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This article is about the 2nd live-action movie. For the novelization of the same name, see Attack on Titan: End of the World (Novel). For more pages referred to by this name, see Attack on Titan (Disambiguation).

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Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2, also known as Attack on Titan: End of the World (進撃の巨人 エンド オブ ザ ワールド Shingeki no Kyojin Endo obu za wārudo?, lit. Attack on Titan End of the World) is a live-action movie, directed by Shinji Higuchi, scored by Shiro Sagisu and written by Yusuke Watanabe and Tomohiro Machiyama, based on the Attack on Titan manga created by Hajime Isayama.

It was released in Japan on September 19, 2015, and in the US and Canada on October 20, 2015. It is the continuation of Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1, released earlier on August 1 (Japan) and September 30 (US and Canada).[1]


A young Eren watches as his father fills a needle in a secret study along with Souda as an assistant. Eren's father tells him not to worry as he injects him. Eren's mother enters the study, demanding to know what is going on. The man replies that he is simply injecting Eren, which appalls Eren's mother. Before they can discuss any further, soldiers arrive at their door and demand to be let in. While Eren's parents manage to hide Souda and Eren, the soldiers take the couple away and burn the study and all of the books and information that Eren's father possesses, while Souda and Eren watch from their hiding spot.

Eren wakes up, bound in a straitjacket and gagged, chained and hanging from a pole. Dozens of armed soldiers surround him with their rifles, all led by Kubal. The recruits are there too, along with Hans. Kubal announces that Eren has made history, as they managed to capture a man who can turn into a Titan, even if it is a little strange. Because the Scout Regiment was made to take land from the Titans, Eren is a threat to humanity. Kubal must make a decision and asks if Eren is human or Titan. Eren, of course, says he is a human, but Kubal retorts that humans cannot regrow limbs if they are cut off. Eren remembers how one of the Titans bit off his leg. Kubal says that everybody witnessed Eren turning into the Rogue Titan and coming out of its nape. Eren still says he is a human and tries to get his friends to defend him. They are unsure of how to react.

Eren asks for Shikishima, who Kubal says is out slaying Titans, so Eren has no defense. Kubal orders Eren's death, so Armin goes up and defends him, despite Sasha trying to stop him. Armin says that there is no way Eren could be a threat, he is a hope, as he killed the Titans surrounding the Scouts. Eren thinks back to how he killed several Titans in his Rogue Titan form, which he questions, thinking of it as a dream. Armin goes on to say how Eren became a Titan, but did not attack them, and asks for Eren's assistance. Hans furthers the argument by confirming that Eren fought against the Titans instead of against the soldiers. While Hans thinks he is a 'good-natured Titan,' Kubal passes it off as coincidence. Armin tries to use the bomb from Monzen as an argument, which Kubal says is too much of a risk.

Kubal says he knows Armin's plan and says he is the traitor from earlier who tried to steal the explosives, using the hood as proof. Hans says it is from the person who stole the truck, who Kubal says is by someone wearing a veil. They did not want to use the explosives to seal the Wall. Kubal believes the person threw a fire into the truck and everything exploded. Kubal tells them to take aim. Sannagi tries to step forward, but Jean tells him to stay for his own safety. Armin tries to ask Mikasa to talk, but Mikasa has no answer. With no other defense, Armin does a salute and tells the other soldiers to shoot him instead, despite Eren telling him not to. Armin says that he will defend him.

As Mikasa looks away, Eren yells at her for not defending him, which Kubal believes is desperation. Eren says he is a human, not a Titan and that instead of killing him, they should use the bomb to seal the Wall. Mikasa, at that moment, takes out her blades. Kubal laughs, believing Mikasa wants to kill Eren. Souda tells them to wait, and begins explaining to everyone present how the Titan transformation process works, but is shot through the heart before he can finish by Kubal, who casually dismisses his words as the ramblings of a drunk man. Souda calls out to Eren, telling him that Eren's parents were killed by Kubal. Mikasa readies her blades as Eren looks on, unsure of what to do. He tries to break out of the chains as Kubal tells them to ready.

Before they can do so, a Titan covered in armor plating crashes through the roof, causing debris to rain down upon the Military Police Regiment. Hans, observing the White Titan, declares it is the biggest Titan she has ever seen. Hans tries to tell the remaining Military Police to cease fire, but they shoot at the White Titan, who is protected by his armor. The White Titan kills the Military Police by swatting them with its left arm and sets its sight on Eren and grabs him. Hans orders the soldiers to rescue Eren, so they go after its nape. The White Titan covers it, displaying its intelligence. More soldiers go after it, so it swats them. Mikasa stands, unsure of what to do. As several recruits are stomped, Mikasa stands to defend them. The White Titan ignores her and escapes by climbing out of the building.

