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Attack on Titan: Roar of Awakening (「進撃の巨人」~覚醒の咆哮~ Shingeki no Kyojin ~Kakusei no Hōkō~?) is the third recap movie, that compiles episodes 26-37 of the TV anime; i.e., from the end of the second recap movie until the point where the second season of the anime ended. It was released on January 13, 2018 in theaters across Japan.


In the third recap movie, episodes 26-37 of the anime are retold, compiling the second season of the anime. The movie retells one story arc: the Clash of the Titans.


For just over a hundred years, humanity lived in peaceful ignorance within the Walls safe from the threat of the Titans until the day the Colossal and Armored Titans came to Shiganshina District, breaching Wall Maria and reminding humanity of the hell beyond the Walls. Five years later, humanity discovers that some of their Titan foes are hiding among them as humans, and in Stohess District they capture the first of these Titan spies: Annie Leonhart.

As Annie's crystal is restrained and carted away by the Scout Regiment, several soldiers look up the ruined section of Wall Sina where the Female Titan attempted to scale the Walls. In an exposed portion of the Wall, a Colossal Titan peers down at the humans below. Section Commander Hange Zoë is later seen holding Pastor Nick over the edge of the Wall, threatening him for answers. Nick, who seemingly knew of the Titan within the Wall, still refuses to speak, prompting Hange to give up, wondering if all of the Walls are made of Titans.

Miche detects Titans

Twelve hours earlier, the recruits of the Scout Regiment are kept under watch in an outpost in the southern region of Wall Rose. Sasha tiredly puts her head on the table, but jolts back up at the sound of thuds in the distance. As Sasha explains herself, Section Commander Miche Zacharius detects the presence of Titans in the distance. He immediately sends out Tomas to alert Commander Erwin in Stohess of the incoming Titans while Nanaba joins the recruits below to alert them of the situation. The Scouts ride out from the outpost, and Miche orders his squad to split into four teams to spread word of the invasion in all directions.

He asks if any soldier or recruit is familiar with the terrain, and Sasha states that she has good knowledge of the northern terrain near her village. She speaks for Conny's knowledge as well, but Conny realizes that the Titans are coming from the direction of his own village. He offers to join the south team but requests to visit his village once the news is spread, and Miche allows it. At the edge of the distant forest, the Scouts notice the Titans starting to run erratically towards them. Miche breaks away from the group, placing command of the southern team in his subordinate Gelgar. The other Scouts worry for Miche, but Gelgar insists that his skill is second only to Captain Levi. The Scouts continue on their route as Miche attacks the Titans.

The Beast Titan grabs Miche's horse

In Trost District, a soldier of the Garrison arrives to warn Commander Dot Pyxis and Captain Hannes of Wall Rose's breach. While the Scouts in Stohess prepare to ride out, Levi visits Erwin. He asks if Levi is fit to join them, and Levi states that he has little choice. A Scout comments on the wise decision to have Miche watch the recruits, and Erwin hopes for the best. Earlier in Wall Rose, Miche kills the fifth of the nine Titans present in the nearby group. Believing he has bought the other Scouts enough time, he calls for his horse, though a nearby Abnormal Titan covered in fur catches his attention and he begins to worry.

As his horse approaches, the Beast Titan grabs it off the ground and sets its sights on Miche. Before Miche has enough time to process the situation, the Beast throws the horse at Miche with alarming precision, sending Miche falling off the rooftop where a large-eyed Titan catches him, crushing his legs in its bite. Miche screams in pain, but the Beast Titan tells the Titan to wait. As ordered, the Titan holds Miche steady as the Beast Titan kneels down to see him face to face. The Titan bites down on Miche's legs a second time, and the Beast seems irritated with its disobedience. It crushes the Titan's head, and Miche slips to the ground. Staring up at the talking Titan in horror, he is unable to speak. As the blood evaporates on the Beast Titan's hand, the creature asks Miche what the name of his equipment is, though Miche is too terrified to answer. The Beast muses on his silence, having thought that they spoke the same language. Unwilling to wait for an answer, the Beast reaches down and takes Miche's ODM gear, leaving him where he sits as it takes its leave.

The remaining Titans devour Miche

Miche panics, but regains some hope as he tries to psych himself up. He lets out a battle cry, but the Beast Titan turns to the three remaining Titans and lets them know they have permission to move again. In horror, Miche desperately tries to escape their grasp, but he is caught as all three Titans begin to eat into his flesh at once. Hearing Miche's cries for help, the Beast remarks that it was right about the Scout's ability to speak.

The Beast Titan takes its leave of the scene, commenting on the creativity of the gear humanity has created. Meanwhile, Miche continues to scream in pain and terror as the Titans eat him alive until their feasting tears his body to pieces.

In Stohess, Eren awakens from a memory where his mother scolded him for picking a fight, telling him to show restraint for Mikasa's sake. Eren gets up from his bed, noticing that Mikasa has fallen asleep sitting at his bedside. She stirs awake as her scarf slips from her hand, which Eren picks up for her. He proposes finding her a new one when there is an opportunity. Suddenly, Armin bursts into the room to inform them of the Titan invasion in Wall Rose. Six hours after the Titan spotting, the southern team reaches Ragako Village.

Conny finds a Titan atop his house

Conny rides ahead of his team as Reiner urges him to be cautious. He frantically calls out for anyone nearby who would hear him, but only finds ruined houses and empty streets. Conny makes a desperate ride for his house, hoping that his parents and siblings are safe, but upon arriving at his house he finds a Titan laying atop the ruined structure on its back. The Titan suddenly speaks at him, saying "Wel...come...home...." Conny stares at the Titan in shock until Reiner arrives at his side, pulling him away from the scene. As Gelgar takes a closer look at the Titan, he notices that its limbs are much too small for any means of mobility. The Scouts nearby are left to wonder how this small-limbed Titan ended up atop Conny's house.

