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This article is about the manga version. For the novel version it was adapted from, see Attack on Titan: Before the Fall (Novel).

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall (進撃の巨人 Before the fall Shingeki no Kyojin: Before the Fall?) is a manga by Satoshi Shiki, based on the light novels by Ryō Suzukaze. This manga serves as an official prequel to the main story by Hajime Isayama.

Kodansha Comics has licensed this manga and has distributed it since March, 2014.[1][2]


Several decades before the fall of Shiganshina District, a ferocious Titan enters into Shiganshina due to the actions of a fanatical cult. Chaos ensues, and from the consumed corpse of a pregnant woman, a boy named Kuklo is born. Shamed and disgraced for being a Titan's son, Kuklo faces hardships throughout his early life and is eventually purchased as a trophy for a noble family in Wall Sheena. There he meets Sharle Inocencio, a nobleman's daughter, who teaches him the history and ways of the people of the Walls.

With determination in his heart, Kuklo decides that he must free himself from his bondage and set out beyond the Walls to prove to himself and the world that he is not a Titan's son. Little does he know, Kuklo's journey will bring him into the ranks of the Survey Corps itself, leading to great changes for humanity in their struggle against the Titans.



A boy born from a dead body packed into the the vomit of a Titan, which earned him the moniker, "Titan's son". His father was Heath Mansel, squad leader in the Survey Corps, and his mother was Elena, who helped bring a Titan inside the Wall. At the Volume 2, he is 15 years old.


Kuklo's mother. Her husband Heath was killed by a Titan. When she saw his severed head, she went mad, and was drawn into a Titan-worshiping cult. Heavy with child, she led the cultists who opened the gate. When a Titan made its way inside, she was the first to be eaten.

Carlo Pikale

Soldier in the Survey Corps. He was age 18 in the first chapter, having joined the same time as Heath, Kuklo's father. He discovered Elena's remains in the Titan's vomit, and witnessed Kuklo's birth. At the start of Volume, he is 33 years old. Now he is the captain of the newly-reformed Survey Corps.

Sharle Inocencio

First daughter of the Inocencio family. She attempted to kill Kuklo after he was brought to the mansion, but became his only friend when she realized that he was human, not a monster. She decided to run away with Kuklo to avoid being forced into a strategic marriage. Like Kuklo, she is 15 at the start of Volume 2. When Titan-worshipers invaded her home, she left with Kuklo and had a failling out with her brother Xavi. Since Kuklo's capture by the MPs, she's been hiding out in the industrial city.

Xavi Inocencio

Sharle's brother, firstborn of Inocencio children. His father Dario raised him to lead the military, and he will begin his training soon. He beat Kuklo nearly every day for two years, claiming "conquered the son of a Titan." This gave him an arrogant leader's air.

Dario Inocencio

One of the top merchants behind the Wall Sheena, innermost of the Walls. He has close ties to politicians, and hopes to arrange a marriage between Sharle and the son of Bruno Baumeister, a prominent conservative leader.

Jorge Pikale

Former captain of the Survey Corps, a hero who was the first human to defeat a Titan in battle, and father to Carlo. He is currently an instructor for the Training Corps. At Carlo's request, he saved Kuklo's life.

Cardina Baumeister

Son of Baumeister family, one of the most prominent conservatives. He was thrown into prison as a result of his father's political schemes, but was rescued along with Kuklo by Jorge. Formerly Sharle's betrothed.

Chapters and Volumes

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