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Before the Expedition (遠征の前 Ensei no Mae?) is the 1st chapter of the 16th volume and the 57th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


The final preparations are being made for the expedition outside the Walls. As Rosa and the other recruits celebrate in anticipation of the expedition, Kuklo and Jorge discover an unforeseen issue. With both Xavi and Gloria looking for an official starting day, is the expedition (and the future of the Survey Corps) already doomed?


After being selected as one of the Team Leaders, Rosa gives a toast

After the number of Survey Corps soldiers for the upcoming expedition rise to eighty, Carlo takes them all to Shiganshina District in preparation of the expedition that will occur in just over a week. After arranging them into ten teams, the tenth class is assigned out of the training group with Rosa being selected as Team Leader. As the others celebrate how the moment they have been preparing for has finally arrived, Cardina reminds them that Rosa was selected due to her overall performance during the course of the three month period; this causes Felix, Kurz and numerous others to pledge that they will succeed and ultimately become a Team Leader on the next expedition.

Kuklo travels with Jorge, Angel and Sharle to Wall Maria and meets up with Maria. They notice that due to a recent rain storm, the area has been devoid of all Titans. Jorge points out that the rain will severely affect them traversing the ground and will be in danger of attacks from the Titans.

Meanwhile, Xavi meets up with Carlo and reminds him that they have four days until the deadline given by Gloria Bernhart expires. Carlo angrily states that he will not put the lives of his soldiers at risk and reveals that if the terrain has not improved after the rain stops, he will call off the expedition. Xavi smirks and hopes that it does not come to that, wishing to not disappoint Gloria.

Gloria finalizes a report prior to leaving the Industrial City

In the Industrial City, Gloria is finalizing reports to transfer control of the city to the new captain. As she prepares to travel back to Shiganshina District, she is informed of an urgent message from the capital. After reading it, she immediately orders her carriage to be instead taken to the capital the next day. She mulls over why she has been summoned to the capital by her uncle, immediately prior to the start of the expedition.

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