These are the guidelines to be followed by Staff Members on the Attack on Titan Wiki.


General requirements for Staff Member

  • An open vacancy. Staff Membership is not granted as a prize, they are chosen as needed. Generally, only one active Bureaucrat, 4 or 5 active Administrators and other few Staff Members are needed at a time. If you see the legend "We are not currently looking for any new [Staff Member]" atop a certain Staff Members list, then please do not present your request because it will be rejected.
  • Be among the most capable contributors to the wiki, Discord server or social media accounts depending on the position intended.
  • History of anti-vandalism and corrective work — undoing or reporting vandalism, or both.
  • Be highly trusted by the community over a long period of time.
  • Be thorough and a good judge of character.
  • Be fair and balanced in determining consensus in difficult cases.
  • Be currently active, either on the wiki, Discord server or social media accounts depending on the position intended.
  • No history of serious blocks due to vandalism or sockpuppetry.

Extra requirements for Administrators

Extra requirements for Bureaucrats

  • At least 1300 constructive mainspace edits.
  • Be an Administrator.

User Conduct

General Staff Members conduct

In addition to following all relevant behavioral policies, Staff Members must not:

  • Use their powers to settle disputes; for example, to lock a page on a version he or she prefers in an dispute that is not vandalism. Staff Members powers should be used to help keep the wiki domains clear of vandalism, spam, and users of malicious conduct, but not for simple disagreements between users acting in good faith. Ideally a Staff Member should not be considered "in charge". The ideal Staff Member is just someone who is trusted to have a few extra buttons and to use them for the benefit of the wiki community.
  • Consider contributions and comments from different users to have different status. The contributions of other Staff Members should be checked as vigorously as those of new or anonymous users.
  • Use their abilities to censor or otherwise unfairly inhibit reasonable discussion.
  • Misapply or selectively apply behavioral policies in their moderating role.

If it is believed that privileges are being abused by a Staff Member, the following process should be applied:

  1. Communication with the Staff Member must be attempted. Leave a polite message for the contributor instructing them that their conduct may be harming community cohesion. If multiple attempts fail to have an impact, the user should be advised that removal of their rights may be an option.
  2. If further attempts at communication and rectification of conduct continue to fail, removal of Staff Member rights will be considered by the other Staff Members. If a decision to remove Staff Members rights is taken, detailed reasoning must be provided on the wall of the affected user in order to satisfy a standard of accountability. One or more of the following must be shown:
    1. Sustained, deliberate misuse of the privileges given to Staff Members.
    2. Sustained failure to follow behavioral policies in their entirety.
    3. Sustained failure to follow the conduct guidelines outlined further above.

A summary removal of Staff Member rights does not preclude a user from reapplying for those rights later.

Additionally, Staff Members must keep a continuous activity in order to retain their position. This means being actually active on their action field and not simply be online. A Staff Member will be demoted if it is considered that the level of activity is insufficient, or if they are absent for 6 weeks (or up to 3 months with previous notice and approval by Administrators).

Extra guidelines for Reporters

Reporters must not:

  • Use their abilities to post content that is inappropriate or not relevant for the topic of the wiki.
  • Upload or post links to unauthorized copies of the manga, anime or any media related to Attack on Titan or any other project. Individual pages/frames or screenshots are allowed, as long as it is done for informative purposes so it can be considered fair use.
  • Manga spoilers should be posted in a way that users need to click a link in order to access the content and not get spoiled by simply navigating the social media profile. This may vary depending on the stuff posted and at per discretion of the Reporter, but should be done with extreme moderation and caution.



  • Add your request under the section "Current requests" and give a concise explanation (no more than a few lines) as to why you deserve and require a certain Staff Member rights.
  • Alternatively, another user may also nominate another eligible user for Staff Membership. If this is the case, the applicant only needs to say that he/she accepts the nomination. It is not necessary to elaborate any further, as Bureaucrats will check user contributions regardless of what is written.
  • Note that being nominated by another user bears no advantage over normal requests you make yourself.
  • Any comments on the request from others may be posted as per any standard talk page discussion.
  • The current Staff Members will consider your request and either accept it or reject it by voting. Do not be too disappointed if your request is declined. Remember, you can always try again later.

Current requests

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