Nine hours after the Titan sightings, Hannes notes the strangeness of the lack of Titans as they should be getting closer to the location of the hole. That night in Stohess District, the Scout Regiment prepares to venture southwestward to assist in dealing with the Titan invasion. Armin joins Eren and Mikasa at their carriage, wondering if Titans would be able to breach the Walls with Titans within them. Eren reminds Armin of the fall of Shiganshina, but Armin points out that a gate and not the Wall itself was breached. Recalling the strange structure of the Walls and Annie Leonhart's Titan hardening ability, he wonders if the Walls were made with a similar hardening power.

Commander Erwin briefs the Scouts on their mission

Shortly afterward, Hange, Levi, and Pastor Nick join Eren's carriage outside of the Stohess District inner gate. Armin wonders why a priest from the Order of the Walls is being brought with the Scouts, but Hange insists the makeup of their group is strange enough as it is. The Stohess inner gate is opened, and Commander Erwin briefs the Scouts on their mission to head to Ehrmich District before joining the rest of the Scout Regiment in Wall Rose's territory. On the roads, Eren learns of Nick's knowledge of the Wall Titans, and Hange informs him that she plans to bring Nick to Ehrmich where he can see the full consequences of the Titan invasion.

Eren grows angry at Nick's insistence to remain silent, and Levi proposes using threat of violence to get Nick to talk. Hange insists that Nick will not be moved by violence, and wonders if his knowledge is more important to him than humanity's survival.

Nick witnesses refugees evacuating to Wall Sina

In the streets of Ehrmich, Nick witnesses hundreds of refugees wandering the streets. Levi reminds him that the sight before them is the result of a lost Wall and a direct result of the silence from the Order of the Walls, and that such a fate will fall upon all of humanity if the church continues in its silence.

Later that night, eleven hours after the Titan sightings, Gelgar and Nanaba's teams regroup and rest up at the ruins of a castle called Utgard. Nanaba comments that the castle must have been used by bandits, before saying that she did not think both their teams would meet up there, further adding to the strangeness that neither teams have found a hole in the Wall. Gelgar tells the rookies to rest up since they will be continuing the search four hours before dawn, assuring them that Titans will not be moving at night. Henning notes that there are barely any Titans around, wondering if the Wall has actually been breached.

Sasha delivers a report to Hange

Back in Ehrmich, Hange asks Nick if he will still remain silent after seeing the refugees, and Nick admits that his vow has not changed. He does, however, inform the Scouts that there is an individual who joined the Scout Regiment in that year who has the right to speak the truths of the Walls that the Order is unable to. As he informs them of the individual's identity, Sasha returns from Wall Rose with a message for Hange. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin recognize the name Nick speaks, and Hange realizes that any recruits in the Scout Regiment would be on the front lines at that time. Before they depart, Sasha delivers her message to Hange and receives a steamed potato as a reward. Hange asks the other recruits about the individual Nick spoke of, and they tell her that the person is a short, young, blonde girl who is often seen with Ymir. Despite not knowing of the girl, Hange does recognize the name "Ymir."

At Utgard Castle, Reiner visits Ymir as she searches through the supplies found within the castle ruins. She informs him of her search for food, which may be her last meal. Ymir finds a can of herring among the supplies and hands it to Reiner. He is surprised that she found canned food in such a place, but pauses after realizing that he cannot read the writing on the can. Reiner looks to Ymir in shock, and she stares back at him as she realizes her mistake. Before Reiner can ask any other questions, Lynne wakes up the recruits to alert them of a dire turn of events.

The Scouts begin the battle

From the top of the castle, the Scouts look down to see a horde of Titans inexplicable moving in the absence of sunlight. Conny spots the Beast Titan among them heading for Wall Rose, and the others look on in shock. On the ground, the Titans begin to attack the tower. The four officers leap into the Titans with blades drawn, and Gelgar cuts the fingers from a Titan reaching up for him. Nanaba lands the killing blow, telling Gelgar that the move was unnecessary and simply damaged his blades. Below, Lynne notices the door has been broken down. She maneuvers to the top of the castle and warns the recruits of the breach, telling them to take any measures necessary to barricade off the Titans before they infiltrate too deeply into the tower.

The recruits descend the tower, and Reiner takes the lead as he rushes ahead of the others. Bertholdt tries to stop him, explaining to Conny that he has a bad habit of taking the most dangerous jobs. Further down, Reiner cautiously opens a blocked door to check for the Titans' advance. Through the door, he sees one has already made it up the stairs, and he frantically blocks off the door again. The Titan begins to bang on the door as Reiner calls for help, and he begins to wonder if his death is near as the Titan's arm breaks through the door. He remembers a time five years ago when he and Bertholdt were escaping from the Titans, and Reiner was nearly caught. A friend pushed him aside and was caught by a Titan. Reiner moves away at the last second as Bertholdt comes to his side with a pitchfork, stabbing the Titan in the face to hold it back. As they keep the Titan back together, Reiner reminds Bertholdt that they will survive and return to their hometown.

The recruits find a cannon

Further up the stairs, the other recruits arrive with a cannon, but with no gunpowder or cannonballs. They shove the cannon down the stairs, sending it rolling towards the door until it crashes into the Titan as Reiner and Bertholdt jump aside. The Titan is immobile beneath the cannon, but the recruits are left with only a small knife in Conny's possession. Reiner tells him not to use it against the Titan, with the risk of injury still being too great. Christa proposes retreating upstairs, but another Titan climbs over the cannon and approaches Conny.

