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Chapter #117
(May 9th, 2019)
Theo Magath character image

Theo Magath (テオ・マガト Teo Magato?) is the general (元帥 Gensui?) of the Marleyan military, successor to General Calvi through the support of Willy Tybur and the governmental party of Marley.
Formerly a commander (隊長 Taichō?) of the Eldian Unit of the Marley army, and before one of the chief overseers of the first Warrior candidates during their training, he later led the Eldian Warriors in the Marley Mid-East War against the Mid-East Allied Forces, playing a key role in Marley's victory.While the details of his rise to power are unknown, Magath has been a member of the Marley military for over twenty years. Throughout this time, he acted as one of the chief overseers of the Warrior program, evaluating the performances of each individual Warrior candidate and selecting the top performers to be inheritors of the power of the Titans. By the early 840s, Magath had achieved the rank of commander.
One day during the early 830s, Magath was supervising a training session of the Warrior cadets with Tom Xaver, the Beast Titan of that time. While the two were watching the cadets training, Magath noticed a cadet trailing behind the others and then commented that this Warrior in particular, Zeke Yeager, did not seem to have the guts the become a Warrior.