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Bauduin Bernhart (ボードワン・ベルンハルト Bōdowan Berunharuto?) is the former Vice Commander of the Military Police Brigade and uncle of Captain Gloria Bernhart. He is the former rival of Captain Jentsch Dafner for the position of Commander of the Military Police.


Bauduin Bernhart is a somewhat imposing man with a hooked nose, dark hair and sports a mustache. While not seen performing his duties, it is presumed that he wore the traditional uniform as part of the Military Police.


As a high ranking member of the Military Police, Bauduin held a great deal of power. Although he gives off a friendly and approachable façade, he is a ruthless man who will stop at nothing to become the next Commander of the Military Police; he is also among those who see no value in the Survey Corps and wishes to disband them.


At some point in his life, Bauduin learned that his brother had taken in an orphan named Gloria as a daughter. Eventually, Bauduin's brother and sister-in-law died and he gained custody of his foster niece; it is presumed upon hearing her wish to join the Military Police, Bauduin had a hand in getting her application accepted when she became of age.


Underground City arc

Bauduin is first mentioned by Gloria as a possible candidate to become the next commander of the Military Police along with Jentsch Dafner, the captain of the Military Police force in the Industrial City.[1] After the uprising caused by the Dissidence Movement, Jentsch is stripped of his rank and Bauduin is given command. He subsequently makes Gloria the interim head for the next few months.[2] Bauduin then appears with Gloria at a society event and is noticed by fellow Military Police member Xavi Inocencio.[3]

Restoration of the Survey Corps arc

Roughly a few weeks later, Bauduin is approached by Gloria and informed that the Survey Corps is working with an inventor in the Industrial City, Xenophon Harkimo, to craft a means to fight against the Titans. Bauduin is against the idea and still wishes to disband the Survey Corps, seeing it as a waste of time and resources. However, he begrudgingly tells Gloria that he will halt his efforts for the time being. Knowing that his niece will be in charge of the Industrial City MP's for the next three months, he tells Gloria that will be all the time he will allow.[4] In addition, an expedition will be held at the end of the three months to test the device in question to see if it really would be effective; if not, Bauduin declares he will have the Survey Corps disbanded effective immediately.[5] Gloria then departs and relays the conditions to the inventors[6] and is also passed to the heads of the Survey Corps and Training Corps, Carlo and Jorge Pikale.

Survival Expedition arc

Bauduin laughs at a dying Gloria

Despite giving his word that he will wait upon receiving results from Gloria's monitor Xavi, Bauduin believed it to be a waste of time and proceeded ahead with his efforts.[7] He was able to override the decision made by Gloria to have Moritz Hellmesberger killed; knowing he will be looking to get revenge upon her for the failed uprising in the Industrial City, Bauduin organized for him to assassinate his niece. After Gloria arrives to the capital and remains firm in her decision, Bauduin lures her in and agreeing to hold up his end of the bargain. Ordering their carriage to stop, he claims motion sickness and requests she accompany him on foot the rest of the way.[8] Immediately after Gloria is fatally stabbed by a crazed Moritz, Bauduin shoots the man in the head. He steps out and looks over the body of his niece, laughing as he leaves her body on the street next to Moritz.[9]

However, Bauduin's victory would be short-lived; he was eventually arrested by other members of the Military Police for the assassination of his niece. With the numerous details given to Xavi regarding the tasks and political smears Gloria did for her uncle, Bauduin would get his title and rank revoked, and sent to prison.[10]


  • Gloria Bernhart - While they had not been seen interacting much, it is believed that Bauduin initially got along with his niece Gloria. Over time as she started to go against his beliefs, Bauduin began to harbor a growing resentment towards her; this culminated in her efforts to keep him from disbanding the Survey Corps. While harboring a slight bit of remorse upon deceiving her, Bauduin felt nothing but relief after Gloria had been assassinated, laughing upon seeing her bleed out in the street.
  • Jentsch Dafner - As his political rival and opponent in becoming the next commander of the Military Police, Bauduin views Jentsch with contempt. It is presumed that Gloria's hand in the uprising that took place in the Industrial City was in part initiated by Bauduin; him being given command of the city's MP's immediately is further proof of how far he is willing to go to eliminate his rivals.

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