The Titan lunges at Conny, but Reiner manages to push him out of the way in time. The Titan instead bites down into Reiner's arm, its grip too strong to break out of. Reiner takes the Titan and hoists it over his head, making his way for the window to jump out. Conny comes to his side, using his knife to cut the jaw of the Titan in order for Reiner to break free. When the Titan's bite loosens, Reiner backs away as Ymir kicks the Titan out the window. Christa uses an old bottle of alcohol and pours it to treat his injury. With no bandages to cover Reiner's wound, Christa tears off a part of her skirt to treat the bite, leaving Reiner somewhat aroused. She apologizes for the lack of proper treatment, but Reiner insists that she is helping. In his mind, he insists that he must marry her.

In Ehrmich, Levi tells Eren to restrain himself in the battles to come in order to avoid any mistakes. In the wilderness of Wall Rose, Hange sets a course for the Scouts to assist in the locating of the breach, and they ride for Utgard Castle.

Lynne and Henning are struck by the Beast Titan's projectile

Nanaba and Gelgar catch their breath on the tower as Lynne heads to the top to check on the recruits, but a sudden whooshing sound catches their attention. Suddenly, an impact hits the stables, leaving all the horses dead. A second sound is heard soon after, and a boulder strikes the top of Utgard Castle, killing Lynne and Henning instantly. The recruits join Nanaba and Gelgar at the top of the tower, and Conny realizes the Beast Titan is responsible for their deaths. As he looks down from the tower, he spots dozens more Titans approaching. Nanaba observes that the attack seems much too strategic for a normal Titan assault, and that someone has been toying with them from the start. From atop Wall Rose, the Beast Titan roars at Utgard Castle before descending the other side of the Wall.

Nanaba and Gelgar do their best to fight off the new horde of Titans as their gas and blades run low, and Gelgar notes that the tower's structural integrity is taking a toll. They examine their remaining equipment: Gelgar is out of gas and blades, and Nanaba is on her last pair of blades with little gas left. Gelgar prepares himself for death, having seriously injured his head and quickly losing blood. He regrets not having a drink before his death, and he lets himself fall. Nanaba kills the Titan which catches him, but her blades shatter and her gas runs empty. Nanaba is surrounded by approaching Titans. The recruits watch helplessly from atop the castle as their commanding officers are caught. Below, a horde of Titans fights over Nanaba, who has lost a leg. Delirious and terrified, Nanaba cries out for her father to stop hurting her until her screams are swallowed by a Titan.

Ymir transforming into a Titan

Conny begins to despair as their future looks grim, and Christa expresses her desire to fight to the death. Ymir scolds Christa, seeing that she wants to use her superiors' deaths as an excuse for herself to die as a hero. Ymir approaches Conny, asking for his knife. She tells him that she wants to fight, though she is not sure of what she plans to do. Ymir returns to Christa, asking her to remember the promise they made to each other during their training days years ago. A brief flashback is seen where Ymir had asked Christa to promise her that after her own secret is revealed, Christa would take back her real name and live proudly. In the present, with Conny's knife in hand, Ymir runs off the tower and leaps into the horde of Titans. She takes the blade to her palm and cuts, triggering the power of the Titans and transforming into her Titan form.

Reiner and Bertholdt stare in horror as they recognize Ymir's Titan as the one that ate their friend five years ago. Ymir's combat shakes the tower and Christa nearly falls, but Reiner catches her in the nick of time. She thanks Reiner, but in a moment of dissociation Reiner keeps his grip on Christa's ankle, unconsciously squeezing her. After Christa and Conny eventually snap him out of it, Reiner asks Christa if she was aware of Ymir's powers. She claims that she never knew despite how close they were, and Reiner realizes that Ymir possesses knowledge the rest of humanity in the Walls does not. The recruits begin to wonder where Ymir's allegiances lie and what her goals are.

Ymir's fight with the Titans begins to go downhill as she is overpowered. She clutches to the bricks of the tower, but lets go after the bricks begin to slip. The others realize that Ymir does not want the tower to fall, and that she is protecting them rather than escaping. Christa cries out to Ymir, scolding her for her selflessness. She tells her to live for herself and destroy the tower if that is what it takes to defeat the Titans. Hearing Christa's words, Ymir begins to tear the tower apart, throwing bricks and rubble at the Titans. As the tower begins to collapse, Ymir leaps to the top and tells the others to grab onto her if they want to live. Ymir's Titan finds a safe position atop the tower as it collapses on top of the horde, crushing many beneath the rubble.

The Scouts arrive and kill the Titans

After the dust clears, some Titans begin to emerge from the rubble. Ymir returns to the fight, but her Titan is quickly overpowered and outnumbered as more Titans climb out of the stone. The Titans rush her and begin to eat away at her Titan, tearing it apart as the recruits stand by unable to help. Christa begins running to Ymir, calling out to her and reminding her of their promise, that she has yet to know of her real name. Christa stops in her tracks when a Titan turns a corner in front of her and reaches out, when suddenly a Scout flies by and slices the Titan's nape. The Scout, Mikasa, tells the other recruits to stand aside while the Scout Regiment finishes the fight. The Titans are overwhelmed as the Scouts from the assault on Stohess finally arrive at Utgard with Section Commander Hange Zoë leading the charge.

