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This article is about the arc containing Chapters 3 - 14 of the Attack on Titan manga. For the events of the battle itself, see Battle of Trost District.

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Battle of Trost District arc is the second story arc of the Attack on Titan manga.


Shortly after their graduation, the members of the 104th Training Corps are suddenly forced into a fight against the Titans as the Colossus Titan appears at Trost District and breaks through the Wall. During the battle, Eren Yeager learns of the mysterious power deep inside him.


Cover Number Title Release date
3 Night of the Disbanding Ceremony
 (解散式の夜 Kaisan-shiki no Yoru?)
November 9, 2009
Chapter 3 Cover.pngAs the members of the 104th Training Corps graduate and are disbanded, they are faced with the decision to join one of three military branches. While many of the top 10 graduates are relieved to join the Military Police Brigade and live in the safety of the inner Walls, Eren is determined to exterminate the Titans by joining the Survey Corps. Mikasa, equally determined to protect him, and Armin, not wanting to be a burden to others, make the same decision. A brief exchange with Hannes triggers Eren's memories of his father's mysterious disappearance. The next day, Connie Springer and the other graduates reveal that they, too, will join the Survey Corps. Hopes for the future of humanity are high when the Colossus Titan suddenly appears out of nowhere, just as it had five years before.

Cover Number Title Release date
4 First Battle
 (初陣 Uijin?)
December 9, 2009
Chapter 4 Cover.pngEren immediately targets the Colossus Titan but is unsuccessful as it disappears in the steam. Chaos erupts at headquarters, where newly graduated trainees are forced into battle due to the shortage of soldiers. Mikasa is separated from Eren as she is assigned to the elite squad in the rear guard to protect civilians. A brief flashback to the trainees' classroom reveals the little information humanity has obtained so far on the Titans. Afterward, Eren and his group move out as the middle guard, foolishly confident. Things fall apart as they are eaten one by one. Armin, the last one alive and uninjured, is paralyzed in horror until he, too, is grabbed by a Titan. Driven by their dream to leave the Walls one day, Eren musters the strength to save him just in time, sacrificing himself in the process.

Cover Number Title Release date
5 A Dull Glow in the Midst of Despair
 (絶望の中で鈍く光る Zetsubō no Naka de Nibuku Hikaru?)
January 9, 2010
Chapter 5 Cover.pngConnie shakes Armin awake, who spaced out. Armin promptly remembers that his team was wiped out entirely by a group of Titans and starts screaming frantically as a result. Armin apologizes for causing his friends trouble and leaves to join the rear guard. Jean and Connie head to the front, leaving in the opposite direction. Armin's equipment fails to grapple the Wall in front and he crashes into the Wall, sliding down and injuring himself. He mourns Eren's death, blaming it on himself.

Meanwhile, Trost citizens are trapped because of an angry merchant ordering his men to push a cart through the gate, blocking the villagers from fleeing. An Abnormal Titan rapidly approaches and the Elite Squad follows swiftly from behind, but is unable to catch up. Mikasa speeds in front of the group and manages to kill the Titan before it kills anyone. Seeing the cart, she then threatens the merchant to move and he reluctantly does so. When she is thanked by a mother and her daughter, she recalls a dark time in her childhood.

Cover Number Title Release date
6 The World that the Girl Saw
 (少女が見た世界 Shōjo ga Mita Sekai?)
February 9, 2010
Chapter 6 Cover.pngEren and Grisha Yeager find Mikasa's parents dead. Grisha instructs Eren to wait downstairs while he calls for the police. Meanwhile, Mikasa slowly gains consciousness in her kidnappers' hideout but is tied up.

A few hours earlier, three men locate Mikasa's home and kill both her parents right in front of her eyes. She is then knocked unconscious and kidnapped. Suddenly, the robbers in their hideout hear a knock on the door and Eren comes in, acting lost. One of the robbers approaches him but Eren slits the robber's throat with a dagger. Eren also kills the second robber as the second robber attempted to attack him. He then frees Mikasa from her binds but the third robber appears and lifts Eren up as he strangles him. Eren frantically yells at Mikasa to fight or both of them will die. Mikasa comes to a realization that the world has always been cruel and that she has to fight. She immediately stops shaking and stabs the man squarely in the heart, saving Eren.

