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Attack on Titan 2 (進撃の巨人 2 Shingeki no Kyojin 2?) is a game by Koei Tecmo and Omega Force and was released in the US on March 20, 2018. The game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are confirmed to be compatible on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, with improved visuals and frame rate.[3][4]

The game's story follows the first two seasons of the anime. Co-op play is available for all regions for the worldwide release. It also features original stories supervised by Hajime Isayama.[2] The player's base camp is bigger this time and has more character interaction.[5]

An expansion titled Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle was announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. It is available as a paid DLC for those who already own the base game and add Season 3 of the anime to Story Mode. The game was released in North America and Europe in July 5, 2019.[6]

Playable Characters

Attack on Titan 2 has 37 playable characters from both seasons of the anime:[7]

Custom Characters

Players can make a custom protagonist

The player has the option to create their own custom character of either gender. There are a variety of faces and hairstyles to choose from, and sliders to adjust the height and facial features. Furthermore, the player can customize the color of their character's outfit, with individual articles of clothing being adjusted independently of each other. After character creation, the character is dropped in the game to face Keith Sadies as their military instructor. The player is a silent protagonist but can choose from multiple dialogue options when conversing with characters.[8]

Custom characters will be able to play through the story of both Season 1 and Season 2 of the anime.[9]

Single Player Modes

Story Mode

The player is tasked to create a character who will go on to join the Scout Regiment with the rest of the cast. Story Mode covers the first two seasons of the anime and takes place from the custom character's point of view. Cutscenes may present the player with different dialogue options and the custom character is allowing to mingle with squadmates between missions. By improve friendship with their squadmates, the player can improve their effectiveness in battle.[10]

As the player gets closer to their squad, they may start addressing the custom character differently, like addressing them with their first name instead of their surname.[10]

Like the first game, this game's main story includes an original scenario that was done with Isayama's supervision. Completing this mode unlocks additional characters and features. One completed playthrough is needed to unlock scenarios that save characters who canonically perish.[citation needed]

"Dire Subjugation" Titans have been updated to be tougher and with rarer SS drops for gear.[citation needed]

Another Mode

In Another Mode, players take on challenging Scout missions as their favorite characters, which are unlocked in Story Mode. While in Camp the player is able to purchase items needed for equipment, purchase and modify equipment, and access the next mission by talking to certain characters in the Camp.[citation needed]

Inferno Mode

Unlocked after Story Mode is cleared once. Similar to the first game's True Attack Mode. It will not be possible to select among the three difficulty levels, and the Titans will be harder than their settings on Hard difficulty.

Town Life

Players can spend time with other characters

Town Life serves a break between battles where characters can take time to develop relationships or to train for their next expedition. Players will be able to access challenge missions that explore side stories and increase their fighting strength.[11]

While in Town Life, the player will be able to visit the Titan Research Room to view Titans they have caught with a restraining gun, develop new equipment, and administer the Scout Regiment by putting together proposals for new policies.[12]

Recover Territory Mode

In this mode the player is able to choose a team of up to 4 characters and enter battle to recover territory from the Titans. Throughout the missions the player is able to recruit different characters and also engage "mystery titans" which are variants of one of the 9 titans with different colours.

In this mode there can also be the setting of different teams and as well an entire regiment commander with the player choosing who the commander can be. In the 'war room' utilising the wings of freedom points the player can purchase more supplies or bring in new characters.

Multiplayer Modes

Annihilation Mode

New online multiplayer mode that is 4 vs 4. Teams eliminate groups of Titans to earn the highest score within a set time limit. Team members are indicated by the bluish line that connects player characters. Attacking the same Titan together leads to a "Chain Bonus," rewarding bonus points for the kill. Players can earn double the points for killing Titans in the short amount of time before the match draws to a close.[13]

Items are altered for this mode to affect the players. Paint grenades can blur the opposing team's vision, stun grenades can inhibit them temporarily, and a resurrection item is available.[citation needed]

In-game communication is limited to character gestures and preset lines from the anime and manga during the lobby screen between matches.[13] Players can customize the icon that hovers above their player character head.[citation needed]

Co-op Play

Players can join friends or other players worldwide to play cooperatively in Story Mode or Scout Missions. While doing so, players can develop equipment using fewer materials than they would alone.[13]

Predator Mode

In Predator Mode, up to four players can take on the role of the Titans. In trying to eat as many humans as possible, they run up against characters such as Eren and Levi.[14]

Final Battle

Territory Recovery Mode

This mode covers a non-canon regiment of characters who can either be one of the four in your roster or just be in the character list. These four characters in your roster (Can include your custom protagonist) take part in scout missions to recover territory lost by the titans. Along the way you can recruit characters ( as long as your friendship meter is up - does not transfer friendship from Another mode, Normal mode or Inferno mode) who can then join your roster or go into the character list. (MUST HAVE FINAL BATTLE DLC TO PLAY)

Character Episode Mode

This mode covers story from the third season of the anime from many characters' points of view. (MUST HAVE FINAL BATTLE EXPANSION TO PLAY)

Playable Characters

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle expands the character roster by an additional five characters who were introduced in Seasons 2 and 3 of the anime.[15]

New Equipment

The expansion also adds new weapons introduced in Season 3. Anti-Personnel omni-directional mobility gear is now a selectable option, as well as a new weapon called a Thunder Spear.[16]


  • The English translation of the game refers to Connie as female in some cases.
  • Nanaba is referred to in the English translation as male in the journal entries.
  • The Female Titan and Eren's Titan are referred to as 'Mystery Titan' before their identity is revealed.
  • Daz, who had not been seen since the Battle of Trost District arc in the series, appears during the beginning of this game's Clash of the Titans arc as part of the Garrison.
  • After full completion of the Story Mode, it is possible to save characters that perish in the anime. Afterward, they will appear in the daily life of the player.
  • The Cart Titan is referred to as 'Four-Legged Titan'.


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