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Be-Bop Junior High (Battle of the Four Kings of Heaven Edition) (ビーバップ・ジュニアハイ (四天王激闘編) Bībappu Juniahai (Shi tennō gekitō-hen)?) is the 1st side story of the 6th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Back during Levi's first year at Attack Junior High School, it was a much more violent place where both Titans and a group of punks reigned supreme. How did the school come from that to what it is today?


During Levi's first year at Attack Junior High two years ago, a group of punks talk about his impending arrival; one backs up the claim after seeing Levi fight off someone successfully in the fourth grade. The other three are not impressed and dismiss the claim, when Levi suddenly appears and roughs them up.

Later that day, Levi is cornered by a larger group of the punks and begin to harass him. The three gang leaders comment on how there is a system students must follow and the upperclassmen are there to enforce it; Levi quickly bests the first two leaders, which provokes the ire of the most senior of the upperclassmen. Levi comments how the rumors of the school were greatly exaggerated, which shakes the upperclassman and begins to reconsider; however, he quickly brushes those thoughts aside and takes off his weighted coat to prepare himself for fighting Levi personally.

During the interaction, two students from inside the school watch with awe at how proficient Levi is in fighting. Eventually, the final leader gets beaten and forfeits his title of boss to Levi.

Several days pass and Levi has taken control of the gang to begin cleaning up the school and the surrounding area. The former leaders note how they have changed themselves due to Levi beating them and have become better kids as a result; Levi merely begins slapping them for not cleaning the toilets.

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