Beane (ビーン Bīn?) is one of the Titans captured by Hange Zoë.


Beane has brown hair, and is seen wearing a red collar around its neck.


Beane is a more docile Titan compared to its kind, but can be seen showing energetic movements and actions from time to time.


Beane, along with Sawney, is a Titan kept by Hange Zoë in the biology club room. They are both introduced to a group of Year 1 students after Eren had asked Hange why she was running out of money. Beane later chases after Hange when the latter sets it loose.[1]

At the end of the school's Sports Day games, Beane and Sawney are seen holding a giant confetti ball over the schoolyard.[2]

Beane is tickled by Hange

In the biology club, Hange begins her experiment by tickling Beane. Seeing the face Beane is making, she tells her assistant to sketch its face.[3]

Beane is later seen with Sawney cheering for the No Name Band.[4]



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