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Beane (ビーン Bīn?) is one of the Titans captured by Hange Zoë.


Beane has brown hair, and is seen wearing a red collar around its neck.


Beane is a more docile Titan compared to its kind, but can be seen showing energetic movements and actions from time to time.


Beane, along with Sawney, is a Titan kept by Hange Zoë in the biology club room. They are both introduced to a group of Year 1 students after Eren had asked Hange why she was running out of money. Beane later chases after Hange when the latter sets it loose.[1]

At the end of the school's Sports Day games, Beane and Sawney are seen holding a giant confetti ball over the schoolyard.[2]

Hange tickles Beane

Beane is tickled by Hange

In the biology club, Hange begins her experiment by tickling Beane. Seeing the face Beane is making, she tells her assistant to sketch its face.[3]

Beane is later seen with Sawney cheering for the No Name Band.[4]