Christa tells the heavily wounded Ymir her real name

Eren flies ahead against orders and slices the nape of a Titan, his first official kill as a human soldier. Keiji scolds Eren for rushing ahead, and the other recruits rush to Eren's side to reunite with their friend. In little time, the ruins of Utgard are cleared of all Titans. When the battle is over, the newcomers are shocked to learn of Ymir's Titan powers. Christa comes to Ymir, her limbs missing and her body grievously wounded from her Titan battle, and she keeps her promise. Christa reveals her true name: Historia, and Ymir slips into unconsciousness with a warm smile.

A steady rain begins to fall as the Scout Regiment regroups atop Wall Rose. An unconscious Ymir on a stretcher is watched over by Moblit and Nifa. Hange asks about her condition, and Moblit informs her that Ymir is comatose but appears to be healing her wounds. Hange plans for Ymir to be sent to Trost District for further medical care while the Scouts continue in their plan to locate and seal the breach in Wall Rose. Elsewhere on the Wall, Reiner is overcome with stress over his encounter with a Titan within Utgard. He explains that this is his second near-death experience in the Scout Regiment, recalling with Armin when he was nearly killed by the Female Titan's grip during the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission.

Reiner worries that he will soon be dead at this rate, a soldier's life wearing down his mind faster than his body. Eren acknowledges that both Reiner and Bertholdt have been away from their hometown for a long while and his stress is understandable. Bertholdt becomes strangely enthusiastic, encouraging Reiner that they should return to their hometown soon. Reiner agrees, though Eren and Armin are confused by the sudden turn in the conversation. Nearby, Conny joins the others atop the Wall and informs Mikasa and Sasha of the situation Reiner and Ymir are in. Sasha expresses shock that Ymir could turn into a Titan, but Mikasa discreetly interrupts her.

Hannes reports that there is no hole in Wall Rose

Hannes and the Garrison advance squad arrive with news of the breach situation. However, when Hannes ascends the Wall, he informs the Scouts present that no hole was found in the Wall from Trost to Krolva District. Additionally, the Garrison ran into no Titans throughout the duration of their search. Armin insists that they had found Titans within Wall Rose's territory, and Eren asks if Hannes was drunk during his search. Accepting the strange circumstances, Hange announces that the Scouts will depart for Trost District, and Hannes bids Eren, Mikasa, and Armin farewell. While the others depart with confusion, Reiner calls Eren aside to talk.

While Hange and Moblit discuss the possibility of a Titan that could dig beneath the Walls, Reiner pulls Eren to the side and nonchalantly tells him that five years ago, he and Bertholdt began an attack on the Walls to wipe out the human race. Reiner is the Armored Titan, and Bertholdt is the Colossal Titan. Both Eren and Bertholdt are confused at Reiner's sudden revelation, but Reiner continues to say that their goal was to exterminate humanity, but this aspect of their mission is no longer necessary. Reiner promises that if Eren comes with him and Bertholdt, the Walls will be left alone.

Eren asks Reiner where he plans to take him, and Reiner explains that it could be considered his "hometown." If Eren agrees to go with them, Reiner promises that the Titan crises can be averted. Mikasa watches the conversation from a distance as Armin calls out to the others. Eren looks up at the sky with exhaustion, thinking to himself that his mind was already racing the previous day.

Hange goes over suspicions about Reiner and Bertholdt

Twelve hours earlier in Ehrmich District, Hange had explained the details of Sasha's message to the other Scouts. The files acquired contained information on Annie Leonhart's background and revealed that two other cadets originated from the same region she claimed to come from: Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover. Further records revealed that during the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, both Reiner and Bertholdt possessed false information about Eren's location in the scouting formation, the details claiming that Eren was in the right flank when in reality he was positioned in the center rear of the formation.

Armin realized that the Female Titan attacked from the right flank, suggesting that one of the two may have passed their information on to Annie. Eren remained skeptical, and Hange admitted that this information alone was not enough to confirm conspiracy. Eren insisted that though Bertholdt was a quiet one, Reiner acted as a big brother of sorts for the other cadets. Addressing all of the Scouts present, Hange gave orders for everyone to feign ignorance about Reiner and Bertholdt's true identities until the two could be confronted underground, and under no circumstances would Annie be mentioned around them.

Atop Wall Rose, Eren dismisses Reiner's words, claiming that he is exhausted, and Bertholdt agrees with him. Eren goes on to point out the absurdity of Reiner asking for Eren to come with him after revealing his Titan identity. Reiner agrees with Eren, wondering if he really has gone crazy. As Eren walks away, the wind picks up and a flagpole shatters, sending the flag down the Wall. The other Scouts stop to look back at the others, and Reiner remains silent as sunlight peeks through the clouds. Mikasa keeps a hand on her blade, ready to strike. Reiner openly regrets the past three years he has spent "surrounded by idiots," claiming that he and his comrades had once been clueless children. If he had not heard of the others within the Walls, he claims he would not have become a "half-assed piece of shit." As Reiner's mind breaks, he removes the sling around his arm and exposes his wound. As he uses his Titan powers to heal himself, he says that he will face the consequences of his actions and stay true to his duty as a Warrior.

Reiner and Bertholdt begin their transformation

Bertholdt panics, asking Reiner if they are really acting now, and Reiner says that the time has come. Mikasa springs forward to decapitate the two, cutting into Reiner's arms as he defends himself and slicing Bertholdt's neck open. She tells Eren to run as she goes for a killing blow at Bertholdt, but Reiner shoves her from the Wall while Eren watches in shock. The Scouts rush to Eren's aid and Armin tells him to escape, but Eren can only watch helplessly as energy begins to surround the two Warriors. Bursts of energy explode atop the Wall, knocking everyone back as the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan emerge in the chaos.