The police arrive hours after the scene along with Grisha, who hugs Eren and scolds him for his recklessness. Mikasa asks Grisha where she can make it back home, although she has nowhere to go. As a token of acceptance, Eren gives Mikasa his scarf and Grisha takes her into his family.

In the present, Mikasa thinks about Eren.

Cover Number Title Release date
7 Small Blade
 (小さな刃 Chīsana Yaiba?)
March 9, 2010
Chapter 7 Cover.pngThe soldiers are low on faith that they will be able to reach their supplies after a horde of Titans have surrounded the HQ, trapping several inside. Mikasa arrives at the scene and finds Armin, asking where the rest of his team is. Armin breaks down before answering that all of them, except him, have been killed. Mikasa calms Armin down and tries to motivate the soldiers. She promptly leaves them and eventually, everyone follows. The teams tail Mikasa, but after killing a few Titans, she runs out of gas. Mikasa readies herself as a Titan approaches her, planning to give up if Eren is not with her anymore. Somehow, she remembers Eren's words to fight and she instinctively defends herself against the Titan. Before she is able to attack it, right before her eyes, another Titan arrives to fight the Titan.

Cover Number Title Release date
8 Roar
 (咆哮 Hōkō?)
April 9, 2010
Chapter 8 Cover.pngMikasa stands in bewilderment witnessing a rogue Titan killing another Titan. Armin comes in and picks Mikasa up. Connie approaches them and advises that they leave. They subsequently notice that same Titan killing other Titans. While formulating a plan, Armin plans to leave himself behind while Mikasa takes his gas. Mikasa discards that idea and insists that they are not going to leave him. Connie announces that he will carry Armin while Mikasa covers them. Before departing, Armin states that he has a plan.

Meanwhile, Jean leads a group of soldiers to HQ while the group of Titans next to them are occupied. When they reach HQ, they find that Titans are swarming the building. The same rogue Titan kills off the Titans around the building, and Mikasa with Connie and Armin drop in. They advocate that using that Titan is their best chance of survival.

Cover Number Title Release date
9 The Beating of a Heart Can Be Heard
 (心臓の鼓動が聞こえる Shinzō no Kodō ga Kikoeru?)
May 9, 2010
Chapter 9 Cover.pngWhile the rogue Titan is attacking other Titans outside, some of the trainees find weapons against the seven Titans which infiltrated the lower-level of the supply room. Armin devises a plan for the trainees without relying on their vertical maneuvering equipment; his plan states that a group of soldiers must be lowered down by a lift with firearms ready, drawing attention to the Titans. While the seven Titans are distracted, seven trainees must jump down from above and hit their weak spots. Sasha and Connie, who were unable to reach the Titans' weak spot, were saved by Mikasa and Annie. Everyone refills their gas for their equipment and head outside. Mikasa spots the rogue Titan from before killing other Titans. Eventually, the Titan runs out of energy and collapses. Mikasa notices a person emerging from the nape - upon closer view she realizes that it is Eren. She runs to embrace him, listening for his heartbeat. Hearing his beating heart, she takes him to the rooftops by the others and begins to sob while the others stand in shock.

Cover Number Title Release date
N/A Captain Levi
 (リヴァイ兵士長 Rivai Heishi-chō?)
December 9, 2010
Side Story 1 Cover.pngA brief summary about the history of the Titans is given, retelling that the Titans appeared around 100 years ago and of the attack on the Shiganshina District by the Colossus Titan. Five years later as the Survey Corps prepare to leave for another expedition, Captain Levi Ackerman is introduced as humanity's strongest soldier with Hange Zoë riding beside him. As the expedition goes on, Levi tries to save a wounded soldier by killing the Titan that is trying to eat him. He then orders his squad to take care of one Titan while he takes care of two others. Afterward, he speaks with the dying soldier as Petra Ral tries to save him. Once the soldier passes on, the Commander, Erwin Smith, tells them that they are going back to Trost District because he speculates that it has been attacked.

