The Beast Titan is a mysterious Titan capable of speech. It is first seen during the invasion of Wall Rose.


This article is about one of the Nine Titans. For the 35th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, see The Beast Titan.

Quote1 The Beast Titan is the same as ever. It's a bit larger than the others, but that's far from all. Its pitching assault is an unprecedented, awe-inspiring weapon. Quote2
— A Marleyan analysis of Zeke's Beast Titan[2]

The Beast Titan (獣の巨人 Kemono no Kyojin?) is one of the Nine Titans. It is slightly larger than most Titans and takes on an animal-like appearance. It is currently in the possession of Zeke Yeager.


Animal traits

Unlike the largely human-like appearances of Titans in general, the Beast Titan exhibits animal-like traits, which can vary between inheritors. Zeke Yeager's Beast Titan was ape-like in appearance, while Falco Grice testifies that there once existed a Beast Titan with wings. Furthermore, Zeke Yeager's spinal fluid, which carried the power of the Beast Titan, was used to transform Falco into a Titan and evidently gave his Jaw Titan bird-like characteristics similar to those of a Beast Titan.[3]

Zeke Yeager's abilities

Zeke throwing rocks at the Survey Corps

Zeke's devastating throw

Zeke Yeager's Beast Titan has unique abilities that no other Beast Titan had, thanks to his royal blood and throwing experience. The nature of its power is similar to that of the Founding Titan.[4]

Powerful throwing

Zeke Yeager's ape-like Beast Titan possesses a devastating ability to throw objects with great accuracy and immense destructive capability.[2] This is notably used during the battle of Shiganshina District to wipe out most of the Survey Corps with crushed rocks.[5] Towards the end of the Marley Mid-East War, it wiped out the entire naval fleet of the Mid-East Allied Forces stationed at Fort Slava.[6]


During the brief battle with Levi, Zeke attempts to harden the Beast Titan's nape; however, Levi cuts the Beast Titan down before it could harden.[7] The Beast Titan would later harden its nape during the rematch, but several Thunder Spears shattered it.[8]

Titan creation

Zeke's scream

Zeke's scream turning Subjects of Ymir into Titans

With his royal blood, one of the most perilous attributes of Zeke's Beast Titan is the ability to turn Subjects of Ymir into Titans. If a person is given Zeke's spinal fluid, Zeke is able to transform him/her with a roar, much like the scream-based abilities of the Founding Titan and the Female Titan.[9] This ability can be used to devastating effect on the unsuspecting, such as the initiation of the Wall Rose invasion after the residents of Ragako were turned into Titans with the Beast Titan's power,[10] as well as the time when the Marleyan military made use of this power to drop Titans onto Fort Slava in an airstrike.[11] According to Niccolo, it is a common tactic for Marley to cause Pure Titans to overrun an area by sneaking in a few hundred specially prepared Eldians and having Zeke use this power to transform them.[12] However, there is a range to his scream.[13]

Beast Titan's roar

By screaming, Zeke's Beast Titan commands Pure Titans to move at night

Titan control

Zeke's Beast Titan is able to exercise some control over Pure Titans that he created through his screams. Zeke's Beast Titan is able to direct the actions of Pure Titans and can command them to move, resist the urge to eat humans, and stay in place. Titans under Zeke's control are even able to function using only moonlight without falling into fatigue. However, this ability is evidently imperfect; some Titans can somewhat ignore Zeke's Beast Titan's orders.[14]


The Beast Titan, like all the Nine Titans, was brought into the world after the death of Ymir Fritz. In the 1,700 years following her death, the Beast Titan was held in the possession of one or several of the warring Eldian houses subservient to the Founding Titan. After these seventeen centuries, when Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz family, abandoned the conflicts of Eldia and relocated to Paradis Island, the Beast Titan was taken by the nation of Marley during the Great Titan War.[15][16]

In 829, Tom Ksaver inherited the Beast Titan in order to research the Titan's memories. During his tenure, the Beast Titan would often stay in Marley, as Tom claimed he was not too useful in war.[17]

After 13 years, Zeke Yeager would inherit the power of the Beast Titan from Tom Ksaver. Over a year later, after the other Warriors had inherited their Titans, Zeke made use of his Titan form in a war between Marley and an enemy nation, using his Beast Titan to slaughter retreating soldiers in the battle.[2]

When the time came for the Paradis Island Operation, Zeke's Beast Titan was chosen to stay behind in Marley as deterrence against enemy forces.[18]


