The Azumabito family (アズマビト家 Azumabito-ke?) is an influential family that descended from Hizuru's former Shogun clan (将軍家 Shōgun-ke?).[2]

Near the end of the Great Titan War a century ago, a son of the Shogun clan who regularly visited Paradis Island became stuck on the island when King Karl Fritz moved the capital of Eldia to it and erected the three Walls.[2] This son would later found the Oriental clan (東洋の一族 Tōyō no ichizoku?) inside the Walls.[1]


Before the Great Titan War, the Eldian Empire and the nation of Hizuru were allies. A son from the Shogun clan (that would later become the Azumabito family) had a close relationship with the Fritz family and regularly visited Paradis Island. When King Karl Fritz moved the capital of Eldia to Paradis, that son was visiting and ended up being left behind by Hizuru in the confusion. He began the "Oriental clan" inside the Walls.[2]

When King Fritz erased the memories of the Eldians inside the Walls, the Oriental clan was unaffected due to not being Subjects of Ymir. After turning against the Royal Government alongside the Ackermann family and rejecting the King's offer of nobility, the Oriental bloodline was exiled from society and hunted down.[1] By the year 844, it was said that the Orientals had been hunted down to near extinction within the Walls.[3]


The Struggle for Trost arc

During the Battle of Trost District, Mikasa Ackermann recalls the time from her childhood when her mother and father were killed by bandits who were hoping to sell her and her mother to potential buyers in the underground city. She is rescued by Eren Jaeger when he kills two of the traffickers and Mikasa herself kills the third after Eren urges her to fight. After the death of her mother, Mikasa becomes the last surviving member of the Oriental clan within the Walls.[3]

Royal Government arc

In a conversation with Levi Ackermann before their confrontation with Kenny Ackermann and his subordinates, Mikasa mentions how her mother's family lost their home, possibly due to their Oriental heritage.[1]

Marley arc

Kiyomi Azumabito meets with Zeke Jaeger sometime between 850 and 852. He tells her of his wish for the resurgence of Eldia and how helping him would in turn benefit Hizuru and the Azumabito family. She is initially skeptical, but Zeke gives her the main body from the omni-directional mobility gear he had procured, elucidating that the iceburst stone capable of fueling the equipment is unique to Paradis. Through an alliance, the Azumabito family would be able to take advantage of it to help restore Hizuru's power as a nation.[2]

In 852, Kiyomi visits Paradis Island as a special envoy. She meets Mikasa Ackermann, who is surprised by her similarity to her mother. Mikasa shows her the Azumabito family crest tattooed on her wrist and is complimented on this. She reveals that Mikasa is the last descendant of a Shogunate branch that had settled upon the island, and is therefore directly related to the Azumabito family. In a meeting, Kiyomi goes on to explain a method in which the island would catch up with the rest of the world.[2]

In 853, the Azumabito family replies that they are not willing to help Paradis Island trade with other nations because they want all of its resources for themselves.[2]

One month after the Marley Mid-East War, ambassadors from across the world are invited to a festival in the Marleyan city of Liberio. Of these ambassadors, at least one is sent from Hizuru. One of these ambassadors is Kiyomi Azumabito. Udo, a Warrior candidate, accidentally spills some wine on her kimono during a gathering on the eve of the festival. Fearing for Udo's safety given his Eldian heritage, Kiyomi claims that she had spilled the wine on herself and was asking the boy for assistance. As she departs, the other candidates serving the ambassadors are surprised by the benevolence of the ambassador.[4]

Before the curtain rises for Willy Tybur's speech, Kiyomi visits him backstage. Willy welcomes her on behalf of the whole Azumabito family, and is praised by Kiyomi for his bravery. She prays he is able to successfully fulfill his duty, before leaving the festival in its entirety.[5]



  • In the manga, the oriental clan possesses a special tattoo-like brand passed down from generation to generation, which Mikasa receives from her mother shortly before her parents are murdered. In the anime and the visual novel, this brand is replaced with a unique stitching method.[6][3]
    • The unique stitching method was retconned once more and replaced with the special tattoo in episode 69.
  • The family crest of the Azumabito family is a circle with a triangle made up of three samurai swords inside, as homage to the family's Shogun roots. It is sewn to their clothing and even tattooed to their skin.
  • A common stereotype is that the Azumabitos are sensitive to the smell of money.[2]
  • The name "Azumabito" literally means "east man" (東人) in Old Japanese, and was the given name of several prominent historical figures during the Nara period.



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