The Armored Titan takes Eren in its hand and descends Wall Rose with Eren in its grip, and Eren tearfully thinks back to the days of their training together. Bitterly accepting that his two friends are traitors to humanity, Eren transforms into his Titan form and prepares to battle Reiner. With a powerful but ineffective punch, Eren and the Armored Titan plummet to the ground below.

Atop the Wall, Hange orders all Scouts to jump from the Wall as the Colossal Titan swings its arm forward. Historia cries out for Ymir, still unconscious in Bertholdt's grip, and Keiji sees another Scout has been caught. The Colossal Titan opens its massive mouth, throwing Ymir and the soldier inside before snapping its jaws closed.

The Scouts attack the Colossal Titan

Section Commander Hange orders an attack on the Colossal Titan, and all Scouts spring into action. The Colossal Titan's punches are narrowly avoided by the Scouts, maneuvering behind the monster with great agility. Hange's soldiers soon acknowledge the Colossal Titan's incredibly slow movement speed, leaving it at a great disadvantage compared to their quick maneuvering. All soldiers line up for a strike at the Titan's nape, but at the last moment Bertholdt unleashes a massive continuous burst of steam and scalding-hot air, forcing the Scouts to fall back.

Hange wonders if Bertholdt is attempting to disappear as he did at Shiganshina and Trost, but Armin notices something different about his strategy in this case. Rather than vanishing instantly, the Colossal Titan is now standing in place while emitting a continuous cloud of steam, preventing any soldiers from grappling to it with their gear. Hange decides that for the time being, the Scouts will wait. She orders that once Bertholdt inevitably leaves his Titan, they must kill him without hesitation, an order that does not sit well with Armin. In the meantime, Hange leads Team 1 to the base of Wall Rose to assist in Eren's fight with the Armored Titan.

Reiner delivers a devastating punch to Eren's Titan, sending him falling a great distance away. Recovering from the blow, Eren's mind stews with anger towards Reiner's false attitude towards his fellow cadets years ago, and Eren regrets wishing to be as strong as him. Mikasa strikes at the Armored Titan's nape, but it leaves no damage. She recalls that in the first moments of Eren's fight, his Titan's punches were useless against Reiner as well. Unlike the Female Titan, Reiner's Titan is completely covered in impenetrable armor. Healing his wounds, Eren thinks back to the fall of Wall Maria a direct result of the unforgivable actions of Reiner and Bertholdt. As Mikasa attempts to cut through Reiner's armor to no avail, Eren's Titan rises up with disgust and fury, determined to exterminate the Armored Titan.

Eren tears off the Armored Titan's arm

As the two Titans square off for a cross-counter, Eren dives beneath Reiner's arm and uses Annie's grapple against him, throwing the Armored Titan to the ground and holding it in a lock. Reiner attempts to gain the upper hand but Eren grabs his arm and locks his head between his legs, squeezing with enough force to crack Reiner's armor. He swings his legs around to lock around Reiner's arm and pin him to the ground, holding him down as he tears an arm off of the Armored Titan. As Reiner recovers from his dismemberment, Armin suggests Eren should fall back and escape before Reiner or Bertholdt can capture him. Eren retreats to the Wall. Armin gives Mikasa his remaining blades so she can assist in the fight.

Suddenly, the Armored Titan sheds the hardened skin at the back of its legs, gaining enough mobility to charge Eren head-on. Eren is knocked over and is nearly overpowered, but manages to throw Reiner aside. Realizing he will be unable to stay on his feet when Reiner is more mobile, Eren allows himself to be charged and instead grips Reiner's head beneath his arm and locks his legs around Reiner's torso. With Eren holding Reiner in a lock, Mikasa maneuvers to their position and cuts at the flesh behind Reiner's left knee, crippling his mobility.

Eren uses the advantage to squeeze Reiner's head with all his might, and the armor at his nape begins to shatter. Using what mobility he has left, Reiner drags himself forward with Eren for a short distance. The Scouts cheer Eren on, believing Reiner's actions to be useless. However, Reiner stops moving after a moment before letting out a roar. Hange orders for the others to be on the lookout for summoned Titans, but the area appears to be completely clear.

The Colossal Titan falls down from above

As the Armored Titan's nape plating shatters and sprays blood, Conny and the others atop the Wall notice the Colossal Titan beginning to move. Suddenly, the rib cage holding the Colossal Titan to the Wall breaks on one side, causing it to topple over right above Eren and Reiner. A Scout cries out a warning to the others below, but they are unable to react in time as the Colossal Titan plummets to the ground below.

At Trost District, an inebriated Pyxis sleeps atop Wall Rose. His assistant wakes him up, scolding him for his recklessness, and informs him that few Titans were spotted after their advance upon the defensive lines ceased. Pyxis expects that Hannes' advance team, likely doubling back after running into either a breach in the Wall or the advance team from Krolva, will be arriving with news soon. Erwin arrives atop the Wall and Pyxis congratulates him on catching one of the Titan spies.

Pyxis is pleased at the thought of what the higher-ups in the interior must be thinking after receiving news of such infiltrators. Erwin agrees, pointing out how the Military Police Regiment has joined them in their mission to end the crisis. In the city streets, the MPs nearby grow complacent towards the state of the emergency, and Levi sarcastically apologizes for the lack of Titans and offers to have them assist the Scout Regiment in a future exterior scouting mission. Suddenly, a Scout announces the arrival of the Garrison advance team.

Mikasa regrets being unable to save Eren

Atop Wall Rose, Mikasa wakes up and surveys the aftermath of the battle. She immediately questions Armin about Eren's fate. Armin informs her that Eren and Ymir were taken away by Reiner and Bertholdt, and five hours have passed since the Titans' battle ended. Mikasa is shocked to hear that no one is pursuing them, but Armin shows her that they must wait for lifts to bring their horses over the Wall, and additionally all of the Scout Regiment officers were heavily injured by Bertholdt's Titan, meaning reinforcements are needed. Putting on her scarf, Mikasa wonders why Eren always ends up far from his friends, stating that all she asks for is to be at his side.

