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The Attack Junior High School (進撃中学校 Shingeki Chūgakkō?)[1] is a school made for both humans and Titans.

People who attend the school are Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other 104th year group. The school's human principal is Dhalis Zachary.


The school is mainly split up into two separate buildings: the first being a building for humans, and the next being a building for Titans. The only thing that is isolating the two buildings is a large wall that only the Titan principal can tower over. The objects in the Titan building are notably larger in scale than the objects in the human building, and it takes on a more disheveled appearance. In contrast, the human building resembles a normal middle school, excluding the fact that there are incredibly tall walls looming over the premises.


All students in this school wear similar uniforms. The male students wear a black gakuran consisting of pants and sneakers while female students wear a sailor fuku that features a brown jacket and purple kogal skirt.

In the summer months, all students wear a white plain polo shirt with the females wear purple bolo ties.



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