Clash of the Titans arc

Beast Titan army

The Beast Titan devastates Ragako

In the year 850, Zeke Yeager infiltrates Wall Rose and uses the power of his Beast Titan to transform the residents of Ragako into Titans,[4][19] possibly as a way to test the strength of the Eldians within the Walls.[10] Shortly afterward, a small group of his Titans is spotted by Squad Leader Mike Zacharias, who begins a mission with fellow soldiers and recruits of the Survey Corps in spreading the news of a Wall Rose invasion.[20] After killing five of Zeke's Ragako Titans, Zeke takes Mike's horse and throws it his way, sending him falling into the mouth of a Titan. Zeke's Beast Titan stops the remaining Titans from attacking while he asks Mike about the weapon the Eldians are using against the Titans, but Mike is too afraid to speak. Receiving no useful responses, the Beast Titan takes Mike's vertical maneuvering equipment and leaves the scene, releasing his hold over the Titans and allowing for them to eat Mike alive.[21]

Later that night, the Beast Titan climbs Wall Rose, tearing pieces of the Wall off to use as projectiles against a team of Survey Corps soldiers resting at Utgard Castle, killing both Lynne and Henning.[22] He then leaves Wall Rose, not to be seen again for some time.[23]

The Uprising arc

Reiner loses to the Beast Titan

The Beast Titan defeats the Armored Titan

Presumably two months following Zeke's invasion of Wall Rose, Zeke meets with his Warrior subordinates Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover in the ruins of Shiganshina District. The two want to return into the Walls to rescue their comrade Annie Leonhart who is trapped somewhere in Wall Sheena, though Zeke believes their best course of action is to wait for the Survey Corps to arrive in Shiganshina in order for the Warriors to obtain the sought-after "Coordinate." Conflict arises between Zeke and the two Warriors, who then decide their course of action through combat between Zeke's Beast Titan and Reiner's Armored Titan. The Beast Titan brutally overpowers the Armored Titan, and the decision is made to remain in Shiganshina.[24]

Return to Shiganshina arc

The Beast Titan Appears

The Beast Titan transforms outside Shiganshina

When the Survey Corps arrive in Shiganshina District as Zeke had predicted, the Armored Titan transforms on one side of the wall, which signaled Zeke to assume his Titan form as well. The Beast Titan acts as the commander of the Titan forces throughout the battle. As the majority of the Survey Corps are within the district, Zeke uses the power of his Titan to summon a blockade of Titans to the north of the district, preventing any escape.[25] At this time, Zeke also collapses the northern breach of the city, cutting off the troops from their horses north of Wall Maria.[26] Afterward, Zeke commands the smaller Titans under his influence to attack the soldiers north of the Wall.[27] The Survey Corps battle with the smaller Titans for a short time; and upon hearing the warning call from Reiner's Armored Titan within the district, Zeke's Beast Titan hurls Bertolt Hoover into the city in a barrel that had been waiting on standby atop the Cart Titan.[28]

Levi charges against the Beast Titan

Levi ambushes the Beat Titan

After a brief delay, Bertolt transforms into his Colossus Titan;[29] and in the meantime, Zeke begins a new assault on the Survey Corps soldiers north of the district, using crushed boulders as projectiles and sending them at devastating speeds into the houses and structures to the north of Wall Maria.[30] This strategy leaves the troops north of the Wall completely immobile, and Commander Erwin Smith joins them to formulate a do-or-die strategy against the Beast Titan.[31] In a last resort, the Survey Corps charges for the Beast Titan, using signal flares in an attempt to hinder its vision while Captain Levi maneuvers his way towards the Beast Titan, using the blockade of Titans as a path towards it.[32] The Beast Titan's bombardment nonetheless completely eradicates the charging soldiers, nearly killing Commander Erwin and ending the lives of all but one of the recruits.[33] However, in Zeke's distraction, Levi successfully ambushes the Beast Titan, completely dismembering it with no time for Zeke to defend himself. Zeke emerges from his ruined Beast Titan at Levi's mercy, but he is rescued soon afterward by the Cart Titan.[34] Zeke's injuries leave him unable to use his Beast Titan for the remainder of the battle.[35]

At some point, Warrior candidate Colt Grice was selected by Marley to be Zeke's eventual successor as the Beast Titan.[36]

