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BTN (Before the New-School-Year-Ceremony) (BTN(Before the 入学式) BTN(Before the Nyūgakushiki)?) is the 1st side story of the 7th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Having been homeschooled their whole lives, the two Inocencio siblings have been forced to attend public school. Upon arriving, Sharle bumps into another student; having thought that whoever she bumps into will be her junior high crush, Sharle is terrified when she realizes that she bumped into a Titan student. Another kid comes over and knocks the Titan aside, only to be quickly beaten by Xavi after getting a reward from Sharle.


Two siblings arrive at Attack Junior High and one of them, Sharle inquires as to why the school is completely surrounded by walls. The other, Xavi, reminds her that they will have to pay attention now that they are attending public school. As they get closer, Sharle bumps into a passing Titan student; recalling how she believes that whoever she bumps into will be destined to have a crush on, Sharle becomes terrified when she sees it is a Titan.

Suddenly, another kid appears and is able to push the Titan aside; he goes on to warn them to stay away from the Titans. The kid motions to the bread and Sharle, believing him to be hungry, offers it to him as a reward. Xavi runs over and asks if the other kid gave Sharle any diseases due to his presence and refuses to believe he merely helped Sharle with the Titan. Calling the kid a hobo, Xavi punches him in the face and knocks him unconscious.

Sharle goes to tend to him and learns the kid's name is Kuklo; when asked what happened, Kuklo responds that he had no energy to fight Xavi after eating the bread Sharle gave him. After Kuklo falls asleep, Sharle's heart begins pounding and wonders if Kuklo is the one she is destined to have a school crush on.

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