Hannes arrives with some rations, giving some to Armin and Mikasa before he begins to eat one. Mikasa and Armin leave their rations unopened. Hannes remarks that they are often the ones to get Eren out of the situations he finds himself in, whether it is neighborhood bullies or Titans. Hannes recalls that Eren has always charged head-on into his fights, regardless of how outnumbered he was. However, while Hannes had never seen Eren win a fight, he never saw him give up when beaten. He insists that succumbing to his fate without putting up a fight would be against Eren's personality, and that he will be fine on his own until they can arrive to help.

Hannes remembers the old days

Hannes grows nostalgic for the days he used to share with the others before the fall, days which he believes Eren would consider a false peace. Desiring to return to those peaceful days, Hannes agrees to join Mikasa and Armin in their mission to rescue Eren from the traitors. Their hopes restored, Mikasa and Armin begin eating their rations to regain their strength. Shortly afterward, Commander Erwin arrives at the scene with the necessarily lifts and reinforcements from the Scout Regiment and Military Police.

Moblit meets with Erwin and informs him of their condition when Hange, still grievously injured, suddenly grabs his leg and calls for a map. Once all the able-bodied soldiers are gathered, Hange proposes the most favorable plan of action. Speculating that the Titan Warriors will need to recover their strength and wait until nightfall to travel beyond Wall Maria, Hange believes that they are resting in a Forest of Giant Trees in the southwestern lands of Wall Maria.

Eren wakes up to find himself captured and his arms missing

As Hange speculated, Eren wakes up in a forest of giant trees, his arms missing. Ymir is awake nearby and recovering her own missing limbs. Reiner apologizes for Eren's dismemberment, saying that he was in a hurry to tear him out of his Titan form and did not take his arms into account. Eren attempts to transform again, but Ymir stops him, showing him that they are in no position to fight. Being in a Forest of Giant Trees, they are far from both Wall Rose and Wall Maria, and a significant number of Titans can be seen lurking around their position. Ymir then notes that Reiner and Bertholdt have the advantage of ODM gear, Reiner having stolen Eren's gear while he was unconscious.

While waiting for nightfall, Ymir becomes parched and asks for water, but Reiner says that they are unable to care for anyone's needs in their current situation. Reiner realizes that all of them have been working constantly since the previous day's morning when the Titans were first spotted, and he suggests that they should all receive promotions once the situation is over.

Ymir and Eren are confused, and Bertholdt begins to grow worried. When Ymir questions his strange behavior, Reiner thanks her for finding the cannon back at Utgard which saved him. He also recalls Christa treating his injuries afterward, wondering if she has feelings for him. Eren brings the moment to a halt, demanding answers for Reiner's sudden change of character. Seeing Bertholdt's concern, Ymir realizes that this is not a new occurrence. Bertholdt addresses Reiner, telling him that they are Warriors and not soldiers. Reiner begins to panic, suddenly recalling a moment from the Trost attack in which he restrained Marco Bodt, feeding him to a Titan. Bertholdt and Annie were also there, watching him die with tears in their eyes.

Reiner's persona split

As Marco was eaten alive, Reiner suddenly became unaware of the situation, wondering why Marco was being eaten. Reiner collapses with stress after remembering his true self, and Ymir realizes what he is doing. Overwhelmed by the stress of living a soldier's life for the humans of the Walls while also working as a Warrior to destroy them eventually split Reiner's mind into two personas where the soldier does not recall the actions of the Warrior. Ymir's analysis hits too close to home, and Reiner demands that she stop talking. Eren speaks up, demanding to know what the two traitors were thinking three years ago when Eren told them how his mother died when they attacked Shiganshina.

Eren vows to take revenge on Reiner and Bertholdt

Bertholdt admits that he truly felt sorry for Eren when he learned of this. Eren, having lost all sympathy for the two, labels them as murderers of thousands of innocent lives and can no longer be considered human. Reiner breaks, telling Eren that they are aware of what they are and that reminding them of their sins will not accomplish anything. With nothing left to say, Eren assures them that he will eventually kill them in the most excruciating ways he can make possible. Ymir is tired of Eren's emotional outbursts and asks for him to stop.

Ymir changes the subject, asking Reiner and Bertholdt about the "monkey" that appeared at Utgard, whom they must know well considering their awestruck reactions to its appearance at the castle. Ymir believes that the monkey, the Beast Titan, was responsible for the recent Titan invasion, possibly as a means of testing humanity's strength. She also claims that if Reiner and Bertholdt are able to find the Beast Titan, they will be able to return home.

Eren demands for Ymir to tell him everything she knows, but Ymir says that killing Reiner and Bertholdt will in no way solve the crisis brought against the Walls. Eren wonders who humanity's true enemy is, and Ymir considers an answer. Reiner interrupts her, claiming that the world in the Walls has no future. Reiner says that given what she knows, it may be possible for her to join them given the fact that both her and the Warriors share a concern for "Christa" for their own reasons. Reiner says that even though Ymir's own safety might not be guaranteed, Christa may have better chances of surviving future conflicts if she joins them rather than staying with Eren.

Still confused over the turn the conversation has taken, Eren again demands to know who their enemy is, and Ymir claims she does not know. Reiner and Bertholdt prepare to take Eren and Ymir and move out when suddenly a line of signal flares is spotted on the horizon, heralding the arrival of the Scout Regiment much sooner than expected.