Marley arc

Titan airstrike

The Beast Titan's airstrike

Four years later, Zeke uses the power of his Beast Titan to transform a group of parachuting Eldian captives into Titans during the battle of Fort Slava at the climax of the Marley Mid-East War, creating a devastating airstrike.[37] After Porco Galliard destroys the anti-Titan artillery, Reiner joins the combat on the ground and destroys the remaining anti-Titan artillery on top of a wall posing a threat to Zeke's Titan, he transforms into the Beast and uses leftover artillery rounds as projectiles against the navy of the Mid-East Allied Forces stationed in the bay near to the fort. The fleet fires upon the Beast Titan before it is destroyed, but Reiner's Armored Titan saves Zeke from fatal injuries.[38]

The Beast Titan repels the attacking Survey Corps

The Beast Titan joins the Raid on Liberio

During the Survey Corps assault on Liberio a month later, the Beast Titan approaches the plaza where a showdown between the Corps and Marley's Titans is in effect. When next to Galliard and Pieck, he gives the order to wipe out the enemy.[39] In the ensuing battle, the Beast Titan provides the Warriors with artillery support, hurling crushed debris around the plaza. Throughout the conflict, the Cart Titan protects Zeke from the Survey Corps, in particular Levi, and is in turn defended by the Jaw Titan.[40] Whilst the warriors maintained position, a sudden blast erupts at the port signaling Armin Arlert's transformation into the Colossus Titan, the Warriors formation is disrupted. While Pieck is distracted by the Survey Corps approaching attack, Levi ambushes the Beast Titan and swiftly cuts open its nape. Falling to the ground, Levi detonates an explosive in the Titan's neck before rapidly maneuvering away.[41]

While much of the Marleyan military assumes Zeke to be dead, he is in fact boarded onto the Survey Corps airship. Hange reveals that Zeke and the Survey Corps are working together, signifying a change in allegiance of the Beast Titan, and the airship moves out towards Paradis Island.[42]

War for Paradis arc

According to Zeke's plan, Historia Reiss is supposed to inherit the Beast Titan. Initially, the military wanted Historia to inherit Zeke's Titan immediately but her pregnancy has delayed the succession.[43] Despite this, while watching over Zeke in a Titan Forest, Levi begins making plans to have the Beast Titan temporarily held by a captured Yeagerist until the pregnancy is completed.[44]

Zeke's nape is exploded

The Beast Titan is struck by several Thunder Spears

In the forest, Zeke uses the power of his scream to transform 30 nearby Survey Corps soldiers into Pure Titans. This was possible as these soldiers had previously drunk alcohol laced in his spinal fluid, with military higher-ups having also been served this fluid. Zeke uses the opportunity to escape from the custody of the Corps.[45] Confident that Levi would not slaughter his own subordinates, Zeke summons three of the newly created Titans and plans to have the Titans take him to the agreed upon meeting place with Eren.[46] Zeke is stunned to see Levi appear in front of him and transforms into the Beast Titan. Tearing apart one of the Titans, Zeke scans the forest and throws the bloody Titan pieces towards Levi and notices many tree branches falling towards him. Although he hardens his nape, the Beast Titan is struck by several Thunder Spears that pierce through. Zeke can barely react before Levi detonates them, blowing apart the Beast Titan and critically injuring Zeke.[47]

Zeke screams

The Beast Titan screams

Zeke arrives in Shiganshina to find the district under siege from Marley's forces and Eren on the verge of being eaten by Reiner. Climbing to the top of Wall Maria in his Titan form, Zeke launches a volley of rocks which knock Reiner off of Eren and commends his younger brother for standing against Marley's forces, comforting him that he will now take care of the enemies.[48] After destroying many of the airships, the Beast Titan then spots the Cart Titan and shifts its attention to keep it at bay.[49] Noticing the Attack Titan is in the act of getting ambushed by both the Armored and Jaw Titans, it continues its barrage and critically damages both. Just then, it gets shot through the shoulder by Theo Magath and the Beast Titan falls off the Wall.[50] Once Zeke reawakens, he declares his intention to transform those affected by his spinal fluid into Pure Titans. After a short delay due to a plea from Colt, the Beast Titan screams nevertheless, before ordering the transformed Falco Grice to attack Reiner. Soon after, the Beast Titan is shot in the nape again. Seeing this as an opportunity to play dead, Zeke exits his Titan form and hides in its steam.[51]




Tom Ksaver character image
Tom Ksaver 


  • The Beast Titan is ranked 3rd on the Titan Popularity Poll.
  • The eyes of Zeke's Beast Titan originally had white sclerae with human-like irises and pupils;[52] however, they later got changed to having black sclerae with a large light dot in the center.[53]


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