Cover Number Title Release date
10 Where's the Left Arm?
 (左腕の行方 Hidariude no Yukue?)
June 9, 2010
Chapter 10 Cover.pngInside the stomach of a Titan, Eren laments his defeat but does not give up. Somehow, a giant left arm appears out of the Titan, and another Titan emerges from it. Eren, in his Titan form, begins consciously killing other Titans. When Eren is back in his human form, he wakes up to a group of Garrison soldiers surrounding him, Mikasa and Armin. Kitz Weilman interrogates Eren, asking him if he is human or a Titan. Eren hesitates and answers that he is human, but Weilman signals the cannons to open fire. Mikasa plans on fleeing by climbing up the Wall while Armin tries a way to reason with the soldiers. They are stopped by cannon fire, and after remembering when his father told him about his power, Eren instinctively uses it to protect his friends. Eren activates his power and deflects the cannonball using an incomplete form of his Titan as a shield.

Cover Number Title Release date
11 Response
 (応える Kotaeru?)
July 9, 2010
Chapter 11 Cover.pngA temporary idea from the technological squad is creating a giant net with harpoon heads over the breach in the Wall to hoard away the Titans is working out for Trost District. While the trainees are briefly away from sudden danger, some regroup to refill their gas, while others scale the Wall. Reiner, with Annie and Jean, hear cannon fire coming from the other side. It is Eren shielding Mikasa and Armin using his Titan shifting ability. Eren plans on finding more about his Titan shifting, and he must go to his father's basement alone in order to do that. While Mikasa protests, Eren announces that he will let Armin make the final decision for them only if Armin can convince the officials that Eren is not a threat. Armin steps forward and tries to convince Weilman, however his reasoning remains ineffective until Commander Pixis steps in, willing to listen to what Armin and his friends have to say.

Cover Number Title Release date
12 Icon
 (偶像 Gūzō?)
August 9, 2010
Chapter 12 Cover.pngArmin formulates a simple plan for Eren to plug up the hole in Trost. Pixis gets all the soldiers' attention by introducing Eren as a human with the power of the Titans, who will use his new power to carry a large boulder to plug the hole. While some soldiers remain unconvinced, Pixis states that whoever is uneasy is free to go, but they risk giving their loved ones that same fear. Eren and his group swing down from the Wall and use said boulder to plug the hole. Eren transforms into a Titan and their operation to reclaim the district commences. However, turning to Mikasa standing behind him, he violently swings his fist at her.

Cover Number Title Release date
13 Wound
 ( Kizu?)
September 9, 2010
Chapter 13 Cover.pngEren's Titan strikes a blow at Mikasa and misses, shocking the Garrison squad. Rico shoots a red flare, signaling the mission to be a failure. In the end, they settle with defending Eren's position by killing off nearby Titans. Before Mikasa follows them, she notices that Eren's hands have not regenerated yet. Soon enough, Armin finds Eren and plans to wake him up. Mikasa states that it is futile, but Armin decides on trying anyway. Armin announces that she should focus on her mission, so Mikasa entrusts Eren to him. Armin reminds Eren of his goal to exterminate the Titans, which Eren absentmindedly forgets.

Cover Number Title Release date
14 Primitive Desire
 (原初的欲求 Gensho-teki Yokkyū?)
October 9, 2010
Chapter 14 Cover.pngWhile the soldiers are off fighting nearby Titans, Armin manages to wake Eren up from his dormant state in his Titan form. Soon enough, Eren proceeds to continue his mission. The sight of him carrying the boulder gives the Garrison elite soldiers hope, so they plan to continue defending him to ensure humanity's victory. After Mitabi and Ian meet their deaths, Eren succeeds in plugging the breach in Wall Rose. Rico shoots a yellow flare, signifying mission success. Unlike the other soldiers, Mikasa is only keen on leaving as soon as they retrieve Eren. Titans swarm behind them, but they are saved when Captain Levi comes to their rescue, heralding the return of the Survey Corps.