In the aftermath, Armin and Mikasa set some rocks and supplies, making a grave for Souda. Hans notices only one explosive left in a small box. Hans asks for more weapons, but learns that they are completely drained, with the exception of omni-directional mobility gear. Hans says they need to go to Monzen and take the bomb, which the soldier replies is not as easy as she thinks it is. Sannagi tells the soldier to go with them, as they have a plan to seal the Wall. As Jean walks away, Armin says that they are all friends and friends go together. Jean says he is just pessimistic as they get on the vehicle and prepare to depart. Mikasa, after Armin says she can come, tells them to forgive her as she climbs on. They wonder if the plan will work. They hope it will, as Armin is sure it will.

As a seagull sounds, Eren awakens in a chrome, white room, alone, with a jukebox in the corner playing a centuries-old song. Eren stops it. Behind him, Shikishima, holding a bottle of champagne, lements that the song is meaningless. Shikishima holds a glass and says that he had followed the White Titan and rescues Eren, to which Eren thanks him. The room then darkens as a video from the old world is played above their heads:

A man is bound to an unusual machine. He begins violently convulsing as the machine is activated while crowd watches. The machine sparks, and an explosion occurs as he is transformed into Titan. While news footage of a military fighting Titans in Vietnam, Shikishima explains that they were intended as a weapon and as such did not evolve. However, one hundred years ago something occured and humans were turned into Titans via a virus. The virus spread worldwide, where ordinary people were infected and transformed into mindless Titans, and as such made them appear everywhere. Shikishima shows Eren a video of a Japanese schoolgirl inside a convenience store heavily convulsing like the first test subject, who then transforms into a Titan. More videos play of people being attacked by Titans in normal situations and various militaries trying to fight them while they invade major cities. He says it ultimately brought disaster. Due to the uncertainty surrounding when the next Titan outbreak would occur, humanity began turning on eachother. Shikishima explains that their current location used to be a big city, before he ultimately cuts the footage and the lights return to normal. Shikishima states that the virus never developed in the surviving population, and that later a small number of rulers emerged forming the governments of the present. He then says that there are multiple rooms similar to the one they are in, which the governments used to monitor the population and hide pre-war technologies.

The remaining Scouts travel to Monzen to plug the hole in the Wall. Mikasa reflects on how so much has changed. She used to live a comfortable life inside of the Wall and now she wants it back, Sasha and Armin as well. At the east flank, Sannagi and Jean report Titans. Hans speeds up. Sasha tells Mikasa her theory that since Shikishima saved Mikasa, the White Titan had not attacked them, concluding that maybe the White Titan is Shikishima.

Shikishima explains that the destruction of the walls two yeard prior was an opportunity for the government due to the impending wall expedition lessening the fear of the Titans within the populus, and as such weakened the loyalty to the government. When the Titans invaded, their hatred turned to them and away from the government. An angered Shikishima wonders how many would need to be sacrificed in order to repair the walls. He recounts the moments he saw people eaten by the Titans, and how those images were embedded into his mind. Eren wonders when something like that will continue, to which Shikishima questions if Eren really believes that they want to repair the walls. Eren, now also angered, wonders why their mission is still continuing.

Shikishima explains how sacrifice is necessary to embed the fear of the Titans into future generations in order to ensure that humanity does not aspire to leave the walls and to reduce the number of those with bravery. Shikishima gives Eren the opportunity to end it all, and says that he waited a long time for someone like him to arrive, stating that he is different from the others due to Eren's ability to revert back to being human after transforming into a Titan. He then states that Eren will be the one to end the "era of slavery" and being about a new age of humanity. He then offers a glass of the drink he was previously holding to Eren. He drinks it, only to violently spit it back out to Shikishima's amusement. Eren and Shikishima then proceed to leave the room as the lights dim.

The Scouts continue on. Sannagi asks Jean why he joined the Scouts. Jean says he did not want to; the only reason he joined was because his father forced him. Armin examines Sasha's bow with an explosive tied onto the end of it. He calls it his idea. Finally, they approach the dud bomb, which Armin says must be taken.

