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Aurille (アウリール Aurīru?)[1] is a former high ranking noble and member of King Fritz's assembly. After a successful uprising led by Scout Regiment commander Erwin Smith, Aurille is imprisoned by the military.


Aurille is a somewhat short, rotund man, with short black hair that he keeps neatly combed. He wears extravagant clothes while helping King Fritz run the government.


Aurille is a cruel, selfish man who cares only about his own interests, and gives no thought to the well-being of the Walls' citizens. After being tricked into believing that Wall Rose has fallen, he orders that all refugees be barred from entering Wall Sina, for fear that resultant food shortages would lead to civil war within Wall Sina.


Royal Government arc

Aurille is a part of an audience held with other nobles in the presence of King Fritz. He is concerned with Rod Reiss's suggestion that the royal government begin giving out food rations to the Walls' citizens, but Rod insists that the expenditure was necessary to boost the citizens' morale, and to improve the royal family's public approval.[2]

Aurille attends another meeting with the assembly to discuss their failure to learn anything about Eren Jaeger and Historia Reiss's whereabouts from Erwin Smith, or the information that Nick may have leaked to the Scouts. Aurille points out that if they show too much interest in Nick's death, it might tip off the Scouts to their hand in Nick's death, and Gerald agrees that they need to deal with the Scouts. The meeting is interrupted by the arrival of a message from Rod, revealing that he has Eren and Historia, and has made his move against the Scouts.[3]

Aurille with the other nobles

Following Erwin's arrest, the assemblymen hold a meeting to discuss what information could be gained from his interrogation. The meeting is interrupted by the news that Erwin has arrived for his trial. As they conclude the meeting to go preside over Erwin's trial, Aurille happily declares that once they have executed Erwin, the Walls' secrets will once again be safe. As they arrive in Fritz's throne room, Aurille kicks off the trial by asking Erwin if he has any last words.[4]

Erwin argues that the Scout Regiment is necessary, as it is humanity's only hope of reclaiming Wall Maria and ending the food shortage that has been threatening to cause a civil war within the Walls, but Aurille and Gerald ignore the argument and instead bring up Erwin's supposed breaching of the Charter of Humanity. After receiving testimony from Dot Pyxis, Aurille confers with his assemblymen before announcing that Erwin will be sentenced to death for his crimes.

Aurille orders closing the gates to Wall Sina

As Erwin is being taken away, a soldier barges in on the trial to announce that Wall Rose has been breached. Before the Military personnel present can mobilize, Aurille orders Wall Sina's gates be closed to any refugees, for fear that civil war will break out, as Erwin predicted. He then quietly reassures his fellow nobles that they will only need to wait a few more days for Rod Reiss to obtain the Founding Titan from Eren Jaeger. They are interrupted by the arrival of Dhalis Zachary, who reveals with Dot Pyxis that the report of Wall Rose being breached was falsified to test how they would react to the crisis, and determine whether or not they are fit to lead. Aurille tries to claim that the public will stand with their King, but Zachary reveals that a local newspaper has published an article revealing that the Scout Regiment was framed for their actions by the Royal Government, and that Fritz is not the true king.[5]

After being overthrown, Aurille and his comrades are repeatedly tortured by Zachary. Confident that Rod will be able to erase the populace's memories once he has recovered the Founding Titan, the nobles do not bother trying to keep anything secret, and freely give away all of the government's secrets.

Aurille threatens Zachary

Zachary chooses to round out Aurille's torture by hooking him up to a machine that will force him to ingest his own urine, and digest food through his rectum. As he does so, Zachary happily tells Aurille that he will be paraded through the public every week in order to humiliate him in front of his former citizens. Uncowed, Aurille angrily mocks Zachary, claiming that he will soon lose his memories. Zachary is unconcerned with Aurille's words, excitedly sticking a tube into his mouth to silence him.[6]

After Rod Reiss is finally defeated and Historia is crowned as the queen, Aurille is seen inside a prison.[7]