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Chapter #111
(November 9th, 2018)
Mr. Blouse character image

Mr. Blouse (ブラウスさん Burausu-san?) is the father of Sasha Blouse, husband of Lisa Blouse, and a hunter in Dauper village. It was his words that motivated Sasha to leave and join the military.Blouse is first seen arguing with Sasha, telling her not to eat the meat from the winter from the ground. After he fails, he explains to his daughter the reason why it is important to keep the food: after the fall of Wall Maria, many refugees have come to Wall Rose's lands, which has resulted in a food shortage due to the extra mouths to feed. In particular, refugees have begun hunting for food in Dauper's territory, leaving less game for the village's citizens than usual.
Blouse admits to having considered giving the forest to them so that they can make fields, while the hunter's tribe starts taking care of horses, but Sasha objects, arguing that they should not stop living like they do just because of the newcomers. Blouse acknowledges his daughter's point, but he disagrees with her, saying that it is more important to take care of the people, rather than live all alone. He finally states that he wants to live with his clan, even if it means to change their way of life. Sasha, angered, enlists in the Military in retaliation.