Reiner subdues Eren to restrain him

Reiner maneuvers to Eren's branch and prepares for any fight Eren will put up. Eren claims he is unable to resist given his current state, but he mercilessly assaults Reiner shortly afterward. While Reiner strangles Eren, Bertholdt approaches Ymir and asks her if she remembers who she ate when she returned to her human form five years ago. Ymir admits that she does not remember, but realizes that it must have been one of Bertholdt's companions. She apologizes, but Bertholdt tells her that the memory loss was the same for himself and his friends as well, and Eren does not seem to remember who he ate either.

As Eren slips into unconsciousness from Reiner's chokehold, Bertholdt asks Ymir how long she wandered beyond the Walls as a Titan. Ymir recalls that it was about sixty years, a nightmare that would not end.

The pursuing soldiers finally reach the outskirts of the forest. Noticing the light of a Titan transformation, Commander Erwin orders the troops to disperse and enter the forest. As the MPs face significant difficulties against the Titans, the rest of the soldiers avoid combat in favor of seeking out Eren. A scream is heard deeper in the forest, and the Scouts pursue until they come across Ymir's Titan. Conny stops the others from attacking her, asking her where the others have gone.

Ymir opens her mouth to capture Historia

As more Scouts gather around her Titan, Ymir avoids conversation and looks at each soldier's face. Armin wonders what Ymir is doing until Christa arrives at the scene, immediately catching Ymir's attention. When Christa approaches, Ymir's Titan lunges at her and catches Christa in her mouth before making a quick escape. The others pursue her, realizing that Ymir's allegiance has changed. When Ymir nears the edge of the forest, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan and begins their escape.

Bertholdt carrying an unconscious Eren grapples onto the Armored Titan's back alongside Ymir's Titan. The others watch in disbelief as Eren is once again carried away by the Warriors, but Hannes rallies them into action. The soldiers return to their horses and begin a final pursuit for Eren's rescue.

Immediately formulating a plan, Erwin rallies the Scouts and Military Police into action, urging them to follow his lead with the pursuing Titans. Despite initial outrage and hesitation from the MPs, the soldiers follow Erwin's lead as Hannes leads the recruits in pursuit of the Armored Titan. On the chase, Mikasa decides that she will not hesitate in killing whoever prevents her from rescuing Eren. Meanwhile, Ymir removes Historia from her Titan's mouth, partially emerging from her nape to speak with her. Ymir explains that she has joined Reiner and Bertholdt for a better life beyond the doomed Walls. Historia is doubtful that the world beyond the Walls could be a better place to live and wonders if Ymir is being forced to carry out her previous actions.

Mikasa glares at Bertholdt

As Eren begins to wake up, the Scouts attempt to slow the Armored Titan. Ymir keeps them away until Mikasa arrives, going for a killing blow against Bertholdt. Reiner shields Bertholdt within the Armored Titan's hands and Mikasa breaks her blades trying to get him, giving him a death glare. Ymir swings at Mikasa and she, prepared to kill Ymir, turns her attention towards her until Historia comes between them, claiming that Ymir is being forced to join Reiner and Bertholdt. Mikasa shows no sympathy, stating that she will kill Ymir if the two prevent her from rescuing Eren. Listening to Historia's pleas, Ymir no longer interferes.

When the other recruits catch up with the Armored Titan, Jean attempts to convince Bertholdt to come out; Conny and Sasha are still in disbelief of their betrayal. Jean recalls the years they trained together, notably Bertholdt's absurd sleeping positions, and Conny reminds him of the conversations they shared of growing old and drinking together. Mikasa shows no compassion, reminding the others that he must die for them to rescue Eren. Bertholdt breaks, telling the others that he never wanted to commit the atrocities he has done against humanity. He admits that despite their deception, they truly thought of the others as comrades, and he begs for someone to find them afterward. Mikasa demands for him to hand over Eren, but Bertholdt insists that he cannot give Eren up, saying that their duties must be carried out. Hannes interrupts their conversation, warning them of an incoming attack from the front. Erwin and the soldiers, luring a horde of Titans, are heading straight for Reiner.

The Armored Titan is swarmed by Titans

As the recruits remount their horses, the soldiers disperse at Erwin's orders and the Titans approach Reiner. Bracing for impact, the Armored Titan charges into the horde. Ymir and Historia escape as Reiner is swarmed by Titans, unable to move. Commander Erwin immediately rallies the troops for a final charge, urging them to dedicate their hearts and rescue Eren at all costs. The Military Police do not follow, though their leader is soon caught and eaten by a Titan. Overwhelmed by the horde holding him down, Reiner begins to shove the Titans aside to create an opening, exposing Bertholdt and Eren in the process. Erwin draws his sword and announces an advance, but his arm is caught by a Titan. As the Titan carries Erwin away, he continues to order the Scouts to advance and rescue Eren.

Following Erwin's final command, the Scouts charge head-on into the Titan horde. Many are caught and killed in the attack, though Mikasa maneuvers through the Titans and reaches Reiner. Her attack against Bertholdt misses, and she is caught by a Titan which crushes her ribs in its grip. Jean comes to Mikasa's aid and blinds the Titan as other Scouts attempt to close in on Eren, though Reiner tosses them aside.

Erwin cuts Eren free of Bertholdt

Armin approaches Bertholdt, wondering to himself what he must sacrifice to resolve the situation. Recalling Bertholdt's affection for Annie, Armin formulates a cruel bluff. He asks the Warriors if they are willing to abandon Annie, who he claims has been taken to Utopia District in the far north to be tortured. He pries further, claiming that Annie is enduring every kind of suffering imaginable since her capture. Bertholdt snaps, calling Armin a "spawn of the devil," but when he is exposed Eren's bonds are cut loose when Erwin, missing his arm, delivers a strike to Bertholdt's chest. When Eren is rescued, the Scouts immediately retreat.

