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"That day, the human race remembered the terror of being dominated by them, and the shame of being held captive in a birdcage..." — Over 100 years ago, a natural predator of humanity appeared: the Titans, giant humanoid but mindless monsters whose sole purpose of existence seemed to be to devour humans. There was an insurmountable gap in power between them and mankind, and as a result, humanity was rapidly exterminated to the brink of extinction. The survivors responded by constructing three concentric walls: Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sina, which graced them with a century of peace. However, one day a Colossal Titan far larger than any other seen before breached the outer wall, allowing the smaller Titans to invade the human territory and forcing the survivors to retreat to the inner walls. Eren Jaeger, a boy whose mother was eaten during the invasion, vowed to wipe every last Titan off the face of the Earth, and joined the military determined to exact his revenge.

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Episode #59
(July 1st, 2019)

Floch (Anime) character image.png

Floch (フロック Furokku?) is a recruit (新兵 Shinpei?) of the Scout Regiment. He joined the regiment after the crowning of Historia Reiss.

Floch is, by his own admission, a coward. Part of Floch's cowardice seems to stem from a belief that his death should not be "meaningless," as he expressed during the Battle of Shiganshina District. Despite this, Floch has proved himself to be capable of acting courageously. He was willing, despite his fear, to participate in Erwin Smith's suicide charge against the Beast Titan, and was willing to stand up to his fellow soldiers when they suggested allowing Erwin to die in favor of saving the life of Armin Arlelt, even going so far as to risk being attacked by Mikasa Ackermann to keep her from taking the Titan injection from Levi.

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Chapter #133
(October 9th, 2020)

Mr. Leonhart character image.png

Years ago, Mr. Leonhart was relocated to an internment zone from another country after it was discovered he has Eldian blood. He later adopted a baby girl who was abandoned for similar reasons.

After impressing Eren Yeager with her fighting technique during training, Annie mentions that her father was the one who taught it to her. She goes on to deride the ideals he held, comparing them to Eren's, and claiming that they have nothing to do with reality.

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Latest Release

Armin delighted as he rides toward the sea.png

The Other Side of the Wall (壁の向こう側 Kabe no Mukougawa?) is the 59th episode of the Attack on Titan anime. It was produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

The royal government decides to release the information contained in Grisha Jaeger's journals to the general public, causing some chaos as people try to accept the news. Some do not. However, progress on killing Titans with the Executioner from Hell continues until there are scarcely any left, and refugees are allowed to resettle in Wall Maria.

A year after the attack on Trost District and six years after the fall of Wall Maria, the Scout Regiment is able to launch an expedition past Wall Maria to explore the land outside. They see the wall where the Restorationists were turned into Titans, and eventually arrive at the sea; a body of salt water so vast it stretches to the horizon. Most of the Scouts are happy to play in the surf, but Eren Jaeger is pensive, knowing that their enemies live on the other side of the sea.

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Chapter 133 Cover.png

Sinners (罪人達 Tsumibitotachi?) is the 133rd chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

The flying boat heads for Fort Salta and Armin Arlert holds a meeting to plan their confrontation with Eren Yeager. He only wants to kill him as a last resort if dialogue fails. However, Eren pulls all the Eldians on the flying boat into the Paths to inform them that his mind is set, and the only way to stop the Rumbling will be to stop him from breathing.

On the ship heading towards Hizuru, Falco Grice sees a memory from Zeke Yeager, which he attributes to the fact he first became a Titan through the use of Zeke's spinal fluid. He believes he can use knowledge from this memory to make his Jaw Titan fly. Elsewhere, near Fort Salta, the Eldian refugees from Liberio are hoping to steal an airship to escape the Rumbling, but before they arrive, the airships begin lifting out of the fort to attack the approaching Titans.

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Episode #59 "The Other Side of the Wall" has been released! Watch it legally at Crunchyroll or Funimation, and discuss it on our forum, Discussions, or Discord server.


Chapter #133 "Sinners" has been released! Read it legally at Amazon, comiXology or Crunchyroll, and discuss it on Discussions, or Discord server.


Season 4 ("The Final Season") has been confirmed for a Fall 2020 release! Discuss it here.


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Episode #59 (July 1st, 2019)
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Episode #59
(July 1st, 2019)
The Scouts arrive at the sea.png
The Scouts arrive at the sea
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Chapter #133
(October 9th, 2020)
Airships prepare to bomb the Titans.png
Airships prepare to bomb the Titans
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