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Quote1.png I mean, what can I do? It's autumn, and that's the season for food!! Quote2.png
— Krista justifies her weight gain to Ymir

Autumn in This Manga (作中では秋です Sakuchūde wa Aki desu?) is the 8th chapter of the 4th volume and the 31st chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Krista has a craving for some crepes after school, but Ymir states the former will gain weight if she keeps eating nonstop. When Krista protests this, Ymir points out her eating habits over the course of the last few months.


Ymir reminds Krista that she has been binge-eating since April

As Krista and Ymir head back home after school, they walk past a shop selling crepes and Krista insists on having them. Ymir turns down her request, claiming she is becoming fat and questions her about all that she had eaten in the past days. Krista's face flushes, as she reveals it has something to do with her chest area. Grabbing parts of Krista's body, Ymir questions if they are her chest area as well. Krista is embarrassed and she admits to putting on weight but blames autumn for her situation, calling it the season for food.

Krista fears becoming a pig

Ymir retorts by accusing Krista of binge-eating since April and threatens her that if she continues eating in such a manner, she will turn into a pig from a movie. Krista is deeply disheartened by this remark and she tears up at the thought of becoming a pig and losing her friends. To cheer her up, Ymir offers to split the food between them, which will prevent her from becoming a pig and as they start walking back home, Krista promises to exercise.

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