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The Attack Jr. High Survey Club (進撃中調査団 Shingeki-chū Chōsa-dan?)[1] is a secret club within the Attack Junior High School.


As many of the first year students resign to the fact they must sign up and participate in an extracurricular club at school, they hear from Reiner that a secret club exists somewhere on campus that is devoted to figuring out what is beyond the inner rings of the school. Known as The Survey Club, only a few are aware it actually exists and is primarily thought of by students and faculty as nothing more than a myth.

Membership into the club is not always guaranteed; all prospective new members must receive unanimous support from Levi, Hange and Mike, the three heads of the Club. Due to the level of secrecy, those that join the club are also forbidden from revealing the presence of the club to other students or faculty.[2] As a means to cover their tracks, members must also sign up and take part in various other clubs all over campus.


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