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Quote1 That monkey Beast Titan is what caused this recent fiasco. It made Titans rise up from within the Wall. I wonder if he was trying to assess our strength. Quote2
— Ymir speculates about the purpose of the Beast Titan's arrival[1]

The Beast Titan (獣の巨人 Kemono no Kyojin?) is one of the Nine Titans. It has a unique ape-like appearance and is slightly larger than most Titans. It is currently in the possession of Zeke Jaeger and first appeared during the invasion of Wall Rose.[2]


Powerful and accurate throwing

Beast Titan's monstrous bombardment

The Beast Titan's monstrous bombardment

The Beast Titan possesses the devastating ability to throw objects with great accuracy and immense destructive capability.[3] This is notably used by Zeke Jaeger's Beast Titan during the battle of Shiganshina to wipe out most of the Scouts with crushed rocks. On a previous instance, the Beast Titan used his pitching skills to throw a horse at Miche Zacharius with great precision from a far distance away.[2]


During the brief battle with Levi, the Beast Titan attempts to harden its nape; however, Levi cuts the Beast Titan down before it could harden.[4]

Titan control

The Beast Titan is able to exercise some control over Pure Titans. Through vocal commands, the Beast Titan is able to direct the actions of Pure Titans and can command them to refrain from eating humans and stay in place if necessary.[2] Titans under the Beast Titan's control are even able to function using only moonlight without falling into fatigue.[5] However, this ability is evidently imperfect in comparison to the Founding Titan. Titans under the control of the Beast Titan either seem to be capable of ignoring orders or occasionally do not receive or comprehend orders given. Furthermore, Titans under the Beast Titan's control cannot act upon the unspoken will of the Beast's user and must be given some sort of direct verbal signal before taking action.[2]


Clash of the Titans arc

The Beast Titan leading Titans

The Beast Titan leading a horde of Titans

When Titans mysteriously appear within Wall Rose the Beast Titan is among them and is encountered by Miche Zacharius, who instantly notes the strangeness of its characteristics, mistaking the Titan for a regular Abnormal. As Miche's horse races back to him, the Beast Titan unexpectedly grabs it. After noticing Miche, the Beast Titan launches the horse at him to prevent his escape and knock him off the roof he was on. After Miche falls to the mouth of a Titan, the Beast Titan orders the other Titans to withhold eating him so that it can question Miche about the omni-directional mobility gear.

However, a Titan disobeys the Beast and it crushes its head to release Miche. The Beast Titan then proceeds to interrogate Miche, but as he neglects to respond out of shock, it theorizes that they do in fact speak the same language, but Miche is simply too frightened. After stealing the equipment, it allows the surrounding Titans to devour Miche. Miche screams in horror and pain while the Beast Titan is amused to see that he could in fact talk. It then leaves the grounds contemplating the ODM gear.[2]

Beast Titan Watches Fight

The Beast Titan watching Utgard Castle's destruction

The Beast Titan is later seen again wandering around outside Utgard Castle where several members of the Scout Regiment are trapped by Titans, despite Titans usually being inactive at night. It then climbs up Wall Rose and watches the Titans surrounding the tower from a distance.[5] After the Scouts kill most of the larger Titans, the Beast Titan begins throwing large stones at the tower, killing Lynne and Henning along with their remaining horses. Shortly afterward, twice as many Titans begin to advance on the tower while the Beast Titan roars at them from atop Wall Rose. Nanaba notices the unusually strategic method in their attacks, indicating that the Beast Titan is controlling the other Titans' actions. As the Titans swarm Utgard, the Beast Titan descends the other side of Wall Rose.[6]

The next day, while Reiner and Bertholdt are holding Eren and Ymir captive, Ymir notes how stunned the two had appeared when they first saw the Beast Titan at Utgard as if they knew what it was. She also theorizes that it is a key factor in their return to their hometown.[1] Shortly afterward, the Beast Titan stops in Shiganshina District, and its operator emerges from its nape, seemingly anticipating something to come.[7]

The Uprising arc

While waiting in Shiganshina District, the Beast Titan eventually meets up with the Warriors Bertholdt and Reiner. They try to convince him to work with them to free their comrade Annie Leonhart from captivity, but the Beast Titan refuses. Conflict arises, and Reiner uses his Armored Titan to try to force the Beast Titan's hand, however the Beast Titan brutally overpowers him. As Bertholdt helps Reiner out of his Titan body, the Beast Titan's operator emerges from his Titan, telling the two of them that Annie can wait until they secure the Coordinate. He then reveals his plan to ambush the Scout Regiment in Shiganshina with their help in order to capture Eren and the Coordinate.[8]

Return to Shiganshina arc

The Beast Titan hefts a boulder

The Beast Titan hefts a boulder

When the Scout Regiment arrives in Shiganshina District as Zeke had predicted, the Beast Titan appears with a small army of Pure Titans. It hefts a boulder and throws it in a perfect arc at the Wall, plugging the hole in the inner gate and preventing the Scout Regiment from bringing their horses through.[9] Afterward, Zeke commands the smaller Titans under his influence to attack the soldiers north of the Wall. Erwin orders Squad Levi to take down the Armored Titan, but he withholds Levi, whom he tasks with taking down the Beast Titan.[10]

The Scouts battle with the smaller Titans for a short time, and upon hearing the signal roar from Reiner's Armored Titan within the district, Zeke's Beast Titan hurls Bertholdt Hoover into the city in a barrel that had been waiting on standby atop the Cart Titan.[11]

The Beast Titan's projectiles

The Beast Titan throws projectiles

After a brief delay, Bertholdt transforms into his Colossal Titan,[11] and in the meantime Zeke begins a new assault on the Scouts north of the district, using crushed boulders as projectiles and sending them at devastating speeds into the houses and structures to the north of Wall Maria. This strategy leaves the soldiers north of the Wall completely immobile, and Commander Erwin Smith joins them to formulate a do-or-die strategy against the Beast Titan. In a last resort, the Scouts charge towards the Beast Titan using signal flares in an attempt to hinder its vision while Captain Levi maneuvers his way towards the Beast Titan, using the blockade of Titans as a path towards it.[3]

The Beast Titan's bombardment strikes all the charging soldiers, except for one. However, in Zeke's distraction, Levi successfully ambushes the Beast Titan, completely dismembering it with no time for Zeke to plan a defense. Zeke emerges from his ruined Beast Titan at Levi's mercy, but is soon afterward rescued by the Cart Titan.[4]





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