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Believe It, Eren!! (信じろエレン!! Shinjiro Eren!!?) is the 27th and final chapter of the 1st volume and the 27th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Eren learns about horoscopes and is in denial that they actually work.


Mikasa offers to stay alongside Eren throughout the day

Armin is reading the daily horoscope and learns that he will find what he has lost. Eren questions what he was reading and Armin explains what horoscopes are to him. Eren is in disbelief but Armin says giving them a daily glance is part of the fun. Armin then reads out Eren's horoscope, which mentions that he will have terrible luck and to watch out for injuries. Eren cannot stop thinking about his prediction and considers skipping training. Armin further reads that his lucky charm will be a scarf, and Eren is elated as Mikasa has a scarf. Mikasa offers to be alongside Eren throughout the day but he simply ends up taking her scarf.

During training, Jean notices Eren wearing Mikasa's scarf and is scolded by Instructor Shadis for being distracted. Jean then rages when he sees Eren wipe his sweat with her scarf and is again yelled at by the Instructor.

Eren laughs at Annie for reading horoscopes

Annie asks Eren to spar with her but he refuses as he is worried about getting hurt. She notices his scarf and asks him if he believed in astrology. Eren is impressed and asks her if she read it as well. She responds that she read it daily which makes Eren burst into laughter. Annie is furious and knocks him over.

Erwin is reading the newspaper and notices Hange cut out the horoscope section. Hange asks if it was alright, but Erwin reassures her that he had already read it. She is glad that someone shares in her interest and Erwin asks her what her fortune said. She exclaims that the latest one with the Titan wearing underpants was great. Erwin is puzzled and notices that the serial novel at the back of the horoscope section was missing.

Eren is sitting on the bed, with a bruised head, accompanied by Mikasa and Annie. He comments on how his horoscope came true and plans on reading them daily going forth. Annie says she is an Aries as well and did not get injured, after which Eren returns Mikasa's scarf and says he will not read another horoscope.

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