Suddenly, a Titan soaring overhead crashes ahead of the Scouts. In the distance, Reiner throws Titans at the soldiers in a last resort attack, and Eren and Mikasa are dismounted in the chaos. Mikasa attempts to stand, but her injury is worsened from the sudden attack. In the distance, a Titan advances through the clouds of dust, and Eren recognizes it as the same Titan which killed his mother five years ago. When the smiling Titan reaches for Eren and Mikasa, Hannes comes to their side, eager to avenge Carla for his inability to confront the Titan five years ago. Jean and Armin attempt to assist Hannes, but Reiner's Titan-throws prevent them from approaching.

Historia kills her first Titan, one overpowering Ymir's. She approaches Ymir, saying that she believes that her actions were to protect her and not Ymir as she had been told. Historia reminds Ymir of her own words and urges her to live for herself, admitting that Ymir's presence inspires courage in her. Together with Conny and Sasha, they team up against the Titans while Hannes continues to fight the smiling Titan. Mikasa, too injured to continue fighting, unties Eren's restraints so that Eren can transform and fight the Titan. However, when he bites his still-healing hand, he is unable to transform.

Eren and Mikasa watch in horror as the Titan devours Hannes

The Scouts continue to defend Erwin as the Armored Titan throws more Titans, dismounting Jean. Armin comes to his side, carrying him away from the combat. Eren desperately attempts to trigger his transformation while the Titans devour the Scouts, and Hannes nearly gains the upper hand over the smiling Titan. Suddenly, the Titan catches Hannes in its grip, and Eren and Mikasa are unable to stop it as it brings Hannes to its mouth, biting him in half. Eren collapses in anguish, laughing and screaming hysterically at his inability to prevent the tragedies around him.

Mikasa thanks Eren for wrapping his scarf around her

Mikasa consoles Eren, assuring him that he has done much for her. She thanks him for being by her side, showing her how to live, and for giving her his scarf. Finding his resolve, Eren promises that he will wrap her scarf around her as many times as she needs. As Eren's hand finally heals, he lets out a scream as he swings his fist into the hand of the smiling Titan. Suddenly, Reiner, Bertholdt, and Ymir feel a surge of power emanating.

Eren unleashes the Coordinate

As Eren screams, a newfound power comes forth and a Titan tackles the smiling Titan. The other Titans nearby redirect their attention from the Scouts to the smiling Titan, charging and swarming it before tearing its body to pieces. As Eren carries Mikasa away from the scene, the other Scouts continue their retreat. Reiner runs for Eren, recognizing that Eren indeed possesses the Coordinate the Warriors have been searching for, who Reiner believes he is the worst possible person to possess its power.

Eren cries out to Reiner and Bertholdt, ordering them under threat of death to stay away from him. The Coordinate comes forth again in response to Eren's scream, and the Titans devouring the smiling Titan turn their attention to Reiner and Bertholdt, charging towards them. Armin brings a horse for Eren and Mikasa, and Commander Erwin orders for a full retreat.

Ymir apologizes to Historia before leaving

As the Titans rush Reiner, Bertholdt cries out in fear as he is unable to defend himself. Ymir hears his cries and stops to look back. Turning to Historia, she gently caresses her hair and apologizes before running for Reiner and Bertholdt. As Historia looks on in confusion, Conny turns her away to join in the retreat. Meanwhile, Ymir aids Reiner in fending off the Titans, and the two Warriors are shocked by her sudden change of mind. As the Scouts ride for Wall Rose through the dusk, Armin is unable to understand Ymir's choice.

At night, the Warriors and Ymir arrive in the ruins of Shiganshina, exhausted from the past few days. Reiner asks her why she chose to come with them, and Ymir says that she wanted to return the favor for their hand in giving her a second chance at life when she stole the Titan power from their friend. She muses that it was not a bad life being a goddess.

Back at Wall Rose, Armin informs Eren that he and Jean believe that Eren could be the only one responsible for the sudden power which made the Titans obey his will. Jean pities Eren's responsibility, and he reminds him of the effort he must show to prove that the lives lost for his sake were not in vain. Eren understands, vowing to master his power over the Titans and to exact his revenge on the Warriors.

Erwin recovers from his injuries in Trost District, accompanied by Commander Pyxis and Captain Levi. They are visited by Section Commander Hange, who brings Conny to inform the others of the Scout Regiment's recent findings in Ragako. The soldiers learn that all evidence suggests that the citizens of Ragako were the Titans which invaded Wall Rose, meaning that the Titans are in fact, humans. Levi worries at the notion that he has spent his years in the Scouts killing humans all along. Hange says that they do not have any real proof of the claim. Strangely, Erwin cannot help but smile at the news, which disturbs Levi further.

Erwin resolves to learn the truth

When asked about his behavior, Erwin stoically states that humanity has come one step closer to the truth. Levi worries that no one will be left to see the full truth in the end, though Erwin is confident in the step they have taken towards breaking down the walls barring humanity from the truths of the world.

Sometime later, Jean, Armin, and Sasha carry supplies into a cabin. Jean warns Sasha not to steal any food. Eren then appears, scolding them for not cleaning their shoes before entering. Eren and Jean start bickering, as Mikasa and Historia arrive with chopped wood. While the group talks about watching over Eren and Historia as the new Squad Levi, Sasha slips a piece of bread into her bag, and is confronted by the others. Levi arrives and upon inspecting the table, states that they should have had plenty of time to clean.

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