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This article is about the novelization of the live-action movies. For the second live-action movie of the same name, see Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2.

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Attack on Titan: End of the World (小説 映画 進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN エンド オブ ザ ワールド Shōsetsu Eiga Shingeki no Kyojin ATTACK ON TITAN Endo obu za Wārudo?, lit. Attack on Titan: End of the World Film Novel) is a novelization written by Touji Asakura of the live-action movie adaptations of the Attack on Titan manga.


Ever since a horde of seemingly immortal and mindless giants emerged a century ago, humanity has been eking out a secluded existence behind a series of concentric Walls. The precarious peace does not last, and childhood friends Eren, Armin, and Mikasa, who witness the end of the world as they know it, embark on an infernal journey with no paradise in sight. In this novelization of both parts of the mega-hit comic's theatrical adaptation, the series' familiar setting, plot, and themes are reconfigured into a compact whole that is fully accessible to the uninitiated and strangely clarifying for fans of the original.[3]



I. Limbo

II. The Gates of Hell

III. City of Dis

IV. The Late Repentant

V. Cocytus

VI. Giudecca


VII. Minos' Judgement

VIII. The Truth of Eden

IX. The Shores of Acheron

X. Satan and Beatrice

Novel and Movie Differences

  • Armin keeps his wind-up timer for himself at his workplace rather than giving it to a child as he does in the film.
  • The Survey Corps is an already established organization at the time of the breaching of the First Wall, whereas in the movie the Survey Corps was in development at the time of the Wall's breaching. Instead, in the novel, there is news of a "Citizen Survey Party" which is set to embark beyond the Walls.
  • Eren, Mikasa, and Armin investigate the Wall because Eren believes he had seen a hole appear midway up the Wall before quickly closing. In the movie, the three approach the Wall out of curiosity.
  • Souda strongly advises against Eren joining the Survey Party and going beyond the Walls. In the movie, he is the one to inform Eren of the newly forming Survey Corps and seems to support his desire to see the outside world.
  • Mikasa is caught by a Titan when she tries to rescue a young girl and seemingly injures her leg in the chaos. In the movie, she rescues an infant and does not appear to suffer any injury.
  • Kubal's speech is to the new recruits of the Survey Corps is much more lengthy than his speech in the film, detailing previous attempts to retake the First Wall as well as the briefing on the upcoming mission. Rather than introducing the recruits to vertical maneuvering equipment, Hange instead gives precise details for the plan to seal the breach in the First Wall, with her VME introduction being given at an earlier time.
  • Armin is much more skeptical of the operation than he is in the movie, noting the type of fuel used for the vehicles which should be unavailable after the fall of the First Wall District's agricultural areas.
  • Eren and Armin find Souda in the mess hall before the mission, where he is serving soup to the recruits. In the movie, Souda is instead sitting outside in a drunken stupor.
  • When Yunohira stops the convoy in the novel, they find some cows and a line of freshly severed heads, which Armin finds highly suspicious. In the film, the severed heads are absent.
  • Eren and Hiana's encounter with an infant-like Titan is absent in the novel.
  • Sannagi does not throw the Titan that kills Yunohira in the novel.
  • Captain Shikishima introduces himself to the recruits upon their arrival in Omotemachi before Mikasa arrives. In the film, the two are silent as the recruits see them, and they maneuver away from the scene without a word.


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