on his own, wondering why he is always relying on others. As he tries to leave, he is stopped by Petra. Levi then says that Eren is not wrong, telling him to go if he wants to, further saying that he does not know the right answer. Whether he trusted himself or his comrades, things have always been unpredictable. Levi then tells Eren to choose whichever choice he would regret the least, then orders him to decide now, and Eren decides to move forward and heads to the Titans' building.

The group being chased down

As Eren vows to destroy every last Titan, suddenly Eren and the group are seen running away while being chased down by Titans inside their giant hallway. Hannes appears from inside a hole in the wall and ushers them in. They find Rico and Ian have brought the Wall Cleanup Club's ODM gear with them. After putting on their gear, Hannes tells them that he will get the Titans' attention while they move forward. He heads out wearing the gear, but accidentally crashes into a window, breaking it and falling over. As Titans look over the window, the others use this chance to sneak out.

Hannes pointed the way to the principal's office

Earlier, Hannes explained the layout and pointed the way to the principal's office, telling them that their chee-burgs may be in the door inside the office, though it needs a key.

Arriving at the principal's office, they are frightened by its door's size. Inside, they fly up to what seems to be a table, but are surprised to find it to be a walled town. Jean points out a huge key lodged in the middle of the town, and a door with a matching keyhole is further ahead. Ian warns them of four Titans approaching, and Armin tells Eren to pull the key out and open the door, while everyone else backs him up. Eren arrives to where the key is, but is unable to pull it.

Ilse catches up with the group in the principal's office with Marco in tow holding a camera, and she starts reporting live about the situation. Armin and Mikasa come to help Eren, and as a Titan approaches them, Armin tells Mikasa to keep the Titans away from them while he and Eren pull the key out. Armin then reminds Eren of his goal, asking him why did he want to go to the Titans' building, and Eren answers it is because he was born in this world. Conny distracts a Titan nearby, but his gear fails to hook into a wall and the Titan nearly grabs him, until Jean comes to his aid, headbutting the Titan on the back of its head. As Jean flies out, another Titan lunges at him, but a scream is heard and Annie appears from above with her Titan friend and lands on the lunging Titan, saving Jean.

Eren carries the key

Everyone then witnesses Eren carrying the giant key, slowly walking to the door. Armin tells Mikasa that they just have to cover him until he reaches it, and Ian orders everyone to defend Eren, even at the cost of their lives. Eren states to himself that when people are born, they are free despite the rules that deny that, and no matter how absolute the school rules are. He keeps walking forward, determined to fight, as students and teachers watch Ilse's broadcast back at their building.

As one more Titan stands in Eren's way, Rico charges forward, hitting its eye with a spoon, with Annie's Titan friend throwing Jean at the Titan's head, knocking it down. Finally reaching the door, Eren, while being encouraged by Armin, inserts it and successfully opens the path inside. With tears in her eyes, a relieved Rico says that no one died in vain, but an injured Jean mutters that he is not dead.

Eren and the others arrive at what seems to be the gym, with a group of Titans inside it standing around all of the stolen food stands. Eren charges forward but Mikasa grabs him and they all fall to the floor. As the Titans surround them, suddenly, a disguised Levi, Hange, and Miche forming a band start playing on a stage, attracting the Titans' attention.

Sasha remarks that they came despite everything, but a clueless Eren says he does not know who they are but still appreciates the help, to everyone's exasperation. As Jean insults him and tries to tell him their identities, they are all interrupted by the principal, the Colossal Titan, opening the gym's roof. Armin then realizes that they are in fact inside the principal's lunch box.

Eren faces the principal

As it grabs the chee-burgs stand, Eren faces the Colossal Titan, remarking that they had not met since the entrance ceremony. It ignores Eren and as it opens its mouth to eat the chee-burgs, Eren jumps at it and is swallowed as well. Everyone is looking in horror as Armin starts screaming and Mikasa falls to her knees. The Titan then spits Eren out, and he happily announces that he managed to retrieve a chee-burg, with everyone cheering, including the rest of the class back at the school.

Erwin discusses the situation

In the teachers' office, the teachers are gathered to discuss the situation. An enraged Nile remarks that Eren and the others have disregarded the school rules, going against the principal. However, Erwin states that he thinks they may now have a big chance for the human students to have a fun school life, as they have never imagined humans going against Titans, adding the fact that human students were able to take that chee-burg back from the Titans serves as a big step forward, calling for them to start reconsidering the school rules, and that this time, it is their turn to attack.

Outside at the school's playfield, everyone is cheering and celebrating their victory while throwing Eren up in the air, as he happily bites into the chee-burg he retrieved.

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  • Levi telling Eren to make a decision as well as Petra telling Eren to trust the squad is a reference to episode 19 where Eren must decide trusting in the squad or transforming into a Titan to fight Annie.
  • The key used is a reference to the key that unlocks the basement in Shiganshina.
  • Eren carrying the key is a parody of episode 13 where Eren carries the boulder.
  • The Peering Titan throwing Jean is similar to a scene on episode 53 which shows the Beast Titan throwing rocks against the Scouting Regiment.


  • The Titan that cries "Bravo!" when Levi is singing is Revo from Linked Horizon, the band that performs the opening themes for both the Junior High anime and the original anime.