Shikishima and Eren walk up from a basement in their cloaks, with Shikishima telling him that he has to follow his every command. Warriors with guns wait for them. Eren says that he does not understand why they have guns, as they are unable to kill Titans, which Shikishima says that they have sophisticated weapons. More warriors are lined on sentry. Eren asks what the weapon one of the warriors has is, RPGs and long barreled weapons. Shikishima gives Eren an omni-directional gear and tells him to avenge those who died. Eren jumps onto a truck, seeing the desolate remains of Monzen. He reflects on how it was a beautiful city and now it is nothing.

The soldiers manage to secure the bomb with rope and netting. They aim it so they can catapult it and throw it into the breach. Sasha gives Mikasa a flower she picked. They decide that after they seal the Wall, they will search for Eren. Mikasa flashbacks to her old life in Monzen with Eren and Armin and the day they found the bomb. They continue driving. Sasha gives her a fruit.

They come face to face with the tank of Shikishima's warriors and stop. Hans goes to enthusiastically examine their weapons while Eren appears from the top and calls Mikasa. He says how Shikishima saved him, who comes down eating an apple. Eren says that Mikasa looks more beautiful and gives Sasha the apple. He examines the dud bomb. Hans asks Shikishima if she can try out some his weapons, which Shikishima tells her she can do, and that she can ride in the tank if she wants, as the tank can ride on any heavy terrain. Shikishima declares the bomb his. They will not use it to seal the breach; they will use it to destroy the second Wall. Eren asks why, but Shikishima says his decisions go without questions. Still, he presses on.

Shikishima says that then if they destroy the second Wall, the Titans can kill all the people in it. If there is no common people, the Titans will be destroyed by the government. Then, they can kill the government and become the rulers. Eren feels betrayed; Shikishima will never help them and he does not like Eren's or his friends' attitudes. When Eren questions about their lives, Shikishima reveals that he wanted him and his comrades to join him, but it appeared that Eren was against him.

Shikishima declares himself leader and all of them together against the Titans. Shikishima again presses the arrangement, but thinking of all he did, and all those who died, Eren gains strength inside of him and screams, declaring he will not join his brother. Eren decides to kill him using his blades and avenge their father, but Shikishima flips him over. He says Eren is nothing but a man who can scream. The two fight, with Shikishima taunting him to avenge his father and him being weak. Shikishima wants to kill Eren, and Shikishima says he will comply. Mikasa tells the captain to stop, so he forces himself on her and kisses her. Mikasa slaps him, so Shikishima kicks her to the ground. Eren once again tries to beat him, but loses. Armin says he has a plan.

Shikishima reveals that he was the one to kill their father, blaming him for the apocalypse. Kicking Eren into some rubble, Shikishima picks up his blade and prepares to kill him. However, he is stopped at the last minute by Sasha, who throws her apple at him and aims her bow.

Armin reveals that he has a switch and will detonate the bomb if Shikishima refuses. Jean and Sannagi rescue Eren from a distracted Shikishima. Shikishima tells him to detonate it if he is so serious. Since Arrmin refuses, he calls him a coward and tells his men to ready. Sannagi, observing a damaged building nearbye, steps forward and tells Armin to go. Despite his misgivings, Armin agrees, and the recruits retreat with the bomb. Sannagi fires the anchors of his omni-directional gear into the damaged building, and attempts to pull it over. Shikishima, amused, comments on Sannagi's strength, describing it as "the strength of a brute," before ordering his men to fire on Sannagi. As he dies, Sannagi gives a salute as the damaged building topples over, landing on Shikishima's vehicles and causing an explosion that engulfs Shikishima and his men.

The group gets away, driving in the vehicle. Armin holds the doll Sannagi received from his little sister and cries over his death as Sasha tries to console him. Shikishima appears, smoke rising from him. He declares he can not be killed and decides to kill them all. He jumps onto the roof and says he will show them how he survived. He takes off his cloak, draws one of his swords, and uses it to stab himself in the heart. Spikes pop out of his back and envelope him. As his eyes glow, he transforms into the White Titan. They stop and see the White Titan, and Eren declares that he will fight. Jean tells him not to and the two fight. Jean says that they will instead cut open his nape. Mikasa puts her scarf on, agreeing with Jean. Armin notices that Titans, being attracted to Shikishima, begin to come in through the Wall breach. Shikishima approaches them and they run after him. Shikishima manages to kill the Titans with punches as Armin declares that he has another plan.

