This is the list of tasks to do on the Attack on Titan Wiki every time a new Attack on Titan manga chapter is released. Please make sure that each and every one of them is completed in order.

Tasks to do every time a new chapter is released

  1. Remove the spoiler warning (search for "Spoiler Warning" in MediaWiki:Wikia.css and remove the last "/".
  2. Create the page for the new chapter.
  3. Open chapter discussion on the forum (use the Discussion chapter template, and do not forget to highlight the thread and add the name of the chapter in "topic").
  4. Post the announcement in the #news channel of the Discord server tagging @Manga and @Spoilers (also close #aot-spoilers-discussion).
  5. Open discussion on the forum to decide the chapter's poll, featured article and featured image.
  6. Archive Poll and add results (leave the Poll template empty).
  7. Archive Featured Article and Featured Image (leave the CURRENT templates empty).
  8. Create a redirection from "Chapter <number>" to the article of the chapter.
  9. Update {{Ref}}.
  10. Update {{File information/Sources}}.
  11. Update Latest Chapter (homepage).
  12. Update Events.
  13. Update Chapters navbox.
  14. Update link to "Next chapter" in the infobox of the previous chapter's article.
  15. Update number of chapters and volumes in Attack on Titan (Manga).
  16. Update List of Attack on Titan chapters.
  17. Update Story Arcs.
  18. Update corresponding arc (current is War for Paradis arc)
  19. Share chapter discussion on the social networks.
  20. Write the chapter overview.
  21. Write the chapter summary.
  22. After a new featured article and featured image have been chosen, update Featured Articles Archive and Featured Images Archive.
  23. After a new poll has been chosen Poll Archive.
  24. Share poll on the social networks and #news channel of Discord server.
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