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"That day, the human race remembered the terror of being dominated by them, and the shame of being held captive in a birdcage..." — Over 100 years ago, a natural predator of humanity appeared: the Titans, giant humanoid but mindless monsters whose sole purpose of existence seemed to be to devour humans. There was an insurmountable gap in power between them and mankind, and as a result, humanity was rapidly exterminated to the brink of extinction. The survivors responded by constructing three concentric walls: Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sina, which graced them with a century of peace. However, one day a Colossal Titan far larger than any other seen before breached the outer wall, allowing the smaller Titans to invade the human territory and forcing the survivors to retreat to the inner walls. Eren Jaeger, a boy whose mother was eaten during the invasion, vowed to wipe every last Titan off the face of the Earth, and joined the military determined to exact his revenge.

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Episode #75
(March 29th, 2021)

Pieck (Anime) character image.png

Pieck (ピーク Pīku?) is an Eldian who serves as one of Marley's Warriors and is the current inheritor of the Cart Titan.

Five years into the mission to reclaim the Founding Titan, Pieck journeys to Paradis Island with Zeke Jaeger and a contingent of Marleyan soldiers, using her Cart Titan to carry supplies for them. She is present as Zeke and the soldiers transform the inhabitants of a small village into Titans.
Pieck is one of the Warriors brought by Zeke to engage the Scout Regiment in Shiganshina District in the year 850. During the night before the Scouts' arrival, Pieck keeps watch for their movement in the desolate regions of Wall Maria south of Trost District. Upon seeing the advancing soldiers, she returns to the ruins of Shiganshina and informs Zeke, Reiner Braun, and Bertholdt Hoover of their approach.

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Chapter #139
(April 9th, 2021)

Eren Yeager character image.png

Eren Yeager (エレン・イェーガー Eren Yēgā?) was a former member of the Survey Corps. He was the main protagonist of Attack on Titan. He lived in Shiganshina District with his parents until the fall of Wall Maria, where he impotently witnessed his mother being eaten by a Titan.

After Eren is woken from a nightmare by Mikasa, the two walk home through Shiganshina. They are harassed by Hannes, who begins teasing Eren for having apparently cried in his sleep. Eren is annoyed to see that Hannes and his friends are slacking off on the job and refuses to be placated by their claims that the Titans will never breach Wall Maria.[1] Leaving Hannes behind, the children stop again to watch the Survey Corps return from an expedition and Eren is crestfallen to see that the Corps has returned defeated.
Upon returning home, Mikasa reveals to Eren's mother that he wants to join the Survey Corps. Carla forbids him from joining due to the Corps' high mortality rate and begs Grisha to talk some sense into his son. Grisha ignores her objections and instead announces that he will be leaving for a few days on a trip, promising Eren that when he gets back he will show the boy what he has hidden in the basement of their home. Enthralled, Eren joins his mother and Mikasa in waving him off. Carla reminds him that she will not allow him to join the Survey Corps, and they exchange a heated argument before he runs off.

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Latest Release

Yelena and the Volunteers.png

Above and Below (天地 Tenchi?) is the 75th episode of the Attack on Titan anime. It was produced by MAPPA.

Floch Forster, Hange Zoë, and a number of Jaegerists are traveling to a Forest of Giant Trees when they hear the explosion caused by Zeke Jaeger triggering a Thunder Spear. As Zeke succumbs to his wounds, a Titan crawls up to him and tears open its belly, stuffing his body inside.

Meanwhile, Yelena has Dot Pyxis and other dissenting members of the military assembled in Shiganshina District. Eren Jaeger goes to meet with the imprisoned Gabi Braun, to have her send out a distress call to Marley in exchange for saving Falco Grice. However, a disguised Pieck approaches Eren and claims she wishes to help him destroy Marley. As a proof of her intentions, she offers to show Eren the location of her fellow spies in Paradis Island.

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Chapter 139 Cover.png

Toward the Tree on That Hill (あの丘の木に向かって Ano Oka no ki ni Mukatte?) is the 139th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

After Eren Yeager's death at the hands of Mikasa Ackerman, many of his former comrades from Paradis Island begin recalling memories of him visiting them that were erased due to the power of the Founding Titan. Armin Arlert recalls how they discussed Eren being responsible for killing a vast majority of humanity during the Rumbling and reveals his true feelings about Mikasa, wishing to be able to live with her and the others in peace.

In the present, Armin notices his Titan form dissolving into steam and spots Mikasa approaching with Eren's head. He mourns his best friend's death and while Mikasa leaves to bury his remains, Armin approaches the Marleyan troops with the other Eldians and claims responsibility for the death of Eren. Several years pass and peace talks have begun between those living in Marley and the island of Paradis, which has begun mobilizing an army for the time when Marley and the other countries seek their revenge. As Mikasa sits beneath the tree where Eren is buried, she thinks about him and notices a bird flying to her. The bird picks at her scarf and adjusts it before flying away.

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Chapter #139 "Toward the Tree on That Hill" has been released! Read it legally at Amazon, comiXology or Crunchyroll, and discuss it on Discussions, or Discord server.


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Episode #75
(March 29th, 2021)
Pieck points at Eren Jaeger.png
Pieck points at Eren
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Chapter #139
(April 9th, 2021)
Mikasa thanks Eren for wrapping the scarf around her.png
Mikasa thanks Eren for wrapping the scarf around her
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