Armin says to go for the White Titan's seams, all at once. Sasha shoots her explosive barrel into the White Titan's left eye. It goes off, blowing off his face. Jean manages to cut the White Titan's side while Mikasa goes for the nape. It grabs her, so she cuts off all of the fingers on its left hand. Eren manages to cut both of its Achilles' tendons and Jean goes in for the kill. Shikishima notices and tries to swat him away, so Eren rescues him by pushing him out of the way. Shikishima swats him to a building. The White Titan tries to get the bomb, but Eren, still alive, transforms into his Titan form. Eren, inside the nape, and merged with the flesh of the Rogue Titan, declares it real combat. Shikishima, in a similar fashion, says that he will see who is stronger. Eren's Titan nearly loses due to Shikishima's hardened skin, until the White Titan kicks him in the face. Shikishima decides to end him. Eren grabs a pole and knocks Shikishima's body. Using a move he once used while brawling with Jean, Eren defeats the White Titan.

Eren is told to take the bomb and go. After Jean calls him an 'ugly Titan' he roars. Armin puts a timer on the bomb and is told to do it. Eren picks up the bomb and moves it to the hole. He climbs up the Wall, with his comrades following. He is told to put it in a hole made by the Colossal Titan holding onto it. Eren begins to choke because of the net, both in Titan form and human form. Mikasa is told by Armin to cut him out. She readies herself as Eren begins to slip.

Elsewhere, Hans emerges from the rubble of the collapsed building, having been protected inside the heavily armored tank. She comes upon an RPG and takes it, but gets lost on deciding which weapon to take. An unknown person takes a gun and walks away.

Mikasa makes an incision in the Rogue Titan's neck, accidentally cutting through Eren's hand in the precess. She calls to him, saying to listen, but he is unable. She tells him that she wants to be with him forever and see the ocean. Recalling his memories, he regains the courage to fight and continues climbing. Placing the bomb into the hole. Eren roars once more and leaves his Titan form.

The recruits rest atop the Wall, hoping it is the end. Armin activates the bomb to explode in five minutes. Eren is extremely weak. They hear a man laughing and clapping, and turn to see Kubal watching them from atop the Wall. Kubal informs the recruits that if they turn Eren over to him, he will reward them all with a place to stay in the interior, far away from any Titans. The recruits refuse, and Kubal fires off his gun, shooting Armin in the left leg. Kubal will not let the Scouts leave alive, but he will let Eren join them. Kubal wants them to live inside the Walls forever, but Eren counters saying that they will see the outside world. Sasha shoots him in the chest with an arrow and fires again, hitting him five times in the chest. He falls over and in an explosion, the Colossal Titan forms.

They decide to kill him by cutting the nape of his neck. Kubal tries to swat them, but they divert, while Sasha and Armin try to get below the Wall. Kubal tries to grab the bomb. Jean ends up being killed by getting swatted. Kubal tries to grab Eren, but Hans blasts an RPG into the Colossal Titan's face. Mikasa goes after him as he tries to grab the bomb. Eren keeps trying to destroy the nape, but to no avail. Mikasa tells him to go, as the bomb will explode. At the moment it is meant to go off, nothing happens, as Kubal's tampering and repeated grabbing of it left damaged.

Mikasa tries to go after the bomb, seeing that it is inoperable and useless. Shikishima appears, still healing. He is told not to fix it and he drops her on the side. Shikishima declares that he will seal the Wall to defend everybody. As Eren tries to tear open the nape, he sees Kubal attached. Kubal notices him and grabs him, preparing to crush him. Shikishima, as the White Titan, grabs the bomb and throws it into the Colossal Titan's jaw, with Eren managing to escape. This creates an explosion and the resulting debris manages to fill the breach. Eren falls, but Mikasa manages to grab him.

The Scouts look at the result. Sasha helps Armin as they notice the Wall is sealed, but a big chunk is still missing, which will allow them to go outside. Mikasa and Eren look out, seeing the ruins of a wondrous city ahead of them as the dawn emerges. They notice the ocean, and the scene ends with them standing on the horizon seeing what lies ahead of them.

In a post credit scene, a seagull flies on a television. The scene of the Wall being fixed is watched by an unseen man holding the remote control for the room and a glass of champagne. A robotic voice says that the two escaped the Experimental Zone, expressing their surprise at the events. A zoom out of the jukebox is seen as the lights close, implying that Shikishima may have survived.



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