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Bacchanalia of Greed (強欲の狂宴 Gōyoku no Kyōen?) is the 1st chapter of the 6th volume and the 18th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Jorge continues telling his story.

Angel recognizes Mammon as the Titan that ate his partner, Corina. To ensure Angel's safety, Jorge sends Sorum off to retreat to Wall Maria with him. Eventually, the whole of the corps retreat but Angel's horse gives out. Sorum decides to distract Mammon but falls off his horse and breaks his leg. Angel comes back to retrieve him and gets Sorum on his horse. Sorum takes Angel's bomb and says his final words, then sacrifices himself by falling off Angel's horse. He is picked up by Mammon and the lower part of his body is crushed. Sorum musters his strength to detonate the bomb by sacrificing himself.


In the forest of iron bamboo, Cardina Baumeister recognizes the name "Mammon" as being an ancient demon of greed in old legends. Kuklo contemplates on the story of the Titan that killed his mother. Jorge Pikale continues his story from fifteen years ago.

Mammon attacks the soldiers

In the battle outside the Walls, Jorge is shocked to hear from Angel Aaltonen of Mammon's return. As Jorge orders a retreat, Mammon continues to devour the Survey Corps soldiers. The troops are enraged and continue to fight against Mammon despite Jorge's orders. As Carlo Pikale attempts to snap the soldiers back to their senses, Jorge orders a head officer to rally the troops for retreat. He then orders Sorum Humé to take Angel back to Shiganshina District, stating his importance as a civilian with great technical knowledge. Angel continues to look on in horror at Mammon, remembering his apprentice Corina whom Mammon killed not long ago. As Sorum meets up with Angel, they begin to retreat.

Back in the bamboo forest, Jorge tells the others present that the battle was not simply a battle, but a massacre, though that is not the full significance of the story. Returning to the tale from the battle, a Titan that had been shot between the eyes returns to the fight fully healed, flanking Sorum and Angel. Sorum, Angel, and Jorge avoid the Titan, though it catches another soldier while the rest retreat. As Jorge urges the troops to ride faster, he fires a black flare, alerting the soldiers atop Wall Maria that an emergency situation is at hand. However, Angel's horse begins to slow down, exhausted from the battle. As Mammon begins to close the distance with Angel, Sorum turns around to ward off Mammon long enough for Angel to escape.

Sorum sacrifices himself to kill Mammon

Sorum succeeds in distracting Mammon, but he is eventually knocked off of his horse, horrifying Angel. Angel rides back to rescue Sorum, whose leg has been horrible mangled in his fall. While Angel carries Sorum on horseback towards Wall Maria, Sorum asks for a bomb that Angel has on his person. Jorge orders the troops to continue riding to Shiganshina while he turns back for Sorum and Angel. Taking Angel's bomb, Sorum asks Angel to look after his wife Maria for him. Letting himself fall from Angel's horse, a sword in hand and the bomb in his mouth, Sorum is grabbed by Mammon while Angel calls out to him despairingly. As Mammon lifts Sorum up to its face, Sorum stabs it in the eye and he is released from Mammon's grip.

With his lower body crushed beyond hope of recovery, Sorum clings to Mammon's head with his knife. He bites down on the bomb, engulfing Mammon's head in a fiery explosion.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Cardina Baumeister
  2. Jorge Pikale
  3. Xenophon Harkimo
  4. Kuklo
  5. Sharle Inocencio
  6. Angel Aaltonen (flashback)
  7. Mammon (killed in flashback)
  8. Holger (flashback)
  9. Carlo Pikale (flashback)
  10. Julian (killed in flashback)
  11. Sorum Humé (killed in flashback)