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The Baumeister family (バウマイスター家 Baumaisutā-ke?) is a noble family that lives within the Walls. They associate themselves with other nobles and are no strangers to political trading, affairs, or interaction.


At least 50 years before the fall of Wall Maria, the Baumeister family was an aristocratic family closely tied with government and its affairs. Throughout the years of the Baumeister family, they have been affiliated with other wealthy families, such as the Inocencio family. In addition to their high status in society, Cardina was interested in applying for the military, but quit without fully completing his training. For unknown reasons, Cardina's father passed away. Cardina soon was arrested due to political turmoil.


Shiganshina arc

Across Cardina's jail cell, he is able to converse with another figure. He introduces himself to be Kuklo. Cardina tells Kuklo a short story about the city of Naraka.[1]

Two weeks go by, and Cardina along with Kuklo are tied up in a wagon to be fed to the Titans. Luckily, Kuklo acquires a knife and cuts off the other prisoners' binds and Cardina's. Cardina and Kuklo are noticeably the only two who jump off the wagon, as the other prisoners have accepted their fate. They decide to run to the edge of Wall Maria where Kuklo is able to make out a bright light belonging to a soldier. The soldier lowers a steel wire down, but Cardina comes to save Kuklo when he is in trouble fending for himself against a Titan. The two of them get hoisted up together, and they are introduced to the Military Police Brigade soldier, Jorge Pikale. Cardina is happy to see an old comrade, and they make their way to civilization.[2][3]

Visit to the Industrial City arc

Cardina is greeted with much hostility by Sharle Inocencio when arriving to the Industrial City. He is led to a factory house where he is able to stay. He also meets foreman Xenophon Harkimo and is quite eager to impress him. Thus, Cardina plans to join the Survey Corps with Kuklo.[4]




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