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Be-Bop Junior High (ビーバップ・ジュニアハイ Bībappu Juniahai?) is the 2nd chapter of the 6th volume and the 41st chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


The Survey Club learns that Levi and Mr. Smith did not use to be close friends, but enemies before both were in the club. What is their history and how did they get onto such good terms with the other?


While attending a Survey Club meeting, the Class Four members are stunned to learn that Mr. Smith and Levi were once enemies. After haggling them several times for money, Hange explains this was during Levi's first year of junior high before he even joined the Survey Club. Despite his constant run-ins with Mr. Smith, Levi is refused to join the club Mr. Smith is advising. He later confides in Hange that he is determined to win Mr. Smith's respect and admission.

Several days later, Levi corners Mr. Smith and several other teachers in the faculty room equipped with a broom and cleaning supplies. Before the other instructors can stop Levi, he ends up effortlessly cleaning the faculty room and then charges Mr. Smith. Knowing he is looking to sign up for his club, the Home-Making Club, Mr. Smith evades him but is surprised when Levi still manages to write his name on the form. Impressed, Mr. Smith gives his permission and for the first time in three years, the club holds a meeting on campus.

As Hange again requests they pay her more for telling the story, Eren inquires if it really happened or just a fictional backstory she came up with. Hange takes offense to this and Eren demands to see proof and decides to ask Mr. Smith and Levi; Mr. Smith promptly thanks Levi for a rousing club session and leaves, only to immediately return and start a Survey Club meeting. When he confronts Levi, Eren gets slapped across the room and Mr. Smith reveals it was a secret club set up between them because having other people join the club would be a nuisance for him.

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