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Before the Storm (嵐の前 Arashi no Mae?) is the 1st chapter of the 8th volume and the 25th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


As Sharle worries for Kuklo's nighttime mission, Xenophon comforts her and tasks her with inspecting a shipment of blades. Elsewhere in the Industrial City, Xavi and Matteus arrive at the headquarters of the Dissidence Movement. Xavi remembers Gloria Bernhart's task for him: to join the dissidents and start a rebellion destined to fail in order to damage Jentsch Dafner's reputation. Xavi meets with their leader, August, along with fellow dissidents Juli and Mai, and he becomes a part of their movement. Afterward, Xavi meets with his spy, who informs him of Sharle's location.

In Xenophon's workshop, Sharle comes across Angel Aaltonen's old iron bamboo dagger. Xenophon becomes hopeful that this dagger may lead to reuniting with his old colleague. Elsewhere, Xavi has dinner with Captain Dafner, secretly anticipating the upcoming rebellion.


In the Industrial City, Xavi and Matteus arrive in civilian clothing. Elsewhere in Xenophon's workshop, Sharle stares down at her work station with a worried look as others are hard at work. Xenophon approaches her, noticing her lack of work, and he rightly guesses that she is worried over Kuklo's safety. Sharle explains that he was scheduled to return yesterday, but Xenophon assures her that schedules can change depending on the weather or Wall Maria's security status. Sharle remains skeptical, and Xenophon urges her to have faith in Kuklo and his own work in improving the Device. As Xenophon prepares to leave with other workers to test out explosives, he tasks Sharle with inspecting a box of blades as a test of her growth, and Sharle eagerly accepts the duty.

Dissidence Movement

The dissidents in their hideout

Elsewhere in the city, Matteus and Xavi are led through secret passages to the hideout of the Dissidence Movement, an anti-government establishment seeking to distribute the wealth of the Walls equally among the populace. Xavi notes the lackluster security measures taken by the dissidents, but also notes their sufficient weaponry and equipment which the Titan Cult had lacked.

Xavi recalls his meeting with Captain Gloria Bernhart. At the time, Gloria informs him of the nature of the Dissidence Movement and her plans to utilize them for her needs. She states that the Movement plans to start a rebellion in the Industrial City, and that it will be Xavi's duty to infiltrate the rebels in order to keep her informed on their movements. She means for the rebellion to fail and be wiped out, but the expected casualties of the rebellion will damage Captain Jentsch Dafner's reputation, which is her ultimate goal. Xavi accepts the task, but asks why he had been chosen for it. Gloria tells him that the Movement keeps information on the Military Police Brigade officers, and Xavi's short history with the Brigade will lead to little suspicion.

Matteus introduces Xavi

Matteus introduces Xavi

In the hideout of the Dissidence Movement, Matteus introduces the rebels to Xavi. The dissident leader, August, introduces himself in turn, as well as his comrades Juli and Mai. Xavi secretly notes the obviousness of the code names, being based on the months of August, July, and May. Matteus gives the rebels information on a supply of weapons he has acquired for them, but regrets to announce that he was not able to obtain the explosives they wanted. August had expected this, and informs Matteus that they had managed to pilfer enough gunpowder on their own to make two makeshift bombs. With that, August declares that their rebellion will begin in two days at 4:00 AM. Xavi announces that he must meet with Captain Dafner in a short while as Gloria's proxy, and he departs from the group as they set out into the city to prepare for their rebellion.

Hailing a nearby carriage driven by his spy, Xavi is informed of Sharle's whereabouts at Harkimo Workshop. Xavi regrets Sharle's descent into common work. He asks his spy about what he knows about the upcoming rebellion, and the spy informs him of his knowledge that the rebellion will commence in two days' time. Xavi orders his spy to take whatever necessary methods to ensure that Sharle is brought out of the Industrial City during the rebellion when the attention of the city will be elsewhere, and he demands that Sharle must be unharmed during the battle.

Sharle discovers Angel's dagger

Sharle discovers Angel's dagger

In Xenophon's workshop, Sharle continues to inspect the various blades in the box. Eventually, she comes across a dagger made out of iron bamboo. Inspecting the hilt, she sees the word "Angel" engraved on it. Xenophon approaches, informing her that the word refers to Angel Aaltonen, the G being silent. Sharle notices that the explosive testing went less than ideal, and urges Xenophon and his workers to be patched up at once. Xenophon looks at Angel's dagger, remembering their time spent together fifteen years ago. He wonders if the dagger may be a means to finding where he has gone.

In the Military Police headquarters within the Industrial City, Xavi dines with Captain Dafner as he thinks about the upcoming rebellion, confident that he will be among those who will survive.

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