This article is about the novelization of the live-action movies. For the second live-action movie of the same name, see Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2.

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Attack on Titan: End of the World (進撃の巨人 エンド オブ ザ ワールド Shingeki no Kyojin Endo obu za Wārudo?) is a novelization written by Touji Asakura of the live-action movie adaptations of the Attack on Titan manga.




I. Limbo

II. The Gates of Hell

III. City of Dis

IV. The Late Repentant

V. Cocytus

VI. Giudecca


VII. Minos' Judgement

VIII. The Truth of Eden

IX. The Shores of Acheron

X. Satan and Beatrice

Novel and Movie Differences



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